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No Name. Again.
It's not fair as you lay there, dreaming of sweet nothings. | | She lays there, a small tear trickling down her cheek and staining her pillow as she tries to drift off to sleep, m...
» A Sad Poem By xYour_OutCastx  |  Posted on 1/25/2015  |  0 Views with 0 comments
Darkened Land
'O, is there a sunrise after all, | This dreaded night I've worn like a shawl; | A lasting darkness settled o'er this place, | Makes me think of arsenic and lace. | | The mig...
» A Sad Poem By RamSlade  |  Posted on 1/24/2015  |  26 Views with 4 comments
A Lost Heart

Did you ever really love me, or was it all a dream? | A question I’ve been asking, since that day you chose to leave, | Left searching for an answer, a quest for things unseen, | D...
» A Sad Poem By ImagineYFS  |  Posted on 1/24/2015  |  23 Views with 1 comments
The scars of infidelity never heal | On the surface | it seems like it does | But deep inside the heart | it festers like gangrene   | till the day you die | The ultimate betrayal ...
» A Sad Poem By seriouspoet  |  Posted on 1/23/2015  |  16 Views with 3 comments
Daddy Come Home
Thoughts, Comments, Feelings...
» A Sad Poem By Blood_Kitty  |  Posted on 1/23/2015  |  11 Views with 1 comments
Eternal Sleep of Sorrow

I looked down a dark alley tonight, And heard you call my name, But you were there beyond my sight,   I followed the voice I once knew, With memories of how it brought me happ...
» A Sad Poem By ImagineYFS  |  Posted on 1/22/2015  |  13 Views with 0 comments
Wrong Side of the Street
Life in the poorer areas of the city...
» A Sad Poem By TonyD  |  Posted on 1/22/2015  |  14 Views with 1 comments
Goodbye Is So Cruel

As a deep depression seeps into my soul, killing me slow, I watch past memories flicker in the firelight, late at night, Occasionally feeling the urge to jump back in time, never...
» A Sad Poem By ImagineYFS  |  Posted on 1/22/2015  |  24 Views with 2 comments
12 Steps of Redemption Canto VII: Blaspheme
In truth this ink has been wasted on this before | Temper tantrums like children; of errant abhor.   | An impious troll of name, a stubborn fat b#*ch; | more myth to fame for shame...
» A Sad Short Story By pnknucklez  |  Posted on 1/22/2015  |  10 Views with 0 comments
12 Steps of Redemption Canto VI: Death of a Career
If the wall sticks bemused morsels to chew upon | You will have feast and invite those basking in pawns. | You were wise but measures of karma loom the air | Set upon a mantle alon...
» A Sad Short Story By pnknucklez  |  Posted on 1/22/2015  |  11 Views with 0 comments
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