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death beats
Slowly my heart, | For its in morning, weeps...weeps...weeps... | Love it feels no more, dying...dying...dying... | Dark an cold it grows, empty...empty...e...
» A Sad Poem By Wickedsoul  |  Posted on 8/4/2015  |  1 Views with 0 comments
heartless deciever
I said if we ever broke up, you’d have to do it Didn’t think you’d actually go through with it Now i can see you for who you truly are I’ll be reminded through this deep and jag...
» A Sad Poem By viper43blade  |  Posted on 8/2/2015  |  14 Views with 1 comments
| As moonbeams settle softly on her face,  | lay bare the gaunt and haggard visage there,  | a woman whose whole life was spent in care  | for those who ran and won another race. ...
» A Sad Poem By bickerstaffe  |  Posted on 8/2/2015  |  19 Views with 1 comments
Angel With The Broken Wing...
Angel With The Broken Wing The heavens they grew dark and sad today when the angels they all cried. | Thunder roared, lightning flashed an angel couldn't be saved no matter they ...
» A Sad Poem By southernbelle  |  Posted on 8/2/2015  |  18 Views with 1 comments
As I Slow Dance With Memories...
As I Slow Dance With Memories Haunting dreams of you gently glide through the grand halls of my mind. | Where you held me close in loving arms, their warmth I did find. | | Fing...
» A Sad Poem By southernbelle  |  Posted on 8/2/2015  |  20 Views with 1 comments
I Saw Him Standing...
I saw him standing in the cotton fields so ivory white. | His hands bleeding,face haggard and worn,what a sight. | | Sweat rolling down his wrinkled,weathered skin. | Eyes so e...
» A Sad Poem By southernbelle  |  Posted on 8/1/2015  |  39 Views with 4 comments
Everything at once
Everything at once | a traffic jam session | pure music and bedlam | Same wolf in different fashion   | In Bedlam there is beauty | Oh where did all the minutes go | Old masters a...
» A Sad Poem By thirtythree  |  Posted on 8/1/2015  |  17 Views with 0 comments
AUTUMN HAIKU | | August - come she must | September - dying ember | October - alles ober ! | | Thanks for reading - Love BEV   | -...
» A Sad Poem By FYREBIRD  |  Posted on 8/1/2015  |  14 Views with 1 comments
| '...the wind plays andantes  | of lost hopes and regrets.'  | Hart Crane  | | | It is your frown, your frequent sorrow that concern me,  | you seem pale and unprotected; I wan...
» A Sad Poem By bickerstaffe  |  Posted on 8/1/2015  |  9 Views with 0 comments
Empty Mirror
Mirror Mirror on the wall | Tell me what you see | Mindless self-indulgence | Or something free | | No I deserve this | Please don't kid me | My kindness and experience | has led...
» A Sad Poem By Modrisco89  |  Posted on 8/1/2015  |  20 Views with 1 comments
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