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Streets of Hopeless
The dark streets of poverty and crime...
» A Sad Poem By TonyD  |  Posted on 3/31/2015  |  17 Views with 0 comments
I Feel Dead.
I know this won't make me happy for very long. | No you didn't do anything wrong. | Stop asking me. | All I'm feeling is content. | Don't expect anything else from me right now. | ...
» A Sad Poem By Velociraptorr  |  Posted on 3/30/2015  |  18 Views with 2 comments
Bottle Decapitation
After spinning a quarter | of chance: | decapitation of the | Georgia Moon bottle | yummious numbious. | Quickly gone. | I throw the empty | down a rain gutter, | not the streets...
» A Sad Poem By DWilkin  |  Posted on 3/28/2015  |  19 Views with 2 comments
A Long, Long Way from Home
My father lies in an orchard, My mother lies at his side, But once, a million years ago He made that girl his bride. And love was all that they knew back then In that world of...
» A Sad Poem By dlpaget  |  Posted on 3/28/2015  |  21 Views with 1 comments
RICHARD III - Carol Ann Duffy
My bones, scripted in light, upon cold soil, | a human braille. My skull, scarred by a crown, | emptied of history. Describing my soul | as incense, votive, vanishing; you own | t...
» A Sad Poem By FYREBIRD  |  Posted on 3/28/2015  |  21 Views with 1 comments
Alone and Cold
You left me alone, | to raise our girl, | so sweet and young, | just a few days old. | | In those early nights, | I felt cold and alone, | and I grew to hate you, | not for leavi...
» A Sad Poem By TwilightWhore  |  Posted on 3/28/2015  |  22 Views with 2 comments
"Flaming Red"
"Flaming Red" Bright red lipstick on her lips, Sexy dress...covering her hips. Sitting there watching...again we know... Soon out of the door...she will go. Red li...
» A Sad Poem By Valentine  |  Posted on 3/25/2015  |  35 Views with 4 comments
In distance chimes the clock that counts the time | The keeper of dreams cherished ticks slowly | Creeping by the second in rhythm it passes by | Haunted by the sound that holds ...
» A Sad Poem By Caroline  |  Posted on 3/25/2015  |  52 Views with 4 comments
I can't believe this happened again. | Twice in my life, | I was taken advantage of, | and left to deal with the consequences. | What did the 14 year old do to deserve | what hap...
» A Sad Poem By savannaskye  |  Posted on 3/25/2015  |  35 Views with 3 comments
"Yesterday's Thoughts"
"Yesterday's Thoughts" The Heart longs for yesterday...when life was not a dream, Pure and simple, all life complete, a perfect love it seemed. Yesterdays hazy thoughts......
» A Sad Poem By Valentine  |  Posted on 3/24/2015  |  22 Views with 2 comments
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