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City Shadow
A dishevelled sad man with his face to the street | Bathes in the gutter of the tears that he weeps | Alone in sorrow | On bended knees he begs he pleads | A wounded soul on ci...
» A Sad Poem By stevieinbg  |  Posted on 10/2/2015  |  26 Views with 3 comments
As I Watch...
Difficult thoughts run through my mind, | With twisted memories of better times, | Happiness a faint feeling, | Depression consumes my time, | In pain, emotions squeeling, | Destr...
» A Sad Poem By superboyleolopez  |  Posted on 9/30/2015  |  36 Views with 1 comments
Sadness Wins Again
Today | I walk old images | That lie abandoned | On tumbleweed mind | Through opaque window | Clouds mist those yesterday's | Yet neath scattered dust | Still there I find |...
» A Sad Poem By stevieinbg  |  Posted on 9/30/2015  |  26 Views with 2 comments
I laughed a lot as a small child, | And if I didn't laugh I smiled. | | Little did I know what I knew. | | My father worked long and hard days, | Day in and day out for...
» A Sad Poem By RamSlade  |  Posted on 9/27/2015  |  60 Views with 4 comments
Reality bites
Ten little words | can smash a heart | take her whole world | and tear it apart | she tries, really tries | to push the tears back in | but they flow like a river | down to her...
» A Sad Poem By TheSource  |  Posted on 9/27/2015  |  34 Views with 2 comments
fool hearted
Fool hearted... The death of love is knocking franticly on my door And i fear its consequences For i willingly entrusted all things to you For many years i offered myself for y...
» A Sad Poem By moonshadow  |  Posted on 9/26/2015  |  53 Views with 2 comments
Prison Poem Dedicated to my big brother Steven Shaffer...
» A Sad Poem By JessLeeZ  |  Posted on 9/24/2015  |  454 Views with 2 comments
We wont forget you...
» A Sad Poem By angrygirl  |  Posted on 9/23/2015  |  22 Views with 1 comments
hidden abuse
Hidden abuse... I look upon you in anguish Wondering how i could Ever possible be The simple light of your heart I have witnessed you Downtrodden at times By a husband who ...
» A Sad Poem By moonshadow  |  Posted on 9/23/2015  |  57 Views with 3 comments
battlefied in her mind
Memories of lost moments down her cheeks cascade When she lays her head down in the midst of night Her desire for death begins to fade It does not help her that the warning b...
» A Sad Poem By TheSource  |  Posted on 9/21/2015  |  61 Views with 3 comments
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