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Regrets are all we have when things go wrong | | You and I were in a strange way meant to be | | Yet we knew it wouldn't have a happy ending | | Others were there in the shadows...
» A Sad Poem By beachgirl  |  Posted on 11/24/2015  |  6 Views with 1 comments
Letters I Write on Bad Days
You are the empty bottle of Tylonal I tried to force down my throat 28 hours after your fingers unwrapped themselves from the flesh around my airways. | You are the shadow that sta...
» A Sad Poem By augustrush  |  Posted on 11/20/2015  |  27 Views with 2 comments
| You hurt me deeply by your silence,  | once my sweetheart, now a ghost;  | we'll never be together, it's a shame,  | just when I loved you most.  | Reasons, excuses are useless ...
» A Sad Poem By bickerstaffe  |  Posted on 11/16/2015  |  29 Views with 2 comments
Solitary Voice
Sad reflection, seeking solace...
» A Sad Poem By TonyD  |  Posted on 11/15/2015  |  26 Views with 1 comments
Fate- a ruffian
I'd been walking on paths unknown, | Stumbling through the darkness alone. | Enchantingly...he came around, | Courageously..broke my walls down. | | Made me laugh, helped me grow....
» A Sad Poem By carol28  |  Posted on 11/15/2015  |  36 Views with 1 comments
Such evil in the world
There is such evil in our world | where did this poison unfurl | what made these madmen think this way | So many killed and all for what | their idoligy is fear and kill | while in...
» A Sad Poem By dionysos  |  Posted on 11/15/2015  |  74 Views with 5 comments
Checking Out
On such a tranquil night as this, Fate shall seal itself with a kiss and pleased to guide this kiss to part, and cure the errs around my heart   I’ve darned these scars emoti...
» A Sad Poem By pnknucklez  |  Posted on 11/14/2015  |  30 Views with 2 comments
When Feathers Fall
Just a journal entry reminiscing how a heart breaks in an implicit way...
» A Sad Short Story By Cyrustale  |  Posted on 11/13/2015  |  24 Views with 1 comments
Ice queen I'm walking away | I know it may be sad but it's what I must do | got to put my health first this time | am not going to risk it by staying | | You claim I broke you...
» A Sad Poem By Profanisaurus  |  Posted on 11/12/2015  |  41 Views with 2 comments
I truly can not explain it. I cant put it into words. My mind is not my own. I have these thoughts that rush in to my head, they are irrational and wrong. They are not my own. When...
» A Sad Journal By caitpoladian  |  Posted on 11/12/2015  |  36 Views with 4 comments
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