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Like A Ghost....
Deep within the darkenedhalls of my mind I search each memory of love not meant to be. | Where love shone bright but now has left only tattered webs of pain and sorrow for me. | ...
» A Sad Poem By southernbelle  |  Posted on 2/19/2017  |  40 Views with 4 comments
I need to cut | I need the knife | I don't know how | To deal with strife | The end is near | The time is now | To pick my moment | To show them how | To live in pain | To bide the...
» A Sad Poem By annalame  |  Posted on 2/18/2017  |  26 Views with 3 comments
Using Invisible Ink
I am calling this form verse, unrhymed free, perhaps it is free verse...
» A Sad Poem By Constance_  |  Posted on 2/16/2017  |  30 Views with 4 comments
Every day on the news | I see the horrible wounds of war | festering on children, | widows and soldiers | I hear about neighborhoods | where daily drive bys | are a sickening...
» A Sad Poem By seriouspoet  |  Posted on 2/14/2017  |  30 Views with 4 comments
I hope you are riding raindrops, | And playing on clouds. | That you found your paradise, | Your kingdom in the sky. | I hope that you found your son, | The one you never got to me...
» A Sad Poem By DeathKwene  |  Posted on 2/11/2017  |  56 Views with 2 comments
Yesterday's Wind
Yesterday's Wind | | Yesterday's wind upon my face... | Billowing clouds, of tattered lace; | Gusting just... enough to bring | Old memories of forgotten things. | | ...
» A Sad Poem By Valentine  |  Posted on 2/10/2017  |  41 Views with 3 comments
Lost City Skylines
there was a place and a time | when that wretched town was | the only thing on my mind Spent my runaway days looking | for monsters and men, but like me | they were lost wandering...
» A Sad Poem By Rmoffat449  |  Posted on 2/8/2017  |  35 Views with 1 comments
Broken Promises
"Broken Promises" | | We may be "kids", but we are people too, | Affected by everything that you do. | When you fight and act so wild, | Do you forget when you were a ch...
» A Sad Poem By Valentine  |  Posted on 2/7/2017  |  33 Views with 2 comments
Some Tears Never Dry
Long ago and here today | are things that hurt us bad, | inflicting pain so terrible | it nearly drives us mad. | | Time its said heals all things | but some suffering tends to la...
» A Sad Poem By BobQuinn  |  Posted on 1/29/2017  |  49 Views with 1 comments
Can you sort it? | This file cabinet of your brain? | Does your mind search | only to find a drawer empty? | | As your RAM is blank, | does your spouse ask you a question ...
» A Sad Poem By DWilkin  |  Posted on 1/27/2017  |  26 Views with 1 comments
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