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The Plague Cart
Chamberlains in charabancs chauffeur the mourning mountebanks | past fasting street-apostles, soapbox feet like living fossils | stamping tunes of our perdition. The dismay of the ...
» A Humanities Poem By SaintDharumis  |  Posted on 10/17/2017  |  102 Views with 1 comments
Many pictures tell a story | Every face reveals a tale | Through the trials and tribulations | The many ships we've come to sail | | When we're merry, glad, and joyous | When we'r...
» A Humanities Poem By Silverblue  |  Posted on 6/4/2017  |  180 Views with 3 comments
You Can Only Be You
We want what we want when we want it | I'm not trying to twist up your tongue | But each of us has our own viewpoint | You are you, and that can't be undone | | A balance in life ...
» A Humanities Poem By Silverblue  |  Posted on 2/27/2017  |  156 Views with 1 comments
Two Sets Of Eyes
Two Sets Of Eyes Floating through life in a powerful dream; Fighting the current of an ever flowing stream. Trying and aching...resisting the river's flow, As over ro...
» A Humanities Poem By Valentine  |  Posted on 2/22/2017  |  105 Views with 1 comments
Is it a sin to be conceited? | Wanting more power | Than you really deserve? | | Where will you go, with an ego like that? | Your mind is a tower | You must have the nerve | | To...
» A Humanities Poem By Silverblue  |  Posted on 1/27/2017  |  114 Views with 2 comments
Forever Waiting, Forever Lost
Spider webs are sticky | That's just the way it goes | Sometimes you get to be the Fly | Surely everybody knows | | That not all traps are deadly | Some days you may escape | But ...
» A Humanities Poem By Silverblue  |  Posted on 1/22/2017  |  113 Views with 1 comments
Song of Tomorrow
Guidance in a misty sky | Wont you kiss my pain goodbye | Not for certain, worth a try | One by one we fade | | Heavens claim forgotten tears | Cloud bursts warp to match my fears...
» A Humanities Poem By Silverblue  |  Posted on 7/16/2016  |  271 Views with 3 comments
Always Feeling Something
Walking through parallel streets | Our legs don't walk the same | Good to be Numb? Not a state for all days | Yet as humans our minds play the game | | Of trying to block what is ...
» A Humanities Poem By Silverblue  |  Posted on 2/16/2016  |  186 Views with 2 comments
This Way, That Way
The different pulls | on the different ropes | The pills, the thrills | and how one copes | | The tired eyes | in a tired head | The reasons to | get out of bed | | A certain spa...
» A Humanities Poem By Silverblue  |  Posted on 2/11/2016  |  238 Views with 2 comments
History The year is 1954...
» A Humanities Poem By Snowpiper  |  Posted on 10/27/2015  |  221 Views with 2 comments
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