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A writing entry is simply a piece of writing submitted by a member such as a poem, short-story, article, column, etc... You can read and review a new writing entry by clicking on the title in the listings below. You will Earn Points for free by providing reviews with 50 or more characters.

Please be respectful and constructive in your feedback.

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darkest hope
Feeling the need To be connected Does not warrant the fact That I am mistrusted the least Or a thirst for desire begging To be quenched The depth of my true feeling unfathom...
A Suspense Poem By moonshadow  |  Posted on 7/22/2014  |  66 Views with 3 comments
Cool Concupiscence Coming
Ok, get me General Smeller at the Pentagon right away General, General A Roma here, we got a problem,... easy Roma were on it Get onto Hoover, tell them we need vacuum cleaners r...
A Suspense Poem By deeprdestination  |  Posted on 7/19/2014  |  28 Views with 1 comments
Carols 1st Choice
Carol Jarvis is a loner with low self esteem unlikely to achieve very much when a temptation changes her life forever...
A Suspense Chapter By Nikkiseason  |  Posted on 7/17/2014  |  20 Views with 0 comments

A true story from my childhood...
A Suspense Short Story By LonelyKingJames  |  Posted on 6/30/2014  |  68 Views with 3 comments
Dick and Jane
A story based on a prompt from Stephen King...
A Suspense Short Story By Motherofpearl  |  Posted on 6/28/2014  |  17 Views with 0 comments
No More Love for Ruby
Romantic Ruby finds herself facing fatal consequences when her husband comes in contact with her mobile phone Her loveless marriage is about to take her to a place she never knew e...
A Suspense Chapter By MsSummerWine  |  Posted on 6/23/2014  |  26 Views with 1 comments
I have written a short scene in two different styles and was wondering if you could read them both and just send me a comment saying which you prefer and why...
A Suspense Draft By Alienchild1  |  Posted on 5/22/2014  |  42 Views with 2 comments
Flashes of light in my sight. Wind pours over me The rain and rail have just begun. My life flashes Before my eyes, I run toward where everyone cries. Grabbing my belongin...
A Suspense Poem By MandaFlower  |  Posted on 5/14/2014  |  61 Views with 2 comments
Hidden in the Bushes
Creepy eyes Rotting flesh Oh and someones going to die Yep just emembering the good times...
A Suspense Short Story By Bombing_Batman  |  Posted on 5/6/2014  |  41 Views with 1 comments
Your love is like ecstasy. All dreams I've ever had could not compare. The taste of your lips is toxic. Your touch sends chills up my spine. The sound of your voice... ...
A Suspense Poem By C_Mystery_Lady  |  Posted on 4/27/2014  |  71 Views with 1 comments
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