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Education as training for life
This reading focuses on the approach of critique on the liberal education methods in America. There is a wide range of contrast using the “Stoic Model of Education”. The main topic...
» A Tutorial Journal By c-Ya  |  Posted on 3/1/2017  |  151 Views with 0 comments
Benefits of Hiring a Skilled PHP Developer in Buil
When building a web application such as an ecommerce website, social network or other content management system, there will be a large element of scripting involved. A popular type...
» A Tutorial Other Type By junowebdesign  |  Posted on 7/9/2012  |  674 Views with 1 comments
Cordon Bleu
Like all creative arts the brain must be in gear...
» A Tutorial Poem By Littlevoice  |  Posted on 6/7/2012  |  991 Views with 10 comments
Hypo - Coin toss
do no tthrow away life...
» A Tutorial Other Type By racing_the_winds  |  Posted on 8/26/2011  |  898 Views with 2 comments
Certain Tasks Health Essays Must Not Forget to Com
Students write health essays with the intent of examining some of the inputs they have learned from their learning discussions. They also have to demonstrate certain psychomotor an...
» A Tutorial Article By sallycox  |  Posted on 2/10/2011  |  902 Views with 0 comments
» A Tutorial Poem By emeraldeyes  |  Posted on 9/15/2010  |  554 Views with 2 comments
Critical Critiquing
Critiquing serves the purpose of improving a writer’s technique by reviewing his writing, as well as an editing aid. Critical critiques are not for stroking their ego or said in ma...
» A Tutorial Column By josehflm  |  Posted on 2/8/2010  |  839 Views with 3 comments
Why we write - part 2.
Read the work of other members...
» A Tutorial Article By Desmond  |  Posted on 1/5/2010  |  985 Views with 10 comments
Walk no more.
Just walk Sooner or later you will find a destination...
» A Tutorial Poem By Drunn  |  Posted on 7/23/2009  |  626 Views with 1 comments
In the Beginning. Genesis 2&3
1:25 "God made the beast of the earth;...and God saw that it was good." This means that all the beast were good. 1:31 "And God saw everything that He had made, and,...
» A Tutorial Short Story By KeyofSEE  |  Posted on 4/7/2009  |  874 Views with 3 comments
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