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Drunken Monk
I drank to the wisdom of the pious | Wheat crackers and chalice; my life contained | Augmented by my need for verity | Certainly, with my vanity, I abstained. | | On the fall ...
» A Hobbies & Crafts Poem By pnknucklez  |  Posted on 5/6/2015  |  422 Views with 2 comments
Works Of Creative Design
The sheer madness of perfection I improvise to know how time has found it's parallel. These things which seem they would be impossible were created as though, the day h...
» A Hobbies & Crafts Poem By blossomwriter  |  Posted on 7/7/2014  |  287 Views with 0 comments
McKinley's Field Guide to Different Blades of Gras
The introduction to the worlds foremost guide on different blades of grass...
» A Hobbies & Crafts Preface By BirdAndCrouton  |  Posted on 5/18/2014  |  285 Views with 1 comments
Cross at Crosswords
Frustration in daily doses...
» A Hobbies & Crafts Poem By richom  |  Posted on 4/25/2014  |  556 Views with 9 comments
How Do You Unwind
After a Long Hard Day...
» A Hobbies & Crafts Poem By Constantine  |  Posted on 3/6/2014  |  333 Views with 3 comments
The shower sparks my imagination...
» A Hobbies & Crafts Poem By Magnificant1  |  Posted on 1/12/2014  |  421 Views with 3 comments
What matters most
It doesnít matter where we come from But to where we go The steps at which we grow With a power much sustained Where we find a sense regained A sense of what we could be Of ...
» A Hobbies & Crafts Poem By Catrin_Jane  |  Posted on 8/5/2012  |  393 Views with 2 comments
The Surfer
Coastal winds await Tread the gold, tour the aqua Riding perfect waves...
» A Hobbies & Crafts Haiku By CloudNumber9  |  Posted on 10/3/2011  |  516 Views with 2 comments
Rock My Own Beat
What rock music has done and how it has affected me...
» A Hobbies & Crafts Poem By Hopium  |  Posted on 8/28/2010  |  571 Views with 4 comments
10 Easy Room Design Hints
Decorating any room can be a very daunting proposition. While such things as flooring, window treatments and furniture can be a major expense, thatís no reason to take the safe rou...
» A Hobbies & Crafts Article By FrankHHelfric  |  Posted on 6/11/2010  |  667 Views with 2 comments
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