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Pietroschek's Prosaic-Poem: Dysphoria
Mature prose on Drugs Stalking...
» A Addiction Poem By AMPietroschek  |  Posted on 9/11/2015  |  44 Views with 0 comments
» A Addiction Poem By clothsnake  |  Posted on 8/14/2015  |  88 Views with 4 comments
My Queen
Let me tell you about My Queen the Bitch of my life. She's Black dark and strong, with a fragrance so nice. Oh how i love her, at time's i hate her too. As long as i go...
» A Addiction Poem By tony  |  Posted on 7/31/2015  |  55 Views with 1 comments
Always And Until
| It lies chilling in his freezer,  | tucked away and in repose,  | each day it sees the daylight,  | like a soothsayer who knows  | | his reckless need for distilled spirits,  |...
» A Addiction Poem By bickerstaffe  |  Posted on 7/25/2015  |  108 Views with 6 comments
Glass Cannon
I am the night, I am the Moon, I am the light which seeps through clouded doom | Love from the hated, Life from the heartless, coagulation; we only bloom | Black roses we are, whos...
» A Addiction Poem By DeezyType  |  Posted on 6/20/2015  |  85 Views with 1 comments
A Silhouette Now Vanquished
Friend, reach out for my hand | I have been there, Hell-Fire beneath me, the wrong side of Heaven | Reach out for my hand | See my scars and stay away from the man in the mirror | ...
» A Addiction Poem By DeezyType  |  Posted on 6/6/2015  |  107 Views with 2 comments
Just finding my nirvana...
» A Addiction Poem By The_Quay_Leon  |  Posted on 6/3/2015  |  92 Views with 1 comments
Don Of Drugs
A poem about an addict and his likely final visit to his pusher...
» A Addiction Poem By michaelgallatin  |  Posted on 5/3/2015  |  161 Views with 4 comments
Fuled by rage
I get lost to the world. Im in | my own lil world.  That's fuled | by rage, self-induced , with | heroin abuse.  | | I've been in a morphine haze | at times in a rage. Thinking | ...
» A Addiction Poem By tony  |  Posted on 4/27/2015  |  189 Views with 0 comments
Never had any regrets since your last cigarette | Never a mistake that drink wouldn’t help you forget | You were ‘fun’ and you were ‘tough’ when the fuzz arrested you | The drugs w...
» A Addiction Poem By JustAar0n  |  Posted on 3/16/2015  |  177 Views with 2 comments
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