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No Feelings At All
I’m addicted to your bruising touches | Fire flames coming from your hands | The blazing feeling of blissful agony | Clashes dangerously with my mind again | | Losing sanity withi...
» A Abuse Poem By RachelMurray  |  Posted on 3/1/2017  |  69 Views with 1 comments
Can't Feel Anymore
I watch you cut into my core | Your scrutinizing gaze like a knife | Slashing away all the edges | Slicing at the parts you don’t like | | Your eyes are blades sharp with power | ...
» A Abuse Poem By RachelMurray  |  Posted on 2/28/2017  |  80 Views with 2 comments
Some moments last a lifetime, even the ones that hurt...
» A Abuse Poem By tears_of_blood  |  Posted on 2/22/2017  |  90 Views with 2 comments
Mother always said ...
» A Abuse Poem By Abra  |  Posted on 1/9/2017  |  160 Views with 3 comments
There used to be more of breathing room here But now since you came around Im wanting oxygen My levels are low and my blood is changing. You changed it and replaced it with pois...
» A Abuse Poem By Velociraptorr  |  Posted on 12/1/2016  |  138 Views with 1 comments
It Hurts
It Hurts | | | It hurts | It hurts | It truly hurts | | A punch | A kick | | It hurts | It hurts | | It's black | It's blue | It's bloody red | | It's all the tears | that I...
» A Abuse Poem By DinetteSmith  |  Posted on 11/1/2016  |  193 Views with 2 comments
Ode to my past
Simplest of thoughts, we all die. | We live a lie and pretend it didn't happen. | Every day in some we we die a thousand times. | Every word in our lives, is the death of the old u...
» A Abuse Poem By capricornchild  |  Posted on 9/24/2016  |  181 Views with 2 comments
Feeling Inside
Since he has been done, my body has stayed numb Knowing Ill never be able to hide Someone always wants to get inside ...
» A Abuse Poem By shanghix  |  Posted on 9/12/2016  |  273 Views with 2 comments
Shattered - Six
The nurse had come in to inform them they could leave within the next two hours and Mike just nodded at her. Justin could see that something was on his mind as he looked towards ...
» A Abuse Chapter By TheGoodMadame  |  Posted on 5/17/2016  |  373 Views with 1 comments
The Reason Why
A poem about a lady who hates and why she does...
» A Abuse Poem By michaelgallatin  |  Posted on 4/17/2016  |  381 Views with 4 comments
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