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From writer's desk
We often come across with a term 'society'. According to the definition, 'The aggregate of people living together in more or less ordered community is society'. However, this is pu...
» A Women's Editorial By Ziyaur  |  Posted on 2/4/2017  |  202 Views with 0 comments
| | | I saw her by the kitchen window, hands engaged in fixing dinner, a whistle from her lips embroidering the night air. Breaking into song, her face a portrait of beauty ...
» A Women's Poem By bickerstaffe  |  Posted on 5/23/2016  |  295 Views with 3 comments
The Dreamer
She made him up, Because she could, A game that she called make believe, She thought of him, His rainbow eyes, A face that she saw in her dreams, She closed her eyes, To see...
» A Women's Poem By TopazBlackhall  |  Posted on 5/18/2016  |  310 Views with 0 comments
Fabrics For Summer Dresses
As the heat rolls around, it is time to start thinking about what to wear for the summer already. When it comes to summer, you think of lesser clothes, less layers, thinner fabrics...
» A Women's Article By JohnAlica  |  Posted on 4/6/2016  |  261 Views with 0 comments
Get 30% off sammydress coupon & promo codes 2016
Sammydress is one of the leading clothing store in the world with latest designs and quality clothing. Here you can find latest and daily updated coupon codes and promo codes 2016 ...
» A Women's Stage Play By JohnAlica  |  Posted on 3/25/2016  |  212 Views with 1 comments
Do You Know About Which Dresses To Wear In 2016?
What makes a dress trendy in 2016? That is the question here. But before we head to the specifics, let’s take an overview on how to afford trendy, in-season dresses. Well, to be ho...
» A Women's Stage Play By JohnAlica  |  Posted on 3/24/2016  |  289 Views with 2 comments
Reality Check for Men
I have never expected a man to be my sole provider, except my father and that was before the age of 18.    Why do men have the automatic assumption, that just because I'm in a re...
» A Women's Journal By EternalAwakening  |  Posted on 2/10/2016  |  223 Views with 1 comments
Woman in my world
A poem dedicated, to women Treasures in our world...
» A Women's Poem By DavidPyrs  |  Posted on 2/2/2016  |  223 Views with 2 comments
6 Must-have Things In Your Bridal Trousseau!
6 Must-have Things In Your Bridal Trousseau! Often called the ‘hope chest’ or the ‘glory box’, the bridal trousseau has been a bride's treasure box since times immemorial. With ev...
» A Women's Article By snigdha4044  |  Posted on 11/23/2015  |  233 Views with 0 comments
Call Me Madam! ;)
| | "There goes Madam!" | Such is her position, | and her reputation. | No-one refers to her | by name. Her fame | goes before her. | | No-one is certain | of the number | of...
» A Women's Poem By M-Uselli  |  Posted on 11/17/2015  |  379 Views with 5 comments
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