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The Traveler . . . Reworked
The traveler meandered down the dusty road | like an abandoned cur, | stopping momentarily | to gaze at a Broken Heart scattered here and there. | As he stared at what was befo...
» A Thriller Poem By RamSlade  |  Posted on 4/4/2017  |  239 Views with 5 comments
A Summer's Day
The dawn rose up covered with a misty haze, | It was going to be another beautiful summer's day. | The sea was as calm as calm could be, | A swimmers dream, mildly warm and waveles...
» A Thriller Poem By terrygodwin  |  Posted on 12/17/2016  |  187 Views with 1 comments
Laughing, wheezing, | hot with fever, | chattering like a rabid beaver. | Eyes that bleed stress, | hearing the song of the lark. | Pulled up and got dressed, | at the dawn o...
» A Thriller Poem By Imontep  |  Posted on 9/27/2016  |  208 Views with 2 comments
Cracks of the Heart
My head is full with the dreams and fears of the future.   It's a rainy night during spring break. Most of my friends are on vacation. My mom is out with my little brother at the...
» A Thriller Short Story By Jefsepsada  |  Posted on 1/29/2016  |  303 Views with 0 comments
The Bound Hog Dogs
“FUCK BRO!!! What was that?” Norman stalled as his eyes were wide opened and was breathing heavily not having the words to say it. |                    Norman said “I don’t know d...
» A Thriller Short Story By scarhead4  |  Posted on 9/8/2015  |  432 Views with 0 comments
Oh stranger of the world !  | | The path you choose | Is desert  | The path you are passing  | Is sea | | What you see | Is not true | What you don't see | Is history | | When y...
» A Thriller Poem By toxicsword  |  Posted on 9/12/2014  |  377 Views with 1 comments
The Hunted
3 young men are being chased down by those who are in control for crimes they believe they did not take part in...
» A Thriller Short Story By ubiedropout  |  Posted on 7/12/2014  |  379 Views with 0 comments
The Dog Life

Tuesday 12th August: 0744 London The wind is picking up speed; I can hear it gaining momentum around the outer casing of the stairwell. The air, itself, is frigid, an od...
» A Thriller Chapter By Ray-Leigh  |  Posted on 6/25/2014  |  296 Views with 1 comments
Life + Forever

As of yet, this is a very fresh idea in my mind It is small, young, but is a new baby to me that I would like to nurture in the future I hope you enjoy...
» A Thriller Draft By Ray-Leigh  |  Posted on 6/23/2014  |  561 Views with 3 comments
Body Of Scars
CHAPTER FIVE. "What is going on?" The confused girl said. She found herself hanging upside down, with her legs and arms tied to two wooden beams, naked. She could make o...
» A Thriller Draft By mikeyman22  |  Posted on 6/16/2014  |  780 Views with 1 comments
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