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My Empty Heart
View of the truly thought n the winter note. | Take the greenly light. It's all you say. | The love I keep in here. | | Take my arm warmly to know my love deeply. | I'll show you...
» A Romance Poem By Hansi  |  Posted on 12/21/2014  |  5 Views with 0 comments
I Can See it in Your Eyes
You're eyes are like the ocean: | Aqua blue and deep with thought. | Oh, but how they betray you; | Revealing what your words do not, | But what they reveal is natural and honest; ...
» A Romance Poem By ArielAriel  |  Posted on 12/20/2014  |  12 Views with 1 comments
Some flames destroy, but others are beautiful...
» A Romance Poem By kanewyork  |  Posted on 12/20/2014  |  17 Views with 3 comments
It's Complicated: Chapter 1
Thanks to a cupcake favor, resulting in a blind double date, her loud family, and a wardrobe disaster things really get complicated Danni goes from no guys to juggling two She face...
» A Romance Chapter By AMDeAlma  |  Posted on 12/20/2014  |  10 Views with 0 comments
Only the View
I like to walk on the beach, I said, As it sweeps around in the bay, There isn’t a single building here To rise, or get in the way, It’s as it was when the world was formed Fo...
» A Romance Poem By dlpaget  |  Posted on 12/20/2014  |  10 Views with 1 comments
To my beloved boy
You melt my heart | with the love you give | you make me happy | And you help me live | | With out you | I would fall apart | this is the secret | my love for you is | off the c...
» A Romance Poem By Wild_Wolf  |  Posted on 12/18/2014  |  24 Views with 3 comments
To Love the Beast
Half man, half beast, Vincent is the recipient of unconditional love in his underground homea Utopian society of outcasts living in a network of tunnels that were once part of an o...
» A Romance Short Story By jewela  |  Posted on 12/17/2014  |  24 Views with 0 comments
What Happened
What happened to those fairytales… Was there ever an Ever after? Will anyone ever say those sacred words to me? I love you, I do. I only want to be with my true love. To feel...
» A Romance Poem By TifWatson  |  Posted on 12/16/2014  |  18 Views with 1 comments
| Eddying in a commotion of color,  | fall's dispensation of red, green and gold;  | blended with Zephyrs' mysterious rhythms,  | a stately ballet that never grows old.  | | Spre...
» A Romance Poem By bickerstaffe  |  Posted on 12/15/2014  |  17 Views with 2 comments
In the Shadow
I am in pain. | I watch you dancing on a cliff, with your eyes closed. | No one is dancing with you, and no one else is watching. | I stand in the shadow reluctantly, not wanting t...
» A Romance Poem By poetryoftheair  |  Posted on 12/15/2014  |  23 Views with 3 comments
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