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What is love
What is love? | A feeling deep inside | A need for another | You don't want to hide | Through smiles and sadness | Through laughter and tears | A singular feeling | That lasts thro...
» A Romance Poem By annalame  |  Posted on 1/21/2017  |  8 Views with 2 comments
Love Poem
You are my sunshine | When life is grey | You are my smile | To chase the tears away | You are my happy | When I am sad | You are my peace | When all is mad | You are my heartbeat ...
» A Romance Poem By annalame  |  Posted on 1/21/2017  |  0 Views with 0 comments
Let Me Explain
It's not that I don't love you, dear. I'm just a private man. | I love you with all my heart so please try to understand. | | It's not that I don't care, dear. Emotions are hard...
» A Romance Poem By SimpleReBirth  |  Posted on 1/13/2017  |  59 Views with 3 comments
Between Heart, Mind, You & Me
An in depth and untold conflicting conversation between the heart and mind...
» A Romance Poem By NishA  |  Posted on 1/11/2017  |  46 Views with 4 comments
Dreams of an Angel
She’s dancing in my dreams again, Painting colours in my hair. She wraps her arms around me, Tosses flowers in the air.   She’s faster than I can run. Her eyes are full of fi...
» A Romance Poem By SilenceandSolace  |  Posted on 1/10/2017  |  70 Views with 4 comments
Welcome to Spring
Daffodils dancing in the gentle spring breeze, | Glorious cherry blossom swaying in the trees | The world of spring is stirring with joy. | Birds burst out singing, when mating the...
» A Romance Poem By terrygodwin  |  Posted on 1/8/2017  |  28 Views with 1 comments
We Playe the Hunter
» A Romance Poem By jonni-inferno  |  Posted on 1/7/2017  |  38 Views with 1 comments
A Moment in Time
was it to be . . . that we both wanted it to be . . . | | she reached out her hand |          I grasped it | pulled her into my arms |          kissed her mouth | | as we ...
» A Romance Poem By RamSlade  |  Posted on 12/28/2016  |  57 Views with 3 comments
Those Luscious Lips
Oh those luscious lips that smiled out at me | with those come and get me eyes | so alluringly this sight to see | what a lovely sweet surprise | | An enigma caught from within I ...
» A Romance Poem By johnhenry  |  Posted on 12/20/2016  |  100 Views with 3 comments
Marlboro Menthol Lights
a poem about a crush and a bad habit...
» A Romance Poem By SketerMichaels  |  Posted on 12/17/2016  |  55 Views with 0 comments
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