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Missing You
Missing you feels like there is a void in the house Like my favorite chair is out being recovered so It isn’t there every time I go into the room to relax The air feels deflated...
» A Romance Poem By LLMartin  |  Posted on 3/14/2017  |  56 Views with 4 comments
Summer's Day
Lazily she gazed into the summer sky | where clouds brought her eyes to life | dreaming of her sleepy little life | as fantasy and reality caressed together | shaping her bonds whi...
» A Romance Prose By a112yearoldman  |  Posted on 3/4/2017  |  52 Views with 2 comments
| Grief is passion reversed, it's that and worse, | When we are in despair, a smile is rare. | I'm in pure anguish, and here I languish. | Through the midnight air, a whiff of...
» A Romance Poem By RamSlade  |  Posted on 2/28/2017  |  59 Views with 2 comments
Taper In The Window
    Taper In The Window   Please...keep a candle in the window at night; So when I finally make it home, it will be in sight, When I walk the last mile, let me plainly see; Lo...
» A Romance Poem By Valentine  |  Posted on 2/11/2017  |  38 Views with 2 comments
My Tom and I
I want to be in love you know, | Holding his hand sets my heart aglow. | I want to be in love with Tom by my side, | Knowing soon I will be his bride. | I want true love that will ...
» A Romance Poem By terrygodwin  |  Posted on 2/7/2017  |  70 Views with 3 comments
How strange are all these feelings | Making my heart race | I wonder if breathing you in will forever fill the space | Your smile thaws my icy spots | Your touch reaches my so...
» A Romance Poem By HeidiShavill  |  Posted on 2/6/2017  |  53 Views with 2 comments
One Simple Touch
                One Simple Touch   You touched me, and sunlight filled the room. With one sweet smile, flowers began to bloom. You spoke and heaven and earth entwined. The gif...
» A Romance Poem By Valentine  |  Posted on 2/5/2017  |  72 Views with 1 comments
the nature of sunlight
If I could only describe the beauty of your face - How the sight of your cheeks make me think Of rose petals, lively and full; Or how your brows remind one Of the banks o...
» A Romance Poem By cloudgoth  |  Posted on 2/5/2017  |  32 Views with 1 comments
It was not to be.....
She had waited at the alter ,waiting to be wed, | A messenger with a telegram arrived instead. | It said" Sorry, I cannot  go  with this celebration, | I have lost my nerve, my lov...
» A Romance Poem By terrygodwin  |  Posted on 2/4/2017  |  31 Views with 1 comments
Love Is The Monster In The Shadows
It can be silent | Then suddenly break free | with the intensity of fireworks flooding a dark, thick sky. | It slinks in the dark | Terrifying you to your core | Making you vulnera...
» A Romance Prose By LuxFalls  |  Posted on 2/1/2017  |  35 Views with 2 comments
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