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A poem about riding so I can relax and rest a bit...
» A Self Help Poem By michaelgallatin  |  Posted on 3/4/2017  |  132 Views with 3 comments
Searching Searching hard to find a way To make tomorrow a better day. Seeing so many reasons why, Many peopledo not even try. To look andfind some happiness,...
» A Self Help Poem By Valentine  |  Posted on 1/27/2017  |  114 Views with 1 comments
What You See
"What You See" Two people one body, unable to flee | One face is my own, one face you will see | Mistaken, reflections, interpretations of me Underneath is another that I hide,...
» A Self Help Poem By turbodsc  |  Posted on 11/8/2016  |  148 Views with 1 comments
Your monsters lay deep, | They delve in the dark; | The darkness they feed, | To contaminate your heart. | | They block out the light, | And starve out the sun; | They drain you o...
» A Self Help Poem By TSMclaughlan  |  Posted on 9/14/2016  |  289 Views with 5 comments
Bye I Guess..
When your so depressed, | You don't even want to get dressed, | All you want to do is rest because you don't wanna know whats next, | Why is life such a test, | All it does is make...
» A Self Help Poem By JonReece  |  Posted on 7/7/2016  |  245 Views with 4 comments
I Love A Rainy Night
I love a rainy night. | No moon and stars in sight. | Anxieties I have. | The rain makes it alright. | | I love a rainy night. | When cold and all alone. | The rain disguises tea...
» A Self Help Poem By SimpleReBirth  |  Posted on 5/3/2016  |  314 Views with 6 comments
Who Am I?
I tried pills; it don't work. I tried love, don't like the feel. | So I drink until I'm drunk. But next morning, I am ill. | | Tried to smoke; it don't work. Hate the feel of bein...
» A Self Help Poem By SimpleReBirth  |  Posted on 5/1/2016  |  285 Views with 2 comments
| So this is all there will be from now on, since you've made up your mind to depart; no more TV, no talking, no people, no fun, no more girlfriends who play with your heart....
» A Self Help Poem By bickerstaffe  |  Posted on 3/26/2016  |  274 Views with 1 comments
Authentic communication
Check whether you are able to communicate with me...
» A Self Help Article By RogerBlingham  |  Posted on 8/16/2015  |  296 Views with 2 comments
Reflection Pangs
Transporting oneself to a prosetry place works wonders on a hungry heart Image by Agust-Ingvarss...
» A Self Help Poem By odinroark  |  Posted on 6/13/2015  |  349 Views with 2 comments
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