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I'am a dreamer who dreams of the impossible, | thinking only about reverie and the plausible. | | I'am a dreamer who never knew nightmare, | escaping whenever things got complicat...
» A Psychology Poem By chrome  |  Posted on 11/15/2017  |  53 Views with 2 comments
Forgetting To Forget
So there I was remembering | The good, the bad, the ugly | The creature that I couldn't see | Stood smiling rather smugly | | My head was almost burning | As the steam escaped my ...
» A Psychology Poem By Silverblue  |  Posted on 6/12/2017  |  30 Views with 1 comments
Troublesome Tandem
I could wake in the morning | And say I feel okay | For no particular reason | Thetears have gone away | | I could swim with the fishes | In the deepest blue that's known | Rise ...
» A Psychology Poem By Silverblue  |  Posted on 6/12/2017  |  46 Views with 2 comments
Someone will always pull the strings | If you allow them to | Another tries to write the rules | And that person isn't you | | If you sit and wonder why | You'll wonder why foreve...
» A Psychology Poem By Silverblue  |  Posted on 6/4/2017  |  48 Views with 1 comments
Cut me some slack, I've been scratching my eyes out | For the past twenty hours or more | I hid in a corner so you couldn't see | When I talk I'm becoming a bore | | I carved me ...
» A Psychology Poem By Silverblue  |  Posted on 5/28/2017  |  67 Views with 0 comments
No-one's Going To Rescue You
Cry all the tears that you want to | They will always fall to the floor | Sit in the corner and lose your dreams | Isn't that what life is for? | | Make the mistakes you envisione...
» A Psychology Poem By Silverblue  |  Posted on 5/28/2017  |  76 Views with 2 comments
Joyful Dissonance
The enthrallment of entropy...
» A Psychology Poem By SketerMichaels  |  Posted on 5/23/2017  |  65 Views with 1 comments
In the corners of your thinking | Ships are sailing, some are sinking | Some thoughts trapped, with others drifting | Everybody needs uplifting | | Many pathways you will wander ...
» A Psychology Poem By Silverblue  |  Posted on 5/22/2017  |  59 Views with 1 comments
With Unbound Glee
A poem about a place of peace and healing...
» A Psychology Poem By michaelgallatin  |  Posted on 5/17/2017  |  57 Views with 2 comments
Sick And Tired
A poem about the silliness of narcissistic people...
» A Psychology Poem By michaelgallatin  |  Posted on 5/10/2017  |  88 Views with 2 comments
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