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Identity Stairwell
How subtly our DNA structure nurtures the nature of our aging until...
» A Philosophy Poem By odinroark  |  Posted on 2/6/2016  |  5 Views with 1 comments
How willing are we to live in full reality, appreciating bad as essential to good...
» A Philosophy Poem By odinroark  |  Posted on 2/5/2016  |  7 Views with 1 comments
| The practice of deceit | will undermine your dignity, | debilitate your faculties | while compromising honesty | | Beware the simple cliche | that may compliment, | yet o...
» A Philosophy Poem By bickerstaffe  |  Posted on 2/5/2016  |  10 Views with 0 comments
Discovering 1+3=1
Everyone has their habitual take at each and every mornings awakening, yet why do so many cave, give up, even before a new day begins One should always look for the paradox in eve...
» A Philosophy Poem By odinroark  |  Posted on 2/2/2016  |  8 Views with 0 comments
| the order of the iambic pentameter, the chaos of the totally unmetrical, the logical conception of a piece by Bach, the frenzied wailing of the later John Coltrane, the pr...
» A Philosophy Poem By bickerstaffe  |  Posted on 1/30/2016  |  16 Views with 0 comments
Canvases of Tomorrow
Everyone is creative and has a unique contribution to leave behind for others It merely needs identifying Most likely, it is not your name, but your work Image by Roger Johnson...
» A Philosophy Poem By odinroark  |  Posted on 1/30/2016  |  21 Views with 1 comments
To Turn Away
So often, whether in business, relationships, family or politics, many are lured into acquiescence, the obviating of personal conviction, a mind and heart priceless endowment that ...
» A Philosophy Poem By odinroark  |  Posted on 1/28/2016  |  22 Views with 1 comments
Scars Sublime
How easy it is to reject the force of pain Yet, therein rests the essence of learning the often avoided lesson needed for a modicum of wisdom Image by Pinterest suffering 2016...
» A Philosophy Poem By odinroark  |  Posted on 1/27/2016  |  17 Views with 1 comments
So pivotal, perspective...
» A Philosophy Poem By TonyD  |  Posted on 1/27/2016  |  21 Views with 1 comments
An Erroneous Place
Lifes inconsistency, and living apart...
» A Philosophy Poem By TonyD  |  Posted on 1/27/2016  |  27 Views with 1 comments
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