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Song for Wifey
A marriage made in Hell...
» A Men's Poem By Abracadabra  |  Posted on 1/3/2016  |  274 Views with 3 comments
The Clan McGallatin
A poem about the wild and fierce warriors of Clan McGallatin...
» A Men's Poem By michaelgallatin  |  Posted on 4/21/2015  |  361 Views with 3 comments
Proverbs 24: 16-18
The weakness of a man...
» A Men's Poem By lkhwazi2  |  Posted on 11/4/2014  |  389 Views with 2 comments
An article promoting a new wonder drug for mens sexual heath...
» A Men's Poem By michaelgallatin  |  Posted on 11/2/2014  |  449 Views with 2 comments
Guy's Prize
men hunting for sex rhyming...
» A Men's Poem By SincerelyYours  |  Posted on 10/2/2014  |  349 Views with 3 comments
lt hurts to be a man
George Zhoya...
» A Men's Poem By GeorgeZhoya  |  Posted on 9/10/2014  |  427 Views with 2 comments
Where Do Strong Men Go?
Inspiration for men around the world...
» A Men's Poem By CEManor  |  Posted on 4/6/2014  |  468 Views with 7 comments
Upon a Self Made Battlefield,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...
» A Men's Poem By andycapped  |  Posted on 12/16/2013  |  593 Views with 8 comments
You want it back, your foreskin is gone, A phimonhoplasty procedure will put it back on, Another name for a reverse circumcision, It is your birthright and your decision. Som...
» A Men's Poem By Galacticbeam  |  Posted on 12/3/2013  |  603 Views with 5 comments
Be You
From oasis to desert and blistering sands. From love, to rejection and hate. Thatís where over-bending, in trying to please, goes the man who realises too late. When you act...
» A Men's Poem By moonhowler  |  Posted on 11/3/2013  |  449 Views with 1 comments
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