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Going Bats In The Belfry!
| While I was looking | out the window | of my castle one day, | I'm sure I saw | something go flying | by. Suddenly | I heard my lady cry: | "we have bats in | the belfry!" ...
» A Gothic Poem By JustinCase  |  Posted on 2/8/2016  |  306 Views with 2 comments
The Night of Howl-o-ween!
| Listen to the werewolf a-howling | at the ghost of a Moon, | a haunting melody to chill the spine, | and make you wish you weren't alone; | For Halloween is here again! Watch...
» A Gothic Poem By JustinCase  |  Posted on 10/28/2015  |  366 Views with 3 comments
All Hallow's Eve
Eve, in her twilight | (not the vampire saga), | is silently mournful. | How each passing hour | is marked by the knell | of a tolling bell. | Softly letting fall | her dusky veil...
» A Gothic Poem By JustinCase  |  Posted on 9/7/2015  |  326 Views with 2 comments
You have received a lengthy letter from your uncle...
» A Gothic Short Story By Draeven  |  Posted on 4/7/2015  |  373 Views with 1 comments
The grave they kept on the lonely beach Lay under a foot of lime, Most of the pile had washed away With rain, and the tides of time, It had been so long since its stone was lai...
» A Gothic Poem By dlpaget  |  Posted on 3/30/2015  |  415 Views with 1 comments
The Heavenly Salvation
A pure voice of the silent night. | Just below the sky of murky light. | | The free spirits come through the darkness. | Where they dwell in this loneliness. | | The beasts are s...
» A Gothic Poem By Hansi  |  Posted on 3/5/2015  |  355 Views with 3 comments
The Horror Tales of the Greats
He slipped on a set of headphones, Adjusted a dial or two, Then introduced his radio show And the members of his crew, ‘The Horror Tales of the Greats’ he read Each week to th...
» A Gothic Poem By dlpaget  |  Posted on 2/27/2015  |  348 Views with 1 comments
I Wish I Could Be Like You!
Deep in the gloom of her bedroom, Young Kathy dried her tears, It wasn’t as bad as the red room She’d been banished to for years, At least up there she could lie and dream And...
» A Gothic Poem By dlpaget  |  Posted on 2/23/2015  |  375 Views with 1 comments
ೋ ...Soul Songs...ೋ
| | | ೋ ... Soul Songs ...ೋ | | These are such precious light prism diamonds that are held within a heart held captive finally released to sing the sweetest music for all to he...
» A Gothic Poem By RAYVHENWING  |  Posted on 1/31/2015  |  572 Views with 3 comments
The Burial
The sky was dark, it was overcast When the hearse rolled into town, The people stopped in its passing, And stood, with their eyes cast down, Four black, high stepping, friesian...
» A Gothic Poem By dlpaget  |  Posted on 12/8/2014  |  403 Views with 2 comments
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