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Why am I supposed to | 
Need a word; a label
 | For everything that is me? | 
I hate that. | 
I hate that society tries its worst
 | To make people fit into little boxes.
 | Just s...
» A Gay/Lesbian Poem By Zimena  |  Posted on 3/17/2018  |  63 Views with 2 comments
I sit at my desk drawing in my notebook. I look up as the teacher starts speaking. "Class we have a new student." She says as my eyes move to the girl standing in the door way. ...
» A Gay/Lesbian Short Story By Marley831  |  Posted on 4/22/2016  |  194 Views with 1 comments
I'll Still Love You
She sits in her room. She slowly puts the blade to her arm. She feels sad and lonely. I know this, I want to help. | | I won't force her to stop, that may urge her more. But I wi...
» A Gay/Lesbian Short Story By Marley831  |  Posted on 7/18/2015  |  356 Views with 2 comments
I sit with and we talk. We both knew about the other so we both talked openly about liking girls and guys. | | I would hug her and sit close to each her. Of course I liked her, s...
» A Gay/Lesbian Short Story By Marley831  |  Posted on 6/17/2015  |  286 Views with 1 comments
Hot ass lesbian shit ch. 3
I thought about the noise a shower makes. The last thing I want if for us to get caught. That would be awkward. “How about a bath instead? A shower is loud and might wake up my par...
» A Gay/Lesbian Poem By extremeeXrement1  |  Posted on 10/22/2014  |  436 Views with 1 comments
The Girl of My Dreams
I see her every night, | But I don't even know her name. | She comes to me | In the moonlight of my dreams. | | Her hair is long and curly, | And colored like dark chocolate. | H...
» A Gay/Lesbian Poem By Nightriver115  |  Posted on 10/21/2014  |  359 Views with 4 comments
I don't want to live in a world with hate. | Mandkind just assumes you're always straight. | And so the world accepts this awful place; | Giving diseased love to anyone's embrace. ...
» A Gay/Lesbian Poem By HJPOXOX  |  Posted on 10/10/2014  |  469 Views with 5 comments
Blissfully unaware
And all I can say is nothing, even though inside I am screaming in despair. Attacking the walls of my flesh, bubbling and turning, no escapism, trapped within my stomach. Shaking m...
» A Gay/Lesbian Other Type By cardboardrobot  |  Posted on 6/18/2014  |  398 Views with 1 comments
Some people do understand...
» A Gay/Lesbian Poem By 100nobodysbitch  |  Posted on 6/8/2014  |  483 Views with 5 comments
Love hurts
I had a girl who i loved most dearly I went and lost her now i see clearly She was my one my heart and my soul Now that i have lost her i will never feel whole To blame her w...
» A Gay/Lesbian Poem By broken_inside  |  Posted on 4/14/2014  |  466 Views with 6 comments
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