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The Morning Break
No place to take a snooze...
» A Fiction Poem By EltonCamp  |  Posted on 1/11/2015  |  23 Views with 0 comments
Woodland Stir
The chariot of Ra revved up to cascade tall | and began its circling across the morning bends | Today, birds caw against the coming of snowfalls | A parrot’s siren summoned towards...
» A Fiction Poem By pnknucklez  |  Posted on 12/20/2014  |  70 Views with 4 comments
Grandma's Fruitcake
Grandma made a fruitcake, | With lots of potent rum; | I crept into her kitchen, | To have a taste of some I started with a slice, | Moved on to three or four; | I felt a tingle i...
» A Fiction Poem By poppy  |  Posted on 12/18/2014  |  72 Views with 8 comments
The Scoundrel
MacKenzie was a handsome rogue Who riches reaped with wit and charm...
» A Fiction Poem By richom  |  Posted on 12/15/2014  |  43 Views with 3 comments
Stranger with My Face- Chapter 3
Stranger with My Face Chapter 3 After our awkward meal, I waited for this woman to explain why I have been taking away from my family. The man cleaned our dishes. “Ok now is the ...
» A Fiction Chapter By memewilson  |  Posted on 11/28/2014  |  39 Views with 1 comments
Stranger with My Face- Chapter 2
A Woman determines to gain her freedom...
» A Fiction Poem By memewilson  |  Posted on 11/28/2014  |  71 Views with 1 comments
Clamoring Sighs
Her footsteps on the metal stairs, sounded as loudly as a marching batallion. Lifting her heels a bit for added quietness somehow made her feel a small amount better. As if what sh...
» A Fiction Short Story By Caroline  |  Posted on 11/14/2014  |  85 Views with 2 comments
The Worst Man on Earth
Internal rhyming running wild...
» A Fiction Poem By richom  |  Posted on 11/13/2014  |  100 Views with 7 comments
A bat flew in my window. | The cat sat on my bed. | They each gave me a knowing smile, | And winked and nod their heads. | | It really gave me quite a start, | To have that bat in...
» A Fiction Poem By JudyBall  |  Posted on 10/30/2014  |  75 Views with 6 comments
Edge of Nightmares
The Drys-dale Carnival had finally came to town. Everyone who was anyone had been talking about this carnival on social media for months, as somewhere you would want to be. We had ...
» A Fiction Short Story By ClaraCook  |  Posted on 10/17/2014  |  82 Views with 4 comments
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