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The Many Lyves of...
I’d never felt comfortable in that house Not once, since we’d moved on in, A rambling, derelict, barn of a house, Three storeys of age-old sin. Nobody said there’d been murders...
» A Horror Poem By dlpaget  |  Posted on 3/26/2015  |  21 Views with 2 comments
The Walker in Darkness
Mythos poem...
» A Horror Poem By sicky666x  |  Posted on 3/24/2015  |  10 Views with 0 comments
You Really Don't Want Me!
A poem about encountering Dracula and the unexpected outcome...
» A Horror Poem By michaelgallatin  |  Posted on 3/24/2015  |  14 Views with 2 comments
Like all young people - I love to fly | To cover thousands of miles - in a few hours | To visit new Countries - To meet new people. | I always pray before I fly - and ask others | ...
» A Horror Poem By FYREBIRD  |  Posted on 3/24/2015  |  24 Views with 2 comments
The Note
‘It’s not that I wanted to leave,’ he wrote, On a scrap they later found, ‘Just that the stress was too intense, You drove me into the ground. You’re like a terrier, won’t let ...
» A Horror Poem By dlpaget  |  Posted on 3/23/2015  |  16 Views with 1 comments
SIX NATIONS - England - Scotland - Wales - Ireland | France & Italy - England led on points ! | Ireland demolished Italy and Wales  | Beat Scotland at Murryfield- England knew .......
» A Horror Poem By FYREBIRD  |  Posted on 3/22/2015  |  10 Views with 0 comments
The Walls Are Made Of...
A vision I had...
» A Horror Poem By sicky666x  |  Posted on 3/21/2015  |  22 Views with 1 comments
Book of Trophonius
A troubled man who became a haunting legend;  An architect of luxurious designs;  The lunatic sorcerer who withered away in darkness,  Now the martyr that the world declines.  ...
» A Horror Poem By INtity  |  Posted on 3/21/2015  |  31 Views with 2 comments
Jonathon Brown
‘I’m looking for Nathan Cory, I’m looking for Jonathon Brown,’ That was the woman’s story, In a pub, this side of town. I’d only gone for a quiet pint And hoped to be on my ow...
» A Horror Poem By dlpaget  |  Posted on 3/18/2015  |  25 Views with 1 comments
It Was a Dark and Stormy Night
Finally more than the opening sentence...
» A Horror Poem By EltonCamp  |  Posted on 3/16/2015  |  45 Views with 1 comments
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