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Fright show
Can you scare me...
» A Horror Poem By Imontep  |  Posted on 1/29/2015  |  14 Views with 2 comments
In Search of the Woman Thing
We came in through the undergrowth To a patch of blasted trees, Then checked the radiation that Had brought earth to its knees, The skyscrapers were gaunt and tall They rose l...
» A Horror Poem By dlpaget  |  Posted on 1/29/2015  |  13 Views with 1 comments
Teddy Bear (The Co-Ed Teddy Bear)
Serial killer Humor -Its a thing...
» A Horror Poem By Mattresides13  |  Posted on 1/29/2015  |  11 Views with 1 comments
143. Fatal Self surgery
I played a surgeon for a fatal five minutes | securing the room for my own self operation | wiping away all the tears from my eyes | before I cut myself wide open | to let the life...
» A Horror Poem By Profanisaurus  |  Posted on 1/28/2015  |  4 Views with 0 comments
The Verbosity of Reticence
            The Unmarried Wife had hidden in between the walls of The Caretaker’s home for five years until she was found. Her bones protruding and her skin covered with dust. Her ...
» A Horror Short Story By Little_Mermaid  |  Posted on 1/27/2015  |  9 Views with 0 comments
To Bed! To Bed!
‘To bed! To bed!’ Said Sleepy-head; | ‘Tarry awhile,’ said Slow; | ‘Put on the pan,’ Said Greedy Nan; | ‘We'll sup before we go.’        (from Mother Goose) They sat at the ki...
» A Horror Poem By dlpaget  |  Posted on 1/25/2015  |  10 Views with 1 comments
White Walled Box
(White Walled Box) | | Alone. | | Sitting. | In the middle of, My white walled box, Venting, life is a riddle, I will ponder my thoughts, Slow down your heart, Fiddle, Fid...
» A Horror Poem By PoetGLG123  |  Posted on 1/25/2015  |  6 Views with 1 comments
Gulp! - (Lol)
I wrote a book called ‘The Afterdeath’ With a thousand gory themes, Of what takes place at your final breath When you lie in your swirling dreams, Your body hung by its fingert...
» A Horror Poem By dlpaget  |  Posted on 1/23/2015  |  15 Views with 1 comments
The Gargoyle
Back in the tiny town of Hamm In a province best unknown, Is an ancient sandstone prison tower Where the grounds are overgrown. The locals still in the town are few Were wary ...
» A Horror Poem By dlpaget  |  Posted on 1/23/2015  |  11 Views with 1 comments
Dead And Dead Again
What's that awful smell? | The stench won't go away; | That scent of rotting flesh, | An odor of decay The room is dark and eerie, | Rigor mortis grips your bed; | Wake up, you pe...
» A Horror Poem By poppy  |  Posted on 1/21/2015  |  19 Views with 2 comments
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