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The opening chapter to The Jaw.
The sun’s warm rays, the cool summer breeze | Oh how I love days like these! | Blissfully unaware of people walking by | Two young lovers gaze into the sky. | Side-by-side, he ...
» A Horror Poem By kashaw  |  Posted on 11/21/2014  |  10 Views with 0 comments
The Prison
The Prison | | It was very late as Mary was walking home from the movies. She had gone to see the movie entitled Murder Café. As Mary continued along her way, she glanced down at...
» A Horror Short Story By DarkClawtooth  |  Posted on 11/19/2014  |  7 Views with 0 comments
Talk is Cheap!
He’d worshipped her since Primary School And through to the later grades, He’d carried her books at High School, And envied her escapades, She was in demand with her Uni friend...
» A Horror Poem By dlpaget  |  Posted on 11/17/2014  |  17 Views with 2 comments
Australian Bears
Just a little piece...
» A Horror Poem By Kassandra  |  Posted on 11/17/2014  |  47 Views with 2 comments
The Loner
She sat all alone in this old creeky home | left to her by her Mom for just her alone | she never was very comfortable here | every sound she heard filled her with fear | one day a...
» A Horror Poem By carolann  |  Posted on 11/16/2014  |  28 Views with 2 comments
EH? What are you talking about?
"Why are you being like this with me? What you are saying is a mystery What are you ranting about? There is no need to shout I have not done anything wrong ...
» A Horror Poem By kashaw  |  Posted on 11/15/2014  |  28 Views with 2 comments
Another one bites the dust. (killing)
I drive around in my car | I don't have to drive very far; | I find a night club car park | Stay hidden in the dark. | I sit in the car, take off my shoes | I'm feeling hot an...
» A Horror Poem By kashaw  |  Posted on 11/15/2014  |  15 Views with 1 comments
I drive around I don't have to look far | Find a girl in a see-thru dress, no bra. | She is ugly not much of a looker | But I can tell she is a hooker. | Her hair is parted to ...
» A Horror Poem By kashaw  |  Posted on 11/15/2014  |  21 Views with 2 comments
Ladders, full chapter.
His fists punched my face Pow, Pow, Pow... | I thought this is it he's going to kill me now ! | Each connection vibrated through my face | My skin spreading and squashing all over ...
» A Horror Poem By kashaw  |  Posted on 11/14/2014  |  33 Views with 4 comments
I climbed the ladders of insanity | I couldn't believe what he was doing to me. | I climbed those rungs one by one | Gradually climbing, missing none | Each step taking me to a dif...
» A Horror Poem By kashaw  |  Posted on 11/14/2014  |  16 Views with 1 comments
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