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A writing entry is simply a piece of writing submitted by a member such as a poem, short-story, article, column, etc... You can read and review a new writing entry by clicking on the title in the listings below. You will Earn Points for free by providing reviews with 50 or more characters.

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A beast in every pet
Caged in us a perilous terror Our alternate behind the mirror. Chained in our minds is someone stronger than ourselves For we fear his ultimate power to make us his slaves. ...
A Horror Poem By YogeetaGhansam  |  Posted on 7/29/2014  |  1 Views with 0 comments
Work Of Art
In the dark house the innocent victim lie dead.Beaten beyond any identification. The man in the shadows laughed at his creation. A true work of art not his masterpiece but an excel...
A Horror Poem By countkryukov  |  Posted on 7/28/2014  |  11 Views with 1 comments
She Smiles
Her plan comes fully hatched as they watches them die...
A Horror Poem By a112yearoldman  |  Posted on 7/28/2014  |  30 Views with 3 comments
Monster in the Mirror
There's a monster in the mirror. When I lean in, it gets nearer. It looks into my eyes and see's my fear, "Hush, baby, hush," the voice whispers. "You're the only one who...
A Horror Poem By ShippingJalex  |  Posted on 7/27/2014  |  8 Views with 1 comments
Demon In The Dark
"What happened last night?" My sister asked. I was sitting on the picnic table in my back yard. A cigarette hung from the corner of my mouth flaccidly burning away. I had been...
A Horror Short Story By Jenn  |  Posted on 7/24/2014  |  14 Views with 1 comments
A Day At Auschwitz
work camps...
A Horror Poem By poeticlady  |  Posted on 7/23/2014  |  28 Views with 2 comments
Nowhere to go
Gaza - Nowhere to go...
A Horror Poem By Desmond  |  Posted on 7/21/2014  |  42 Views with 2 comments
im going to kill her
Like acid it burns through me I feel it boiling inside me My heart begins to pound My ears begin ringing My muscles tighten ready for action My breath becomes deep and rapid ...
A Horror Poem By SuperBirdie  |  Posted on 7/21/2014  |  19 Views with 1 comments
Tantrum of a Sad Girl
I wish a god existed, It's a silly nice notion. I wish I could hide what I know to be true Or change the way I feel at least about impending dooms. I wish I didn't know ...
A Horror Poem By TrinityRose96  |  Posted on 7/20/2014  |  24 Views with 2 comments
We'll Be Home In a Few Hours
Flight 17 meets with disaster...
A Horror Poem By EltonCamp  |  Posted on 7/19/2014  |  35 Views with 5 comments
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