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The Thief
Those who love her know exactly what's wrong | They know upon whom to place the blame | I maim her memory, silence her song | and watch them wince as they say my name | | I go by ...
» A Horror Poem By poetryoftheair  |  Posted on 1/20/2017  |  21 Views with 2 comments
I walk across a patch of grass, stop and stare | I can see what I need hanging over there | I make sure I’m not being watched, hang around and wait | Stop for a few minutes, silent...
» A Horror Poem By kashaw  |  Posted on 11/26/2016  |  44 Views with 1 comments
SNAKE BITE. A chapter taken from THE JAW.
Oh dear, that’s a nasty bite | Oh my, that doesn’t look right | His oxygen levels are low and dropping | Of his death there is no stopping | | His skin is rotting, creating an off...
» A Horror Poem By kashaw  |  Posted on 11/26/2016  |  58 Views with 1 comments
I start to put my coat on, I notice a rip | I’m also having trouble with the zip | “Just my fucking luck” I swear | What the hell am I going to wear? | Come to think of it I ...
» A Horror Poem By kashaw  |  Posted on 11/4/2016  |  71 Views with 1 comments
A Hole: Pain Through The Brain
A dream I had...
» A Horror Poem By sicky666x  |  Posted on 10/21/2016  |  99 Views with 1 comments
Merry Halloween (Horrors From Behind The Mirror)
Dedicated to Poe and all other tortured souls. | | Voices, a fucking chorus of voices. Calling me out, welcoming me in, whimpering, whispering, frightful laugher, eerie giggles, ...
» A Horror Short Story By vuriz  |  Posted on 10/19/2016  |  89 Views with 1 comments
Bloody Dripping Moon
Another statement and lament upon the sorry state of our crazy world...
» A Horror Poem By michaelgallatin  |  Posted on 9/30/2016  |  69 Views with 1 comments
Mon Œuil
Not for the easily disturbed My first and last attempt at what is partially gore-based horror...
» A Horror Poem By iloverotini  |  Posted on 9/16/2016  |  110 Views with 1 comments
The Mind of a Monster
Something a bit different from me...
» A Horror Poem By EltonCamp  |  Posted on 9/3/2016  |  103 Views with 1 comments
The Black
A short story about the encounters in my delirium...
» A Horror Short Story By sicky666x  |  Posted on 8/16/2016  |  145 Views with 0 comments
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