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Who was Hanford Russell?
A poem about researching a real life character for a book...
» A Detective Poem By SketerMichaels  |  Posted on 5/23/2016  |  219 Views with 2 comments
As Yet Untitled....
detective novellain honor of Wooster reunionlove you guys...
» A Detective Poem By Filmgirl39  |  Posted on 4/12/2016  |  421 Views with 0 comments
A story about missing kid (as told by another kid)
When Sam wasnt there that morning, I thought hed went out for bagels I really did It didnt even dawn on me that he might in trouble...
» A Detective Chapter By HannahMorris  |  Posted on 4/1/2015  |  501 Views with 2 comments
Living a Li(f)e - Chapter 1
Sixteen-year-old Abbie Morrison is a girl who has been living in the dorm for four years now Everybody adores her for her ranks and performance Heres a thing no one has ever get a ...
» A Detective Novel By MinioNine  |  Posted on 2/28/2014  |  493 Views with 1 comments
Hunter - Chapter 1
Hunter is a Private Detective character that I have made up and he hunts missing people until he finds them dead or alive Mostly he finds them dead...
» A Detective Chapter By CelticDragon  |  Posted on 4/22/2013  |  487 Views with 1 comments
The Case of the Cookie-Eater
A girl named Oliva investigates a mystery at her house where someone stole a cookie from the cookie jar when, really, the person who did it was her own brother, Georgie The end...
» A Detective Short Story By padgettf  |  Posted on 2/6/2013  |  494 Views with 2 comments
Heart of Fire Chap 8
CHAPTER EIGHT “More coffee honey?” The waitress at the greasy spoon questioned as she approached Danni and Frank. “Yes please,” Frank smiled as he paired up at the woman. “...
» A Detective Chapter By lucidreamer  |  Posted on 1/1/2013  |  510 Views with 1 comments
Heart of Fire Chap 7
CHAPTER SEVEN “How are you feeling?” Danni inquired as she walked into Annabel’s room. “A whole lot better.” She smiled eyeing the brown package in Danni’s hand. “What’s that...
» A Detective Chapter By lucidreamer  |  Posted on 1/1/2013  |  522 Views with 1 comments
Heart of Fire Chap 6
CHAPTER SIX The light filter through the shades, Annabel opened her eyes. She looked around the room and shame over took her. She was well aware of her surroundings and what bro...
» A Detective Chapter By lucidreamer  |  Posted on 1/1/2013  |  510 Views with 0 comments
Heart of Fire Chap 5
CHAPTER FIVE The sun set beneath the dark cloud as the night sky blanketed the city, the stars shined bright upon the streets below which gave enough light to for Danni to see. ...
» A Detective Chapter By lucidreamer  |  Posted on 1/1/2013  |  508 Views with 0 comments
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