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A Father's Demise
Written by me from the perspective of my mother, I never met my grandfather this is all I know of him...
» A Death Poem By Imontep  |  Posted on 3/25/2015  |  61 Views with 4 comments
Dying Prayer
Poem about a dying wish...
» A Death Poem By SketerMichaels  |  Posted on 3/21/2015  |  49 Views with 4 comments
Death Wish
Icannot wait for that fine day when death I will embrace. | There is a clue that God will find - the look upon my face. | My painful life is hard to bear, so I just wait and wait....
» A Death Poem By GraysinAngel  |  Posted on 3/17/2015  |  63 Views with 0 comments
I am here--deep within the bowels of raw, | My name matters not! I live like a mole. | My duty? Transport your beleaguered soul . . . | but it's not like you are going to a sp...
» A Death Poem By RamSlade  |  Posted on 3/16/2015  |  47 Views with 3 comments
A birth, not death to break the spell | of loss, of hurt,and yearsin hell | Revived my soul from early death | as I willed from you your first breath | | As ifyour breaths when...
» A Death Poem By SaintBlue  |  Posted on 3/6/2015  |  84 Views with 3 comments
Forever Young
A poem about the death of a girl I used to know...
» A Death Poem By michaelgallatin  |  Posted on 3/1/2015  |  52 Views with 3 comments
Hell is Lined with Books.
This poem was written in the 21st century It is in the wrong section of the library Please read and upload to the correct section Thank you...
» A Death Poem By infectedgirl6  |  Posted on 2/18/2015  |  62 Views with 1 comments
Until we meet again
Until We Meet Again My dear boy, it's Daddy here, | These words I write to you. | You knew that Daddy had been ill, | And my days were very few. | | On the day that you came ...
» A Death Poem By TheScarletBard  |  Posted on 2/17/2015  |  56 Views with 2 comments
When the Game Is Over
All go into the same box...
» A Death Poem By EltonCamp  |  Posted on 2/14/2015  |  76 Views with 2 comments
The Day I Lost You
A cold February morning. | Those hushed words amongst the cries, | a tear falls, travelling it sorrowful journey | Down my cheek.Unstoppable. | Many follow, who is supposed to b...
» A Death Poem By Freedom_of_Words  |  Posted on 2/3/2015  |  67 Views with 4 comments
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