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the coming day pushes the blue sky west | over the dark valley beyond the mountains crest | | I left her down in Corazon | without forgiveness in the night | | she was searching ...
» A Death Poem By willyweed13  |  Posted on 11/14/2016  |  45 Views with 1 comments
Cancer destroyer, tear out hearts | leave behind your destruction | long after the victim departs  | Cancer you took my dad in 88 | still to this day I don't feel great | | He was...
» A Death Poem By Northern_Lass  |  Posted on 10/14/2016  |  42 Views with 1 comments
Our Summer Day
In all of time there is a song that plays | It's believed it leads to the source of all | And its joy is of the highest clarity Quiet waters of a stream move to a far reaching cer...
» A Death Poem By CanyonLand  |  Posted on 8/1/2016  |  115 Views with 3 comments
I am old, soon I am going to die. | Mr. Death, today, I want to address you without being scared. | When will you stop humiliating man? | We have done everything your cousin Life a...
» A Death Poem By thechoice78  |  Posted on 7/9/2016  |  116 Views with 1 comments
Already Dead
He was a roaring thunder  | On a stormy night | With no fear or care | Of what stood yonder | | A striking lightening | On a contrasting sky | Bright and sharp | Never unnoticed ...
» A Death Poem By YogeetaGhansam  |  Posted on 7/7/2016  |  86 Views with 1 comments
The Sentinel
| | | Sometimes I feel him mocking me, insidious, all-knowing, the way he grasps the things I see and perceives just where I'm going. Once I could forestall his advent, ...
» A Death Poem By bickerstaffe  |  Posted on 4/15/2016  |  131 Views with 3 comments
In time
In time all wounds heal, | all hearts become available for those to steal. | We willingly allow our selves to reveal, | and thus creates the unbelievable.  | | They say in time it...
» A Death Poem By capricornchild  |  Posted on 4/15/2016  |  136 Views with 3 comments
Everyone Loves You When You're Dead
Everyone loves you when you're dead they send you love and hold your loved ones the men pretend they have no feelings children are the confused ones while women spit fire at ...
» A Death Prose By LuxFalls  |  Posted on 3/8/2016  |  197 Views with 5 comments
The First Death and the Last Death I Remember
     The very first human death I remember is my great grandmother, Mama. I couldn’t have been more than nine years old, probably closer to six. I remember asking a lot of question...
» A Death Essay By Music  |  Posted on 2/29/2016  |  168 Views with 1 comments
at least
Tears start falling, and a heart breaks... | As heaven's gates open, and a heart stops. | Smiles are birthed as the dead are joined... | Tears are created as the dead are joined. |...
» A Death Poem By capricornchild  |  Posted on 1/30/2016  |  122 Views with 1 comments
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