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He’d never seen snow before, much less snow up to his knees. He lifted one leg clear of the snow, and the hole was black and dirty around the edges. He stood still, keeping one leg...
» A Death Short Story By enruey31  |  Posted on 9/11/2015  |  36 Views with 0 comments
A Momentary Lapse
| Her house was just a shell, a burnt-out ruin...  | | standing apart, the other houses still intact  | with painted jalousies and window curtains.  | She must have fallen asleep...
» A Death Prose By bickerstaffe  |  Posted on 8/12/2015  |  86 Views with 6 comments
A Beautiful World Poisoned
I look out into the sky and see beauty. | I feel the fresh air, and I see how intricately all living beings connect | and function together on an intelligently constructed Earth. |...
» A Death Poem By siatimmons  |  Posted on 7/4/2015  |  120 Views with 2 comments
The Pain (Rest In Peace)
Sixteen months ago was last we met, | as you climbed a golden staircase to forever. | And a void you left behind you | leaving all of us here to remember. | We stood beside you in ...
» A Death Poem By caitlynjade  |  Posted on 7/2/2015  |  55 Views with 2 comments
| As moonbeams settle softly on her face,  | lay bare the gaunt and haggard visage there,  | a woman whose whole life was spent in care  | for those who ran and won another race. ...
» A Death Poem By bickerstaffe  |  Posted on 6/26/2015  |  66 Views with 1 comments
If I should fall and die tonight | would you mourn my disappearance | would you notice that I was not around | or just carry on as normal | | Would it matter if I was no longe...
» A Death Poem By Profanisaurus  |  Posted on 6/24/2015  |  100 Views with 5 comments
"Papa" Nightly, he would set the cold urn next to him in bed just below a framed picture of her at age 22.  Mum didn't leave as big of a dent in the bed anymore, but she fit nice ...
» A Death Poem By stearnshb  |  Posted on 6/11/2015  |  73 Views with 1 comments
| Once a soldier, now an airy wraith,  | a hapless ghost who drifts and flitters there,  | he came to battle as a blazing flare  | and met his Maker, stripped, and shorn of faith....
» A Death Poem By bickerstaffe  |  Posted on 6/9/2015  |  93 Views with 3 comments
As I sink lower my vision fades and darkness circles in on me. The cold is unbearable. I try to move my arms and legs but they won't obey my command. The numbness is spreading now,...
» A Death Short Story By TSMclaughlan  |  Posted on 5/28/2015  |  100 Views with 1 comments
A poem about roadkill...
» A Death Poem By justoutthere  |  Posted on 5/20/2015  |  122 Views with 1 comments
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