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Synthetic Deceit
Slick they were, holding no culpability | Not caring about their credibility. | Culprits, more like crooks, the rating agencies, | turning dross into synthetic gold for fees. How ...
» A Business Poem By pnknucklez  |  Posted on 7/16/2016  |  306 Views with 1 comments
How the Mighty Have Fallen
“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” | | Two lots of trash do not equal a gem | Just like two wrongs don’t equal a right. | In the used tranches of debt organization,...
» A Business Poem By pnknucklez  |  Posted on 7/12/2016  |  316 Views with 4 comments
Pitch Black LIght
We all forget sometimes that we have choices, even though they are causal in nature and frequently turn out not as wed have liked Still theres always a choice Image by Abduzeado...
» A Business Poem By odinroark  |  Posted on 9/12/2015  |  345 Views with 2 comments
Atchley & Associates LLP: Our Team
PEOPLE MAKE A DIFFERENCE: | | Atchley & Associates, LLP began operations on August 2, 1999 in Austin, Texas. Our partners and associates play a critical role in the deliverance of...
» A Business Article By meesm  |  Posted on 4/19/2015  |  499 Views with 1 comments
5 tips on avoiding Florida home scams
The Florida Office of Financial Regulation is warning residents today to be wary of real estate fraud scams that require consumers to spend large sums of money on investment proper...
» A Business Article By pameleida  |  Posted on 3/13/2015  |  490 Views with 0 comments
Cathford Group Credit Inc Tokyo Loan Review Tips
Tipps Zum Ersten Mal und Buy-to-Let Immobilien-Käufer | | Kauf-to-live? Nicht mal des Zyklus. Kauf zu vermieten? Warten. Leicht der Wohnimmobilienmarkt wird zugunsten des Verkä...
» A Business Poem By laytonmes  |  Posted on 1/26/2015  |  522 Views with 0 comments
The Cindy Shearin Group Real Estate Paris Properti
For mange er købe bolig til leje en attraktiv indkomst investering i en tid med en flygtige Børsen og lavt afkast i andre populære alternative investeringer som guld og gensidige f...
» A Business Article By harryhiickmane  |  Posted on 1/20/2015  |  448 Views with 1 comments
Robert Gets the Axe
Malingering on the job can have consequences...
» A Business Poem By EltonCamp  |  Posted on 1/19/2015  |  443 Views with 2 comments
BP Holdings Group Press Releases
Rumaila to Increase Production by 50 Percent by the End of the Decade | | On first Rumaila visit, oil minister Adel Abdul-Mehdi's charts  progress and hears plans Basra,17 Dece...
» A Business Short Story By johnnyparker20  |  Posted on 1/10/2015  |  471 Views with 1 comments
The Cathford Group Credit Inc Loan Review Tips
Should You Be Worried Mortgage Application Fraud Is on the Rise? Applying for a mortgage can make you feel like your future happiness depends on your ability to decipher the Roset...
» A Business Poem By rankymith  |  Posted on 1/9/2015  |  789 Views with 0 comments
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