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Galleries of Mind
Attempting to define the essence of lifes portrait can be daunting What would we do without language, without expression of texture and color to affix on the canvas Image by Johan ...
» A Arts Poem By odinroark  |  Posted on 9/17/2016  |  263 Views with 0 comments
A Ceaseless Cacophony
in the style of the trashy movement which ruined art forever...
» A Arts Poem By SaintDharumis  |  Posted on 3/28/2016  |  221 Views with 1 comments
Spending Time In Red Square.
| | Burning through the blackness, | searing through my eyes | into the shadowy recesses | of my consciousness, is | a large red square. | | I well remember | my first encount...
» A Arts Poem By MySongStar  |  Posted on 3/7/2016  |  272 Views with 2 comments
Inner city life poses experiences most of us know little about For many years, having observed this part of NY much more than I actually experienced first hand, Ive tried to write...
» A Arts Poem By odinroark  |  Posted on 3/1/2016  |  323 Views with 1 comments
A Theatrical Champagne Breakfast...
(Tombstone teeth linger handlebar moustache) | Unhinged grin | 'Ladies und gentle folke..... roll up....... your shirt sleeves | For some mid drift erotica' | 'You're gunna be t...
» A Arts Prose By miggymoo  |  Posted on 2/4/2016  |  289 Views with 1 comments
From the New York Times 1816 PALMA, Majorca In 1938, the Spanish artist Joan Mir, then 45, was living a precarious existence in Paris, moving from one insufficient studio to the ...
» A Arts Poem By odinroark  |  Posted on 1/9/2016  |  297 Views with 0 comments
Sundown in an Artist's Eye
| The evening is rolling on, | and the night is drawing in; | above, the sky is darkening. | In their glittering array, | the stars are starting | to show. Far below | the w...
» A Arts Poem By MySongStar  |  Posted on 12/1/2015  |  428 Views with 4 comments
Imagination's Mentor
Most of us avoid admitting to something we dont necessarily comprehend Yet, for the creative, the expression of who, what, or why is always attempting to be understood...
» A Arts Poem By odinroark  |  Posted on 10/15/2015  |  315 Views with 0 comments
(Die Nacht)
| | (Die Nacht) |       the night |                after Max Beckmann | | | inside | | the room stood still | | abiding only | | a slight breeze | stirring from the w...
» A Arts Poem By Viaclovsky  |  Posted on 9/23/2015  |  336 Views with 1 comments
Ut Pictura, Poesis?
He paused, set down his brush, closed the tube | Of paint and smiled. “ Ut pictura, poesis , my friend, | As with painting, so with poetry.”  And I have wondered ever since, wheth...
» A Arts Poem By Snowpiper  |  Posted on 9/22/2015  |  313 Views with 2 comments
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