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The Wolf And The Warrior
A poem about an old wolf and an old Indian...
» A Adventure Poem By michaelgallatin  |  Posted on 6/9/2017  |  82 Views with 1 comments
The Gambler
A poem about a gambler and the Devil...
» A Adventure Poem By michaelgallatin  |  Posted on 4/1/2017  |  125 Views with 2 comments
Catch a Falling Star
» A Adventure Poem By jonni-inferno  |  Posted on 12/17/2016  |  165 Views with 2 comments
Against the Wind
| | Introduction | | Drifting from town to town, place to place, I seek to avoid the dark past that keeps nipping at my heels, like a wild animal chasing me, ready to cons...
» A Adventure Novel By hobopoet  |  Posted on 11/27/2016  |  218 Views with 0 comments
Weeds Choke the Unused Path
We were right in the middle of sprinter. Not quite spring, not quite winter. It was that time of the year where anyone looked for any possible excuse to stay inside. It was warm en...
» A Adventure Short Story By Siriusly-Kendall  |  Posted on 8/26/2016  |  316 Views with 0 comments
| THE TRAIL | | Walking along the long and tender trail of age | Gracefully, gradually turn its page. | | Recall those dreams of yesteryear, | those ...
» A Adventure Prose By kitty  |  Posted on 6/18/2016  |  336 Views with 4 comments
All Aboard!
| Memories as sharp as diamonds, | keen as knives, the smell of | train smoke burns their nostrils still. | | Chilly mornings, misty, magic, | gleaming rails so full of promi...
» A Adventure Poem By bickerstaffe  |  Posted on 5/19/2016  |  297 Views with 2 comments
| The harbor is alive with prayers and expectations, | fishing boats jostle, make ready for outward bound, | crews on their mettle load tackle, check rigging, | as nets are dra...
» A Adventure Poem By bickerstaffe  |  Posted on 4/30/2016  |  278 Views with 1 comments
Fox Den 1
The early morning turkey romp was in full swing. | The Tom was dancing handsomely oh what a beautiful thing. | The hens were gathered round him now, waiting for their chance. | The...
» A Adventure Poem By whitecat007  |  Posted on 4/17/2016  |  267 Views with 2 comments
Sea Wolves
Galleons on uncharted oceans, paradigms of pirate greed, hijacked by the vile and shameless, honest merchantmen take heed! Storied legends blaze through history, rape and pi...
» A Adventure Poem By bickerstaffe  |  Posted on 4/16/2016  |  192 Views with 1 comments
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