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I Met George Carlin
A poem about George Carlin after he reaches his version of Heaven...
» A Fanfiction Poem By michaelgallatin  |  Posted on 5/11/2015  |  100 Views with 1 comments
That Decision
A poem about and in tribute to Sam and Dean Winchester of Supernatural...
» A Fanfiction Poem By michaelgallatin  |  Posted on 3/19/2015  |  149 Views with 2 comments
The Good Fighter
      There is an eighteen year old boy who has been fighting since he was only fifteen years old. His name is Freddie Long Legs. Boxing has been in his family for generations, it’...
» A Fanfiction Other Type By WhiteHawk  |  Posted on 12/12/2014  |  173 Views with 2 comments
Happy Dashain
He stares into the store through the glass-panes, looks at every jeans that hangs up and at every shirt that has been exhibited. He imagines himself under each of them. He then loo...
» A Fanfiction Other Type By challanger  |  Posted on 9/25/2014  |  199 Views with 1 comments
Blinded Ambition: A Kill Bill Fan Fiction
In the future, If you still feel raw about it, Ill be waiting The future is now, the wait is over Youre my target now Beatrice Kiddo and I come with a vengeance like no other...
» A Fanfiction Novel By Cherrygeisha17  |  Posted on 8/11/2014  |  237 Views with 0 comments
It's Their War
The grounds silent and charred Grey like volcanic ash Mortar remnants still flash Cinders still glow like stars The castle walls in piles of rubbles scattered rounds. Bodi...
» A Fanfiction Poem By pnknucklez  |  Posted on 7/10/2014  |  234 Views with 2 comments
Radio silence, the noise is static The white TV snow is emblematic. The voices of noise are meant for havoc. Virtual traffic supplants in panoramic. Footsteps clop back an...
» A Fanfiction Poem By pnknucklez  |  Posted on 6/28/2014  |  251 Views with 2 comments
Watch him rise above the blue midnight sun, Sanctify his soul when it comes undone… purify truth in the undine’s lake give those memories a realistic shake. He never did reac...
» A Fanfiction Poem By pnknucklez  |  Posted on 6/28/2014  |  249 Views with 3 comments
Confessions of a Hitman
No room left, nothing for efficiency Spiritual theft, hard stance against bigotry Call this neglect, a form of harassment Why are you bothering me, remain absent Like you fathe...
» A Fanfiction Poem By pnknucklez  |  Posted on 6/10/2014  |  264 Views with 2 comments
Where Affection Lies: Chapter 4: Outer Lies
When neither Weapon or Miester will tell the other whats wrong things can get a little out of hand Just where does the affection lie Somewhere between coded words lies an SOS...
» A Fanfiction Short Story By MidnightSting  |  Posted on 5/25/2014  |  262 Views with 0 comments
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