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This We All Must Know
A poem about staying strong and forging ahead despite rough times...
» A Inspirational Poem By michaelgallatin  |  Posted on 10/21/2014  |  0 Views with 0 comments
Life is a real experience and it's often quite unfair. | Life can give and Life can take sometimes more than our share. | It seems to me that Life asks more from some than it does...
» A Inspirational Poem By JudyBall  |  Posted on 10/20/2014  |  19 Views with 5 comments
| | I tremble in the presence of Your love | that gives me pause to recollect my life. | So grateful for each blessing from above | and how You saw me through those days of strif...
» A Inspirational Sonnet By failte  |  Posted on 10/19/2014  |  49 Views with 8 comments
Guardian Angel
        He awakens in the morning As I slip into my car I'm singin' with the radio "I'm a sexy singin' star" He listens, oh, how sadly He slowly shakes his head I hit a b...
» A Inspirational Poem By Angelquill  |  Posted on 10/18/2014  |  11 Views with 0 comments
Your Servant, Lord
Just to follow Him...
» A Inspirational Poem By Angelquill  |  Posted on 10/17/2014  |  8 Views with 1 comments
Of Such Is The Kingdom Of Heaven
Remember what it was like to be a child Oh, how I long for that freedom once again...
» A Inspirational Poem By Angelquill  |  Posted on 10/17/2014  |  18 Views with 4 comments
Two Sisters
Although the characters and the situations were taken from the Bible, this is a work of fiction, and does not pretend to be anything else I am not a scholar by any stretch of the ...
» A Inspirational Poem By Angelquill  |  Posted on 10/17/2014  |  12 Views with 1 comments
Searching For Peace
  A thousand clamorin g voices Descended on my ears Of shattered dreams and blasted hopes Of guilts and doubts and fears Perfect pandemonium From without and from within U...
» A Inspirational Poem By Angelquill  |  Posted on 10/16/2014  |  26 Views with 3 comments
It's me again. | As I come before You tonight I am uncertain. | I want so much to be pleasing to You in my every thought, word and deed; | but there is so much about me that I know...
» A Inspirational Poem By JudyBall  |  Posted on 10/15/2014  |  27 Views with 2 comments
Afflictions Across the broad expanse of Time, | From birth, ‘til at last we die, | A series of events befall, | Sufficient to petrify.  Oh God, why was it I was born, | The chron...
» A Inspirational Poem By spiritsthread  |  Posted on 10/15/2014  |  24 Views with 1 comments
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