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A writing entry is simply a piece of writing submitted by a member such as a poem, short-story, article, column, etc... You can read and review a new writing entry by clicking on the title in the listings below. You will Earn Points for free by providing reviews with 50 or more characters.

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Seldom Dances
It is the journey not the destination...
A Inspirational Poem By emerystone  |  Posted on 8/21/2014  |  3 Views with 1 comments
Catcher in the rye - inspired by great book
I am like catcher in the rye, Wandering under the sky. Sometimes sadness, sometimes pain. Sometimes joy, again and again. Holden, Holden, bagging, Help me! Don't let me ...
A Inspirational Poem By JuliaDzekish  |  Posted on 8/20/2014  |  9 Views with 1 comments
Home on the Bayou
this lowland swamp Bayou Lafourche cuts through it August sun relentless on the water where a man paddles his pirogue paying no mind to the beautiful people who have come fro...
A Inspirational Poem By RamSlade  |  Posted on 8/19/2014  |  5 Views with 0 comments
The Thin Line
A thin line extends to divide faith and fear And so often the side you are on isnít clear For despite every effort to keep holding on And despite every prayer and despite eve...
A Inspirational Poem By jeffbresee  |  Posted on 8/14/2014  |  10 Views with 1 comments
Without anxiety...
A Inspirational Poem By Cherrygeisha17  |  Posted on 8/13/2014  |  44 Views with 5 comments
Tree Of Life
Tree of life whose branches reached, the far breeching strands of existence. With every turn of a new century, brings forth new life a cycle of beginning, a spiraling of cr...
A Inspirational Poem By blossomwriter  |  Posted on 8/12/2014  |  19 Views with 2 comments
SAVED .....
Debate on this subject...
A Inspirational Poem By kitty  |  Posted on 8/12/2014  |  30 Views with 3 comments
Strangers Unaware
How odd this ragged stranger seems Who jarred me from my frozen stare At dust and dreams and other things For which I spend my time and care No other man hath paid him mind ...
A Inspirational Poem By jeffbresee  |  Posted on 8/11/2014  |  21 Views with 2 comments
Midst fear and doubt When prayers have ceased Unannounced Without a sound Returns the clouds And falls the rain Again on barren ground ...
A Inspirational Poem By jeffbresee  |  Posted on 8/11/2014  |  15 Views with 1 comments
No Arrival
I charted once a course to gold A place wherein I might take hold Of everything I ever wished Retire there; enjoy the bliss But every time I thought that I Was finally the...
A Inspirational Poem By jeffbresee  |  Posted on 8/11/2014  |  13 Views with 1 comments
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