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A Sad Memory
Like a passing wind, you came and went.  | Time passed, and all that was left was a pure memory.  | A summer love that was never meant to be.  | The soft lips that caressed my skin...
» A Free Verse Poem By raidonce  |  Posted on 1/24/2018  |  32 Views with 2 comments
Audacity | Brutality is Reality | Making your life a Fatality | Morality determines Mentality | Unrelenting Insanity | Vitality is a drive from Urbanity | Inanity perpetuates...
» A Free Verse Poem By clb520  |  Posted on 1/13/2018  |  41 Views with 3 comments
If... | I wish I had a Looking Glass, to magnify the words you say. | For deep within they're all weaved with dishonesty & lies. | Is it to make your life better, if only in you...
» A Free Verse Poem By clb520  |  Posted on 1/13/2018  |  58 Views with 4 comments
A War Victim's Lament
What were you thinking, Brother | When you destroyed our homes with bombs, | When the once peaceful streets was filled with cries of the innocent | Were you happy?  | When our once...
» A Free Verse Poem By chrisjtinenuwan  |  Posted on 11/14/2017  |  185 Views with 4 comments
A Spark That Never Lit
Time moves on the clouded sky, | the day of judgement the rolling sea, | the dark crown of night | | and dreams slumber | in the catacombs of their wakefulness,  | waiting for ...
» A Free Verse Poem By blossomwriter  |  Posted on 6/16/2017  |  111 Views with 3 comments
Going back
She was never apart of the sea | Never made for the waters | Never designed to swim | But she was mesmerized by its beauty  | Nothing could hold her back | From wavering ankle deep...
» A Free Verse Poem By YogeetaGhansam  |  Posted on 6/15/2017  |  62 Views with 1 comments
Unguent for Sorrow
UNGUENT FOR SORROW | | Seeing yourself as a plaything to sorrow | For eating the specious Fruit of unpleasure… | Out of a structured tree of Built up motion | | (Which swifte...
» A Free Verse Poem By Galacticbeam  |  Posted on 6/13/2017  |  69 Views with 2 comments
Spontaneous Human Comfort
Trapped in irony I only work at 70%, double thinking at what she meant. Tracked down by the assassins of negativity ready to fuel my own stupidity. Trying to draw me into that ...
» A Free Verse Poem By simon81  |  Posted on 6/12/2017  |  112 Views with 2 comments
The Master Algorithm
Some say the scientific methodIs the ultimate algorithm and othersPrefer prayer ...
» A Free Verse Poem By RobertRonnow  |  Posted on 6/10/2017  |  80 Views with 0 comments
Ramble On (Song of an Old Bard)
Something of a tribute...
» A Free Verse Poem By SketerMichaels  |  Posted on 5/29/2017  |  136 Views with 5 comments
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