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Furliceo Strikes Back
Introduction Brian Henderson placed his left hand on The Secret Book of Aliens (The Hitons’ version of The Holy Bible)and said these words while also holding up his other hand: ...
» A Science Fiction Novel By WyattJaymes  |  Posted on 1/24/2017  |  153 Views with 1 comments
I Believe Only In What I Can See!
I BELIEVE IN ONLY WHAT I CAN SEE! (Two men, a modern scientist and an ancient roman scientist have a conversation about beliefs). Modern Scientist: I believe in only what I can s...
» A Science Fiction Play By EdwinBozie  |  Posted on 12/1/2016  |  163 Views with 1 comments
The Emotions Fair
What if you could control all your emotions, with just one little pill...
» A Science Fiction Short Story By ShadowWriter  |  Posted on 11/20/2016  |  173 Views with 1 comments
504. My Worst Ever Match
I was about 17 years old when it happened | an incident that I may never forget | to this date that match remains | my number 1 football regret | | I was to play up front on ...
» A Science Fiction Poem By Profanisaurus  |  Posted on 10/31/2016  |  276 Views with 0 comments
O&A Chapter 68: The Legend of Arthur Part1
Chapter 68: The Legend of Arthur | | It had been 90 years since the plague, 90 years of pain and turmoil, a world turned upside down. In the aftermath some people found ways to ...
» A Science Fiction Novel By Primus  |  Posted on 10/3/2016  |  257 Views with 1 comments
The Deep- Prologue
This is a different planet, under our feet...
» A Science Fiction Chapter By JJWriting  |  Posted on 8/6/2016  |  197 Views with 1 comments
O and A Chapter 66: Civilization's End
I missed this entire chapter. I must be getting old. | | Chapter 66: Civilization’s End | | Loki stood, transfixed, on a sidewalk in the core of the city, as people made their w...
» A Science Fiction Novel By Primus  |  Posted on 6/23/2016  |  365 Views with 0 comments
the ass & the elephant
Dawn waits to break in the tombstone grey sky | The ass and the elephant are in a contest of lies | | The truth lays broken, it's shattered there like glass | The eagle is weeping...
» A Science Fiction Poem By willyweed13  |  Posted on 6/22/2016  |  278 Views with 1 comments
O and A Chapter 67: Bright Star
Chapter 67: Bright Star | |    Sunset on the mesa cast long shadows of the people assembling for the ceremony. Everyone gathered around the funeral pyre where Yan’s body was wrap...
» A Science Fiction Novel By Primus  |  Posted on 6/8/2016  |  286 Views with 1 comments
O and A Chapter 65: A Line in the Sand
Chapter 65: A line in the Sand | | Lights overhead, clearly hospital lights, flickered like sunlight through a picket fence, as Connor tried to hold onto consciousness. He could ...
» A Science Fiction Novel By Primus  |  Posted on 5/7/2016  |  434 Views with 0 comments
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