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Truth Prevails
“Truth Prevails”   I do not believe in any labeled religion I believe in religion itself, which is the collection of God’s Ordinances.   Religion is not anybodies property, it...
» A Article Poem By yakoobbw  |  Posted on 2/5/2017  |  217 Views with 0 comments
Green Lamp
I taped up a fish-line-strung snowflake | to the library-looking green downward lamp | because it’s still January. | The hardest part was getting | the tape dispenser to cut ...
» A Article Journal By DWilkin  |  Posted on 1/28/2017  |  218 Views with 1 comments
Dazed and Confused
                                           Dazed and Confused I spent this afternoon watching and listening to music videos as I am want to often do. I came across “Dazed and Conf...
» A Article Monologue By taylor12  |  Posted on 8/2/2016  |  245 Views with 2 comments
Trump-ing The Truth
As the old adage states, “Be careful what you wish for, because you just may just get it”. And in a word the republican party has what they’ve been wishing for “Trump”. He has pick...
» A Article Editorial By vuriz  |  Posted on 6/21/2016  |  260 Views with 1 comments
An Encounter With the KKK
Ive given up on trying to post pictures with my material as they never stay This one doesnt depend on a picture...
» A Article Article By EltonCamp  |  Posted on 6/7/2016  |  286 Views with 1 comments
E commerce culture in Pakistan and Outlet Pakistan
Outlet pakistan is a biggest brand online store that develop and enhance a successful business...
» A Article Article By jacksteve  |  Posted on 5/11/2016  |  441 Views with 0 comments
Who Else Wants to Buy a Dissertation Online UK
Even though you may not like the idea of buy a dissertation online UK , you will be forced to take this path because without making a purchase you will waste years of efforts and r...
» A Article Poem By smithjohn  |  Posted on 3/29/2016  |  310 Views with 1 comments
How can students make their final thesis or disser
Education in recent years has become much more demanding and challenging because social media has played enough roles in the development of learning approaches to a certain extent....
» A Article Article By smithjohn  |  Posted on 3/24/2016  |  375 Views with 2 comments
Hitler’s Jews are now Trump’s Mexicans
The script is old, but the strategy remains the same. Hitler manipulated the masses by making Jews the scapegoat for the woes of Germany. He created mass hysteria by blaming the Je...
» A Article Column By vuriz  |  Posted on 3/4/2016  |  381 Views with 0 comments
Review on "The Happy Prince" by "Oscar Wilde"
My writing is a minute effort to pay a tribute to the literary legend Oscar Wilde for writing such a brilliant story ie The Happy Prince...
» A Article Article By lilly  |  Posted on 10/2/2015  |  314 Views with 1 comments
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