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Bolstered by the twisted hope of bad decisions
My life really started again a year ago from the beginning of this month...
» A Contemporary Prose By aSamLoomis  |  Posted on 3/26/2015  |  17 Views with 1 comments
Peace is short-lived, With time everybody becomes a fool Life is too short to wait; Time does not heal all wound Piece by piece we shrink into our shell Till death comes as co...
» A Contemporary Poem By mattpantaleon  |  Posted on 3/26/2015  |  21 Views with 1 comments
CARPE DIEM - please seize the day | Yesterday - already passed away | | Nothing in our human powers | Can e're retrieve these precious hours | | CARPE DIEM - make the best | Of...
» A Contemporary Poem By FYREBIRD  |  Posted on 3/24/2015  |  19 Views with 1 comments
Clues for the Clueless
Don't know why I even bother | you won't listen anyway, | never going to change your mind | no matter what I say. | | We both believe we're right | to the exclusion of all else, ...
» A Contemporary Poem By BobQuinn  |  Posted on 3/23/2015  |  62 Views with 5 comments
Sleepin' With the Vintage
We all have to take a break now and again from all the heavy lifting--maybe write something silly, whether it works or not Hope you enjoy this fictionalized once un-humorous exper...
» A Contemporary Short Story By odinroark  |  Posted on 3/23/2015  |  22 Views with 0 comments
A Poem for Mothers
Mama, they can't take your place; those pretty-eyed girls, with the freshness of wild lavenders. they come closely, starry eyed; your charm outshine them clearly, more preci...
» A Contemporary Poem By mattpantaleon  |  Posted on 3/15/2015  |  28 Views with 1 comments
Tyranny Beholds
The tyranny of today the terrorists...
» A Contemporary Poem By TonyD  |  Posted on 3/13/2015  |  53 Views with 4 comments
Cold War
Do you think you can kill An enemy by hating them Do you know how powerful A loving word is to the ears I'm ashamed of us Two friends who turn against Each other with mur...
» A Contemporary Poem By mattpantaleon  |  Posted on 3/12/2015  |  27 Views with 2 comments
A Honest Heart
What better painting is there Than your writing on the wall What better imagination is there Than a hand upon your chest Some people dream of paradise While creating hell a...
» A Contemporary Poem By mattpantaleon  |  Posted on 3/8/2015  |  61 Views with 3 comments
My Path

My Path Truth be told, I'm tired of this world, | May I be so bold? I don't like being sold, | Into this slavery, constant depravity, | Tastes so unsavory, a lost soul in this ci...
» A Contemporary Poem By ImagineYFS  |  Posted on 2/26/2015  |  34 Views with 1 comments
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