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My Path

My Path Truth be told, I'm tired of this world, | May I be so bold? I don't like being sold, | Into this slavery, constant depravity, | Tastes so unsavory, a lost soul in this ci...
» A Contemporary Poem By ImagineYFS  |  Posted on 2/26/2015  |  12 Views with 1 comments
When do we decide that it is now Spring ? | Spring is a happening - it's not a date ! | Date on the Calendar - Spring has startedtoday ! | Today ? We could be under six foot of s...
» A Contemporary Poem By FYREBIRD  |  Posted on 2/25/2015  |  9 Views with 0 comments
Awoken Confirmation

Food for thought...
» A Contemporary Poem By ImagineYFS  |  Posted on 2/25/2015  |  23 Views with 1 comments
Silent Whispers
| Sarah, I will miss you Tears and pain will only be the beginning Even worst is memories It wouldn't stay quiet, Bringing tales from across the sky The whispers that refu...
» A Contemporary Poem By mattpantaleon  |  Posted on 2/19/2015  |  25 Views with 1 comments
The Unusual Sonnet
West have everything I need Why go north and break a leg When I can easily sow a seed And reap a basket of nutmeg South is home to many sailors Home to my maternal uncles -...
» A Contemporary Poem By mattpantaleon  |  Posted on 2/17/2015  |  31 Views with 2 comments
The Right Parable
Little Red Hen got told no | they would not help her plow or sow, | When it ripened they would not reap | but demanded to share what was to eat. | | When she refused they called h...
» A Contemporary Poem By BobQuinn  |  Posted on 1/29/2015  |  41 Views with 1 comments
Once Upon A Time
Once upon a time, I was a child, guarded by two beautiful sisters and a brother to look up to. I've too many hands to hold me; Soft kisses plant on my pink cheek. A...
» A Contemporary Poem By mattpantaleon  |  Posted on 1/26/2015  |  55 Views with 3 comments
Feeling fearful
Feeling fearful if there is No good result for simplicity. Then what? Feeling fearful if there is No respect for regular dutifulness. Then what? ...
» A Contemporary Poem By shar1968  |  Posted on 1/23/2015  |  41 Views with 1 comments
City Walk
A walk ion the dark city streets...
» A Contemporary Poem By TonyD  |  Posted on 1/18/2015  |  49 Views with 2 comments
The Untold Secrets
Look carefully at the things they over-look There are secrets behind those cold walls Men will always keep something back, not Necessarily a gold, not lesser than a joke If ...
» A Contemporary Poem By mattpantaleon  |  Posted on 1/11/2015  |  70 Views with 3 comments
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