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The Sandcastles
How fickle is this beacon of hope, | for a brighter, better world, | that get tarnished with each passing day, | its gentle glow wavering, | searching for hands that would shield i...
» A Contemporary Poem By Anjana  |  Posted on 11/17/2015  |  31 Views with 2 comments
One Resolve
The death of Terrorism...
» A Contemporary Poem By TonyD  |  Posted on 11/15/2015  |  49 Views with 3 comments
A little girl's world
Her little mind dwelling on the fables heard, | all rooted in folklore steep, | she snuggled underneath her cozy blanket, | after being kissed a good night's sleep. | | She saw th...
» A Contemporary Poem By Anjana  |  Posted on 11/15/2015  |  64 Views with 3 comments
If It's War You Want...
A hard look at Islam and terrorism as response to the attacks in Paris...
» A Contemporary Poem By TonyD  |  Posted on 11/14/2015  |  71 Views with 4 comments
Buhbbbbbbbuh // Drugs
Buhbbbbbbbuh Drugs How did we get sooo very stupid? I find myself repeating the above...
» A Contemporary Column By taylor12  |  Posted on 11/10/2015  |  35 Views with 1 comments
Cityscape: Early Dawn
The city is wasted just before dawn, just after | The last shots have been poured and just before | The polished bankers arrive to orchestrate more | Theft. The city, you see, run...
» A Contemporary Poem By Snowpiper  |  Posted on 11/5/2015  |  29 Views with 1 comments
The Black Rose
She is the rare and lovely rose, | Who in a concrete garden grows, | A beauty, radiant and bright, | Like shining stars in dark of night. | | Her petals, like an Onyx gem, ...
» A Contemporary Poem By spokenhues  |  Posted on 11/3/2015  |  120 Views with 8 comments
Phonies They are all around us, these festering pustules vying for thirty seconds of attention to lie their asses off! They are ...
» A Contemporary Article By taylor12  |  Posted on 10/25/2015  |  83 Views with 3 comments
I see a King, in him, | The Supreme, in him; | A heart & soul connection to | A higher being, in him. | One that speaks to him, | One that speaks, through him, | One that gives ...
» A Contemporary Poem By spokenhues  |  Posted on 10/24/2015  |  43 Views with 1 comments
The Man In the Middle (Re-post)
| The man in the middle is given to fiddle, not wrestle with questions regarding the Earth. He'll dither and fuss, leave the answers to us, never caring a jot what they're ...
» A Contemporary Poem By bickerstaffe  |  Posted on 10/21/2015  |  37 Views with 0 comments
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