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Once Upon A Time
Once upon a time, I was a child, guarded by two beautiful sisters and a brother to look up to. I've too many hands to hold me; Soft kisses plant on my pink cheek. A...
» A Contemporary Poem By mattpantaleon  |  Posted on 1/26/2015  |  19 Views with 2 comments
Feeling fearful
Feeling fearful if there is No good result for simplicity. Then what? Feeling fearful if there is No respect for regular dutifulness. Then what? ...
» A Contemporary Poem By shar1968  |  Posted on 1/23/2015  |  13 Views with 1 comments
City Walk
A walk ion the dark city streets...
» A Contemporary Poem By TonyD  |  Posted on 1/18/2015  |  25 Views with 2 comments
The Untold Secrets
Look carefully at the things they over-look There are secrets behind those cold walls Men will always keep something back, not Necessarily a gold, not lesser than a joke If ...
» A Contemporary Poem By mattpantaleon  |  Posted on 1/11/2015  |  45 Views with 3 comments
Don't Drink the Kool aid
Just because they say it doesn't mean it's true, think about it for yourself remember who is you. Bonding with a trendy brand can get you in real tight, imagine then...
» A Contemporary Poem By BobQuinn  |  Posted on 12/26/2014  |  57 Views with 4 comments
"Turn The Key"
'Turn The Key' | | Open the lock, please turn the key, | Release the shackles, let go...let love be. | Unshackle the soul...let it breathe, | On its own...let it find what i...
» A Contemporary Poem By Valentine  |  Posted on 12/24/2014  |  34 Views with 1 comments
A Plastic Bag
| A plastic bag, a windy day, | she's darting, dancing high and low, | coquettish in her flight of fancy, | all in all, a one-bag show; | a street performer with a twist, | I...
» A Contemporary Poem By bickerstaffe  |  Posted on 12/11/2014  |  35 Views with 3 comments
early morning gray fog | touches friend and foe alike | driving is hazardous at best | it slithers like a ghost | into all the rooms in the city | cascading down upon those as...
» A Contemporary Poem By RamSlade  |  Posted on 11/19/2014  |  145 Views with 4 comments
A Life in Parts
he mowed the lawn | nice and neat | he saw God among the marigolds | | he had a headache filled night | but filled with beautiful rainbows | cascading into his thoughts | ...
» A Contemporary Poem By RamSlade  |  Posted on 11/8/2014  |  50 Views with 3 comments
Seasonal Musing
» A Contemporary Poem By DeviantWriter88  |  Posted on 11/8/2014  |  156 Views with 13 comments
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