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Bumper Sticker Stupid
Just because it isn't true | doesn't mean they're going to get it, | give it subtlety and nuance | and they're not gonna sweat it. | | Hatred is just so easy | while understanding...
» A Contemporary Poem By BobQuinn  |  Posted on 11/28/2016  |  36 Views with 0 comments
Freaks Of Nature And Poets
This life is a shallow grave I’ve been digging with a dull shovel and a shot glass. Slowly burying myself beneath December snows, camouflaged smiles and broken pledges. Time doesn’...
» A Contemporary Prose By vuriz  |  Posted on 11/25/2016  |  35 Views with 2 comments
"Connor Larkin"
                                                   “Connor Larkin” Connor was a mystery to many, a patriot to others and yet a brother, uncle, lover, blacksmith, poet, warrior, sa...
» A Contemporary Article By taylor12  |  Posted on 11/6/2016  |  45 Views with 2 comments
A DAY OF COLOR | Orange sun | splashes onto |       the purple sky | | plunging all | things visible |        in light spectrums. | | Blood red flows | from a brown cow ...
» A Contemporary Poem By robgbridge  |  Posted on 10/13/2016  |  41 Views with 1 comments
Dinner At Angelo's (A Short Play)
Characters: | | Charles Cunningham - a cardiologist in his early 30s | Susan Price - sales manager in her early 30s | Elizabeth Love - PhD student working on her dissertation i...
» A Contemporary Play By sharpcastuser  |  Posted on 10/13/2016  |  52 Views with 1 comments
Grown to Fade
I never thought | I'd reach this level of responsibility, | I'm accountable, | Punctual, | A habit I've formed. | Reliability, | In past, not my norm. | Here I am, | g...
» A Contemporary Poem By typicallyvoided  |  Posted on 8/18/2016  |  96 Views with 2 comments
Patina of Success
Skin deep beauty is deception | only looks and practiced ease, | depth of character takes some doing | why learn when you can deceive? | | Superficial is the by word | the opposit...
» A Contemporary Poem By BobQuinn  |  Posted on 8/10/2016  |  106 Views with 2 comments
Sand in Their Shoes
| | | Pride can be found in the strangest of places | on the weariest, dirtiest most fearful of faces. | | Fleeing the danger of warfare so mean | familiar home places no mor...
» A Contemporary Poem By BobQuinn  |  Posted on 8/1/2016  |  87 Views with 2 comments
In Limbic Lockstep
In Limbic Lockstep |                         by Odin Roark | | Where has the cerebrum-essential gone? | Is it merely MIA, or has it committed suicide? | | Suddenly, million...
» A Contemporary Poem By odinroark  |  Posted on 7/23/2016  |  114 Views with 1 comments
A Poem
A Poem  I’m a poet I want to live a poet’s life I want the words I put out into the world To stand as beautiful relics To be artifacts of the soul I see my texts Deeply sexu...
» A Contemporary Poem By pymlucid  |  Posted on 7/5/2016  |  112 Views with 3 comments
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