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a blurb...
» A Lyrics Poem By vivididol  |  Posted on 4/13/2017  |  47 Views with 1 comments
These Songs
a blurb...
» A Lyrics Poem By vivididol  |  Posted on 4/13/2017  |  63 Views with 1 comments
Take Me
I see you looking at me | From across the floor | You see I've had this thing for you | For some time | I've got your name in my diary | With a lock and key | With hearts all aroun...
» A Lyrics Music By calsdarkembrace  |  Posted on 4/13/2017  |  48 Views with 1 comments
Just say "hey"
JUST SAY HEY Just say, say “hey”; I’m on my way. Don’t worry ‘kay. I’m here to stay. Until my days And sun’s bright rays Burn out we’ll play. So please say “hey”.   Just ...
» A Lyrics Poem By EdwinBozie  |  Posted on 3/23/2017  |  70 Views with 1 comments
Just Enjoy Awhile
A poem about songs and a tribute to them and their composers...
» A Lyrics Poem By michaelgallatin  |  Posted on 3/19/2017  |  82 Views with 1 comments
Unclad spirit
The heart evades deceives and lying To the nights under the moon light The snow, the rain, the storm, in the cold  And the darkness is raising the hate The love destroyed and d...
» A Lyrics Poem By Hansi  |  Posted on 3/18/2017  |  114 Views with 1 comments
That Girl
Talk more | Think less | That's the way it's always been for you | Small town | Big shot | You think you run this whole thing | But that girl | That you've been messing with | She'...
» A Lyrics Music By calsdarkembrace  |  Posted on 3/9/2017  |  60 Views with 1 comments
Happy F****** Birthday!
There's a stranger in my bed | | I got icing in my hair | | From my Hello Kitty cake | | Who the fuck is this? | | I'm not this type of girl | | But last night he rocked my wo...
» A Lyrics Music By calsdarkembrace  |  Posted on 2/25/2017  |  194 Views with 4 comments
Chaloket Milk
A song about and in praise of chaloket milk...
» A Lyrics Music By michaelgallatin  |  Posted on 2/10/2017  |  91 Views with 2 comments
Fighting Machine
Standing on frozen ground | Can you hear the sound | It rings out through the land | The horns are sounding the end | | I'll fight 'til the end | My blade in my hand | They won't ...
» A Lyrics Music By calsdarkembrace  |  Posted on 2/8/2017  |  103 Views with 2 comments
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