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Fantasy (Part One)
In fantasy, he cames to me, | he takes me to his bedchamber, | where he sagaciously eyes my every | curve, shadows dance along the | walls as I stand before him, naked | I am wel...
» A Erotica Other Type By Gogo1349  |  Posted on 3/20/2018  |  35 Views with 1 comments
Love Failed - Chapter Three: Dinner and Questions
Alishabeth woke later in the tub, the candles hadmelted down and blown out and the water was ice cold. She shivered and crawled out of the tub, found a towel near the sink and a n...
» A Erotica Chapter By ScaryInnocents  |  Posted on 5/17/2017  |  187 Views with 0 comments
A/CI/TO/RE ( I bit my Lip )
Ooh... How good the night calls my name | And before you I came... | | Laid my back on the soft mat | Cotton sheet hugs me tight | Scent of you on the pillow | I smell and then I...
» A Erotica Poem By ladyshar  |  Posted on 2/10/2017  |  120 Views with 2 comments
Young Ladies Lying Naked
A poem for all the ladies who shared life and love with me...
» A Erotica Poem By michaelgallatin  |  Posted on 12/5/2016  |  191 Views with 2 comments
I find myself here | Taking hooks off your dress | I burn so severe | With one sweet caress | | In autumn like leaves | Your dress taunts the floor | At once I perceived | What n...
» A Erotica Poem By pnknucklez  |  Posted on 11/17/2016  |  265 Views with 3 comments
Bang the Carnal Drum
Our hands entwined | Our lips one more kiss | My thirst consigned | Where decadence sits. | | In breaths I submit | How soft were her hands | To pleas, they befit | that sweet an...
» A Erotica Poem By pnknucklez  |  Posted on 11/15/2016  |  241 Views with 4 comments
Size Ain't Everything
Warning I was rude, crude and dangerous to write, but judge not lest you be judged...
» A Erotica Poem By Abra  |  Posted on 9/4/2016  |  208 Views with 1 comments
Hot on a Hike
Fan your desire in the great outdoors...
» A Erotica Short Story By DayDreamz  |  Posted on 7/16/2016  |  232 Views with 2 comments
Pleasure Zone
It's when you realize your bed is there for something besides sleeping; when you become aware that way deep down inside yourself you've found your Pleasure Zone. It makes y...
» A Erotica Poem By bickerstaffe  |  Posted on 6/7/2016  |  336 Views with 3 comments
The musky scent of mother earth...
» A Erotica Poem By Abracadabra  |  Posted on 5/15/2016  |  283 Views with 1 comments
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