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The Evil Never Weep
A poem about the depressingly rough state of our world as evil flourishes...
» A Dark Poem By michaelgallatin  |  Posted on 3/27/2017  |  12 Views with 1 comments
Find Another Methhead
You like an experienced girl Off her neck she swallows every pearl You like it when she does her hair Gels it up with cum for flair She loses her job, the one that paid with ch...
» A Dark Poem By Little_Mermaid  |  Posted on 3/7/2017  |  52 Views with 1 comments
Spinning Madly
A poem about the sad and scary state our world is in...
» A Dark Poem By michaelgallatin  |  Posted on 2/27/2017  |  50 Views with 1 comments
The other side of the door
Some call her a bitch. | Some call her a whore. | But she's their favorite girl on the other side of that door. | And Everybody knows | And Everybody tries | To ignore the way she ...
» A Dark Poem By brittany003  |  Posted on 2/25/2017  |  61 Views with 3 comments
Solitary Madness
Midnight moonlight, take my breath | My solitary madness, witness my death | Crimson agony on the tip of the blade | Blanket my mind with mistakes I've made | | I'll end it no...
» A Dark Poem By EDP1996  |  Posted on 2/23/2017  |  40 Views with 2 comments
Drowning In The Shadows
Some people wander and they're lonely | With heads that are ready to explode | You won't see the sadness on their faces | But believe me they walk a rocky road | | The fight that ...
» A Dark Poem By Silverblue  |  Posted on 2/23/2017  |  50 Views with 2 comments
Felt World
So soft it feels. | So easy it cuts | With a sharp pair. | So fibrous it stretches | To make little animals, | To delight little hands. | | A goat creature here | And a ...
» A Dark Poem By DWilkin  |  Posted on 2/12/2017  |  42 Views with 2 comments
Damaged People
They are steeped in too much pain. | It seeps out their pores. | They swear, they smoke, they drink, | but don’t fight or beat or kill. | | She loves people | who are obvi...
» A Dark Poem By DWilkin  |  Posted on 2/8/2017  |  57 Views with 2 comments
Inward Darkness
Inner blend | Blinks blindly | For better days | Beyond this churning | | This anxiety of experience | A flood of twisted emotions | A breeze turned into a gale | | A...
» A Dark Poem By DWilkin  |  Posted on 2/7/2017  |  71 Views with 2 comments
Leave Me Alone
I watched you from the window, standing on the grass | As your tears blended with the rain | Like the night before last | You had that desperate look in your eye | And once again i...
» A Dark Prose By LuxFalls  |  Posted on 2/2/2017  |  41 Views with 1 comments
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