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I Imagine...
I imagine there’s a large house Hidden by golden trees, And there’s a woman there, Who reads on the porch quietly.   She raises her head as I approach, And she smiles gently ...
» A Young Adult Poem By SilenceandSolace  |  Posted on 1/10/2017  |  130 Views with 3 comments
Wine Streetlights & Her
Ravaging my system but enlivening my truths | The serum ran through me | The same way your words do | No chills up my spine | But my mind is through the roof | No silly butterflie...
» A Young Adult Poem By BoopWrites  |  Posted on 8/22/2016  |  370 Views with 1 comments
Mediterranean Woman
I am a woman in her prime A woman without a dime Was told the price was lame Having done worse for less Why hesitate?   So I cross the seas So I can oversee Told me the vis...
» A Young Adult Poem By khema  |  Posted on 6/2/2016  |  190 Views with 1 comments
Growing Up
Practice with a new form of poetry If you enjoy palindromes you may find this interesting...
» A Young Adult Poem By Nightriver115  |  Posted on 4/15/2016  |  185 Views with 1 comments
What Is The Trending Fashion For Women In 2016?
2016 is seeing a change of trends with some very new, very exciting things in the picture now. For one, the minimalist aspect of dressing seems to be evolving into a fancier, roman...
» A Young Adult Article By JohnAlica  |  Posted on 3/24/2016  |  232 Views with 2 comments
~The Mirror~
| | | | Her innocence shines through her eyes. | No calluses grip her fingers and palms, | her back is unbowed by life, | no scars to tell her story. | In the mirror she sees a...
» A Young Adult Poem By NovaSkies  |  Posted on 12/27/2015  |  205 Views with 1 comments
9 Bawdy Ideas for A Wild & Naughty Honeymoon
  You’ve splurged on everything right from the perfect hotel to exotic excursions for your honeymoon, but all that alone won’t ensure a romantic, wild and a once in a lifetime exp...
» A Young Adult Essay By snigdha4044  |  Posted on 11/13/2015  |  225 Views with 0 comments
The injury
Its about a crush I had a while ago this is fiction...
» A Young Adult Draft By Ghandy16  |  Posted on 10/4/2015  |  209 Views with 3 comments
       She made an appointment with the Grim Reaper for Sunday night, when every child in the neighborhood was asleep. Three days, she decided, until she dined with others cursed w...
» A Young Adult Short Story By mikorin  |  Posted on 6/21/2015  |  353 Views with 3 comments
Seraphina's Saga
CHAPTER ONE I wiped the sweat from my brow. It was running down my face and stinging my eyes as I was doing the laundry. My mother is next to me as we scrub away the week's filth ...
» A Young Adult Chapter By vonte08  |  Posted on 5/19/2015  |  358 Views with 3 comments
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