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Lead Me to the Rock
My Jesus, my strong-tower, be not deaf to my plea | I need to hear your voice, be not silent to me | My refuge and my strength, hear my prayer, hear my cry! | Lead me to the Rock t...
» A Love Poem By poetryoftheair  |  Posted on 1/20/2017  |  20 Views with 2 comments
POWER OF LOVE VS. LOVE OF POWER   Your future resides in whether or not you can open your heart; it does not reside in the summit of your ambition.   If you really want love...
» A Love Poem By Galacticbeam  |  Posted on 1/15/2017  |  14 Views with 0 comments
Still Fighting It
I remember those backroad travails, we weren’t lost, we were searching for something to call our own, neiave enough to still be blameless——- perfectly young, rolling down gravel ro...
» A Love Prose By vuriz  |  Posted on 1/9/2017  |  25 Views with 1 comments
Throwing Blind Bricks At Jealous Gods
I'd take raw emotion over a calm and collective indifference. Indifference is a wall built of blind bricks———nobody see’s their own loneliness from the outside in. The opposite of ...
» A Love Prose By vuriz  |  Posted on 12/28/2016  |  43 Views with 0 comments
Just One Look
You cannot disguise  | what is in your eyes; | for just one look  | was all it took. Even before I heard | you say the word, | it was clear to see | that you loved me. With a smi...
» A Love Poem By M-Uselli  |  Posted on 12/27/2016  |  67 Views with 5 comments
Fire Shades
| The fire rambles | across the lone room | locked yet free | through the darkness | the shades they tremble | falling slowly over walls | down to the floor | they flare to die | ...
» A Love Poem By Littlesong  |  Posted on 12/23/2016  |  115 Views with 5 comments

| | You make it feel easy to live, | Your form softly falls | Over my sleepy eyelids | How it is so kind | To drift like the brook water | While the calmness of Your countenance ...
» A Love Poem By Littlesong  |  Posted on 12/11/2016  |  91 Views with 4 comments
The Truth about Love
The most misused word in lifes dictionary...
» A Love Poem By Abracadabra  |  Posted on 12/9/2016  |  55 Views with 2 comments
Every Rose Has Its Thorns
Almost forgot how much trouble she could be...
» A Love Poem By Abra  |  Posted on 12/8/2016  |  50 Views with 2 comments
Mia amore | I want to pour honey all over your naked flesh | and have a wild feast | I want our bodies to merge | and climax simultaneously | I want to be intimate with you | in ev...
» A Love Poem By seriouspoet  |  Posted on 12/8/2016  |  66 Views with 4 comments
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