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What I've Learned
I want to tell you how I feel. I want to be able to write it out and show you. But so far what I've learned is that not everything can be put down on paper. Feelings can be express...
» A Love Journal By HJPOXOX  |  Posted on 5/21/2015  |  14 Views with 2 comments
Insignia's Kiss
Traipsing tales across enchanted lips | ruby red and drenched in chardonnay | living as if come what even may | Tried and true until the tender rips, | | Climbing up your torso li...
» A Love Poem By Caroline  |  Posted on 5/21/2015  |  30 Views with 4 comments
Shadows Chime
                        ♥♥ | | As blue as the sea itself she floated free  | The wind swept her  hair cascading softly | The sea he beckoned her to see in dreams | Yet his waves w...
» A Love Poem By Caroline  |  Posted on 5/19/2015  |  32 Views with 2 comments
Deepest feelings
Let me express my deepest feelings | There's a man who I would give my everything | He's handsome and slightly tall | He's my up lifter whenever I fall | If I can't spend my da...
» A Love Poem By Princesslove  |  Posted on 5/18/2015  |  29 Views with 1 comments
Thy love doth halt the hands of father time | It taketh my dreams to the most wonderful place | called Nirvana | In this world the sky is picturesque | like an endless sea of viole...
» A Love Poem By seriouspoet  |  Posted on 5/18/2015  |  34 Views with 2 comments
Bind My destiny to You
18 A poem about love holding strong in real life...
» A Love Poem By RebornAgain84  |  Posted on 5/17/2015  |  34 Views with 1 comments
| Her soul is cold and dull; limber limbs grow numb at love's undoing. Songbirds no longer trill in gay abandon, sadness spoils their tune. Winter's blast is coming with fu...
» A Love Poem By bickerstaffe  |  Posted on 5/17/2015  |  33 Views with 2 comments
The Greatest Love

| | |  You are my first breath | my last one too | my life, and my death | Your divine soul | it makes the stars yearn to weep | with tiny bright flakes | over Your prec...
» A Love Poem By Littlesong  |  Posted on 5/15/2015  |  63 Views with 3 comments
The Guardians in Our Lives
16 We are the guardians of tomorrow...
» A Love Poem By RebornAgain84  |  Posted on 5/14/2015  |  40 Views with 2 comments
Transporter Light
| | | | I would mend my soul | to blend myself with You | joining again in the realm of | harmonic beings | in eternal love | | I have loved You | still I do... | more ...
» A Love Poem By Littlesong  |  Posted on 5/13/2015  |  50 Views with 3 comments
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