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My love is a cedar | It is never barren | even in the painful grip of winter | The song of evergreens play in every season | You are like the snowflakes | that fall on this tree ...
» A Love Poem By seriouspoet  |  Posted on 10/30/2014  |  10 Views with 2 comments
Tears of Joy for My Father
Tears of Joy for My Father | | He did everything for us | Every single step for our family | Sixty years of his life, he gift | And never shift I’m so happy, | ’cause he became m...
» A Love Poem By dheekhaye  |  Posted on 10/30/2014  |  7 Views with 0 comments
My star of light
As I sit this night | starring out at the sky | | It's a ocean of darkness | Black as midnight | | Searching for a glimpse | of beauty | | A starlight | | I sigh then | I smil...
» A Love Poem By Trudawn  |  Posted on 10/29/2014  |  22 Views with 3 comments
l was young
l was young, | And you were old, | When you told me it was right. | Although l felt it was wrong, | We did it with passion. | | l was young, | And you were old. | You had d...
» A Love Poem By GeorgeZhoya  |  Posted on 10/29/2014  |  26 Views with 3 comments
A Child
A Child A child is precious a real treasure to find | Their beauty and innocence one of a kind | When they are born an angel is assigned | To guard the child one purpose in mind ...
» A Love Poem By templarknight  |  Posted on 10/28/2014  |  18 Views with 3 comments
Let's take that cruise we always talk about Come on sweetie, we don't have all day Let the wind take control of our sail While we melt away in each other's arm   Cruisin is th...
» A Love Poem By mattpantaleon  |  Posted on 10/28/2014  |  12 Views with 2 comments
half blazed
October 20, 2014 12:28PM | | she's like the sunny days | driving around nowhere in particular | that makes you look out the window | everything looks so much better | when all the...
» A Love Poem By newportsmooths  |  Posted on 10/26/2014  |  26 Views with 3 comments
the lizard king and royal cat
October 23, 2014 11:39 | | I feel you metaphysically tonight | in my lost moments. | Can you hold me for protection? | I want to see you in my dreams, | feel you in another realm....
» A Love Poem By newportsmooths  |  Posted on 10/26/2014  |  22 Views with 1 comments
Let us Burn
Embers from our past...
» A Love Poem By Abracadabra  |  Posted on 10/26/2014  |  17 Views with 1 comments
is it ever enough
I often wonder after i do your will Will that simple bliss suffice? I strive to please you Yet in doing so pleasure myself enormously The conundrum of   a joyful soul There ar...
» A Love Poem By moonshadow  |  Posted on 10/26/2014  |  55 Views with 5 comments
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