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Love Me Tomorrow.
Open thy soft brown eyes upon mine aspect, Thy smile sayeth thou dost really care. Lift mine heart out of its sorrows, Tell me thou shalt always be there. Heaven lost an Ange...
» A Love Poem By weemick1960  |  Posted on 3/1/2015  |  13 Views with 1 comments
Walk With Angels.
Walk though this mind of wonder Be there ever in my gaze Glory in the blazing sunlight Divinity in morning haze Your face captured in a sunbeam Glory stands there shini...
» A Love Poem By weemick1960  |  Posted on 3/1/2015  |  9 Views with 1 comments
Wait for me before the burning fire Your body smoulders with Love's sweet desire I shall be there to lie with you Your most passionate dreams to come true I shall come upon Lov...
» A Love Poem By weemick1960  |  Posted on 2/28/2015  |  14 Views with 0 comments
A Dream Of Moonlight
Love, Romance, Emotions, Moonlight, Night...
» A Love Poem By weemick1960  |  Posted on 2/28/2015  |  21 Views with 0 comments
The Trinkets of Your Love
                                                     ♦                                                    | | |                           I ran my hands over the threshold |    ...
» A Love Poem By blossomwriter  |  Posted on 2/27/2015  |  25 Views with 2 comments
My love
Every day I feel this freshness. | Bittersweet views are in my dreams. | Sensation of the passion & desire of the vision. | Depended on the both hearts - Do you hear their rhythm? ...
» A Love Poem By Hansi  |  Posted on 2/27/2015  |  16 Views with 1 comments
Yes, Back Then
The tides of love...
» A Love Poem By TonyD  |  Posted on 2/27/2015  |  18 Views with 1 comments
Small and Restless
i wanted to be small enough | to curl up inside his pocket | pressed tight between daisy petals | and a pretty penny, twenty | dollar bills and cigarette lighters  i wanted to ...
» A Love Poem By kouki  |  Posted on 2/26/2015  |  38 Views with 2 comments
Goodbye Dad
Goodbye Dad We kicked around a football,  | We fished upon the lake.  | You even tried to teach me,  | That armpit noise you make.  | | I'm now a man of thirty-four,  | With chil...
» A Love Poem By TheScarletBard  |  Posted on 2/25/2015  |  12 Views with 1 comments
Sonnet #5: Out of a dream
My dreams of her had colored all my youth, | Her beauty, grace and charm were all I sought. | I reached for her in dreams to learn the truth, | The art of love in her embrace was t...
» A Love Sonnet By JimSlaughter  |  Posted on 2/23/2015  |  61 Views with 4 comments
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