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A writing entry is simply a piece of writing submitted by a member such as a poem, short-story, article, column, etc... You can read and review a new writing entry by clicking on the title in the listings below. You will Earn Points for free by providing reviews with 50 or more characters.

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Life is Beautiful
In this crazy world, What happens who cares? You in me and I in you Together we are a pair. In this filthy sick society Let all them turn their face, Together we stay in ou...
A Love Poem By gomsi  |  Posted on 8/22/2014  |  8 Views with 1 comments
A Superhero?
A super hero? I wouldnít call him that, Heís more of a cowboy, With a knack for making me smile. But you could call him a hero. He is pretty talented, No, he canít shoot laser...
A Love Poem By DeathKwene  |  Posted on 8/22/2014  |  9 Views with 1 comments
From Within
The beauty A view of the landscape You think? I sit at this desk with paper and pen, the word's just hovering Feelings of comfort a peacefulness within A time of...
A Love Poem By Trudawn  |  Posted on 8/22/2014  |  14 Views with 3 comments
Laying each night whilst with another Sleep impossible my thoughts cycle From be not too hasty With this fervent desire To readily succumb To each subtle approach Made fro...
A Love Poem By moonshadow  |  Posted on 8/22/2014  |  24 Views with 2 comments
Don't shut me out
Donít shut me out ~ or shatter my dreams Donít close your eyes ~ to what might have been Love me is all I ask Your pain so deep ~ the wound is raw Your suffering ~ divide ~...
A Love Poem By BlueLagoon  |  Posted on 8/22/2014  |  14 Views with 2 comments
Thank you - for loving Writers Network Thank you - for being you Thank you - for posting magic poetry Thank you - for posting awesome stories Thank you - for reading ...
A Love Poem By FYREBIRD  |  Posted on 8/22/2014  |  20 Views with 3 comments
I ran fearlessly till I couldn't run anymore. Behind me was no one I was running from myself trying to find that person that can save me. I couldn't run no more . I then heard sire...
A Love Book Review By CYNCITY  |  Posted on 8/22/2014  |  6 Views with 0 comments
confusion, desperation I'm not sure what i feel i do see the magic i know its real. but I'm scared i cant let this grow you want me now tomorrow you might go. should i turn...
A Love Poem By karren02  |  Posted on 8/21/2014  |  11 Views with 1 comments
I Love You
| | | My heart melts within The touch of your embrace The soft tender way You touch my cheek Feelings so sweet I Love You Each time you whisper Tender words of lo...
A Love Poem By BlueLagoon  |  Posted on 8/21/2014  |  17 Views with 2 comments
Though Love
Time flies but I stay grounded. Tears dry, cause I stay mounted. A conversation wouldn't kill us, just the silence. Confrontation wouldn't kill me, but your distance. Ta...
A Love Poem By jossy53  |  Posted on 8/20/2014  |  20 Views with 2 comments
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