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Inside the wandering realm of a thousand stars | our hearts searched for what seemed eternity | | Within our eyes filled with moist exhaustion | our minds burned with consumption ...
» A Love Poem By a112yearoldman  |  Posted on 4/30/2016  |  30 Views with 1 comments
He stops to buy her roses and a card to mark their anniversary. Strolling absent-mindedly he crosses to the park and in his reveries he hears two songbirds singing sweetly in t...
» A Love Poem By bickerstaffe  |  Posted on 4/29/2016  |  24 Views with 2 comments
You are my world | My universe | My Utopia | You have possession | of every atom | of my being | Every grain of sand on the beach | of my thrivinglove | You evoke goosebum...
» A Love Poem By seriouspoet  |  Posted on 4/29/2016  |  23 Views with 1 comments
The Man On the Beach
We break the waves Those big waves we didnt dare You hugged me tight Dont be afraid you said Oh darlingyou are a beach man You call me your love every night and day...
» A Love Poem By RatuGoblok  |  Posted on 4/28/2016  |  17 Views with 1 comments
Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess | She was so lovely that a long line up of suitors | stood outside her castle every day and night. | But one day an evil jealous ...
» A Love Poem By seriouspoet  |  Posted on 4/27/2016  |  37 Views with 2 comments
A Girl Like You
With words of stunning beauty, your heart a lightning rod, you grace us with your verses that assume the voice of God. You sustain your themes so poignantly ne'er straying f...
» A Love Poem By bickerstaffe  |  Posted on 4/26/2016  |  24 Views with 2 comments
Me~ Silence

| | | The strings of silence | the kindness in feel | my voice that plays | over Your heart | hear the blowing winds | and climb the air Your spirit in need | come grow with m...
» A Love Poem By Littlesong  |  Posted on 4/26/2016  |  63 Views with 3 comments
I love you | because you are my beacon | when the storm rages | on a dark and ominous night | Because your heart is an arc | of gorgeous spectral colors | Because your love |...
» A Love Poem By seriouspoet  |  Posted on 4/25/2016  |  18 Views with 1 comments
I Still Love You
I still remember | When we first met | I was supposed to get married | With someone else | But you and I | We were meant to be | You were my true love | Like in a children's story ...
» A Love Music By calsdarkembrace  |  Posted on 4/25/2016  |  57 Views with 1 comments
Tomorrow's Sun
I like to stare out the window in the morning...
» A Love Poem By SilenceandSolace  |  Posted on 4/25/2016  |  51 Views with 5 comments
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