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A writing entry is simply a piece of writing submitted by a member such as a poem, short-story, article, column, etc... You can read and review a new writing entry by clicking on the title in the listings below. You will Earn Points for free by providing reviews with 50 or more characters.

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She became a do gooder and redeemed her soul...
A Inspirational Poem By kitty  |  Posted on 1/13/2014  |  39 Views with 2 comments
Look Inside
A poem about relying on yourself...
A Inspirational Poem By michaelgallatin  |  Posted on 1/13/2014  |  89 Views with 7 comments
Run city of Boston Run The road ahead is treacherous and steep But I know you can do it I believe in you America is very proud of you Because you chose not ...
A Inspirational Poem By seriouspoet  |  Posted on 1/12/2014  |  37 Views with 2 comments
You'll See The Light
Dig through the darkness Dip through her barreness Deep into the stillness You will see the light When you peep through life What do you see huh When I peep through you Hm...
A Inspirational Poem By mattpantaleon  |  Posted on 1/11/2014  |  77 Views with 4 comments
Why Me???
Why Me??? Why was I the one to get the phone call That would change my life, possibly end it all Why was I the one who had to tell my kids That I was dangerously sick, but ...
A Inspirational Poem By MrsNoah  |  Posted on 1/10/2014  |  70 Views with 4 comments
The Promise
Unraveling the cloak of tomorrow’s confusion Is the challenge I present to myself this day, For some, it is the search for security, Derived from the ambitions of more wealt...
A Inspirational Poem By KenWasky  |  Posted on 1/9/2014  |  35 Views with 1 comments
Radio Active Sirens
We radio active sirens skip our feet, the shore is a cast off rocking to our beat. Our solar panel of conscience is singing in the night, reactivating life's warmth, like a de...
A Inspirational Poem By blossomwriter  |  Posted on 1/9/2014  |  19 Views with 1 comments
Shallow Depths

Poem about a shallow drop from the corner of the eye...
A Inspirational Poem By UnicornMuse  |  Posted on 1/7/2014  |  25 Views with 1 comments
Choose to be You.
Insecurity takes up space in the minds of way to many people. It has adapted from a noun to a feeling, an idea, that consumes people's lives. It is a plague, honestly I feel lik...
A Inspirational Poem By HGSuperFan826  |  Posted on 1/6/2014  |  40 Views with 4 comments
l want to be remembered
Im the man of honour, I teach people what they dont know, I tell them what they never heard, I show them what they never experience, And in return to what lm doing, I want...
A Inspirational Poem By GeorgeZhoya  |  Posted on 1/5/2014  |  36 Views with 2 comments
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