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My Lemon Harth (Ha Ha!)
You are going into my lemon grove by yourself- | Don't stumble upon a random lemon grove. | There is a mass grave on a boat with no railings  | in the middle of a massive whirl poo...
» A General/Other Other Type By JoanDZombie2RC  |  Posted on 5/18/2017  |  13 Views with 1 comments
The Park
Dad parks the car, a warm summers day | Here is the place where the children come play | The putting greens open, the pitch and putt too | If you climb up a tree, you can get a goo...
» A Family Poem By Silverblue  |  Posted on 5/18/2017  |  28 Views with 2 comments
                         Thinking of all that I have been through. |                      Thinking of that one love that I lost. |                     But most of all thinking of h...
» A General/Other Poem By leo1129  |  Posted on 5/18/2017  |  14 Views with 1 comments
Ups & Downs
Select your floor, | squeezing past all the others. | Bodily odours begin to smother, | your lungs as they gasp, | for fresh air to breathe. | "Get out of my space!" | you in...
» A Humor Poem By fraido  |  Posted on 5/18/2017  |  21 Views with 1 comments
Hymn To The Rising Sun
| | A en-ek, Ra! | Tua ren-et, | pa ankh-ta, | pa ari khet. | | Uab sekhem-ek | am neteru. | Uab ba-ek | am khu. | | Pau aarut ent pet | aha ne-k | as uben-ek | em khut abtet. ...
» A Mythology Poem By ALEXJLOCKWOOD  |  Posted on 5/18/2017  |  89 Views with 7 comments
Majestic Dreamers Ch 20: We Were Here
CHAPTER TWENTY: WE WERE HERE The Saggeesian Wilds were a huge plain surrounded by thick forest. The plain itself was like a huge clearing in the middle of a huge forest. “Haah, t...
» A Fantasy Chapter By EdwinBozie  |  Posted on 5/18/2017  |  16 Views with 0 comments
Sonnet- XXVI
In one accord the Pisces of my soul  | Thou art the mirror of my younger days, | Thy wisdom hast a will to reach its goal: | It rose afar, division from my place. | Am I the one to...
» A Love Sonnet By darkelegy  |  Posted on 5/18/2017  |  35 Views with 2 comments
Emma Colette in 'When Our Weapons Are Gone'
EMMA COLETTE IN ‘WHEN OUR WEAPONS ARE GONE’ (One bright day in a certain sekai (world)…there is a knock on Ed’s door) ED: (SNO-O-O-O-RE…SNO-O-O-O-ORE…MUMBLE MUMBLE MUMBLE)   Me...
» A Humor Play By EdwinBozie  |  Posted on 5/18/2017  |  11 Views with 0 comments
January 13, 1995 11:00PM Bret Belmont walked along the icy highway, dim flashlight offering little light in one hand, his other hand cold on the chipped paint of the highway's ...
» A Horror Short Story By JEdwardNolan  |  Posted on 5/18/2017  |  20 Views with 0 comments
January, Friday 13, 1956 tragedy struck on Route 57 outside Driftwood, California Thirty-nine years later, to the day, Bret Belmont - a tabloid new reporter - haunted by the echoes...
» A Ghost Short Story By JEdwardNolan  |  Posted on 5/18/2017  |  12 Views with 0 comments
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