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Black Rain
White satin wings flow through blue kissed skies sun light floats like molten glitter white clouds dance in the blowing wind White satin wings fly through blue kissed skies Gr...
» A Sad Poem By BananaSangria  |  Posted on 9/5/2015  |  50 Views with 4 comments
On the Road No More
The old biker...
» A Sad Poem By EltonCamp  |  Posted on 9/2/2015  |  33 Views with 1 comments
The last poem
We are gathered here today to say goodbye... | | Goodbye to each time my four fingers, wrist, | palm and thumb wrote about you "asking why". | About a discovery that was compac...
» A Sad Poem By CaVeringMIND  |  Posted on 8/31/2015  |  48 Views with 1 comments
Strong as it may seem, But fragile as it may be. Broken pieces scatter around. Be careful, for it might hurt you somehow. No, not intentionally, But it's the only way for it t...
» A Sad Poem By sarah270  |  Posted on 8/27/2015  |  35 Views with 1 comments
Pictures at a Moreau Exhibition
Gustave Moreau painted his poems in colors | Reflecting the subject. Make no mistake, art as poetry. | “Victim” reads anger, pain in dark reds, browns, black.   Comes “The Ballad...
» A Sad Poem By Snowpiper  |  Posted on 8/22/2015  |  37 Views with 1 comments
Unquenchable Thirst
| Frightful, fearful, afraid to see, | Longing, lusting, wanting to be | Alive, revived, a brand new start, | Ripped and ravaged my world's apart. | Stoned, alone, my head's o...
» A Sad Poem By JohnR  |  Posted on 8/20/2015  |  45 Views with 2 comments
Stuck… | | I feel stuck in the same situations over and over again. | It’s like I’m barely breathing and yet every breath is a sin. | I’m stuck feeling like I’m nothing but a m...
» A Sad Poem By Deaths_Kiss  |  Posted on 8/20/2015  |  65 Views with 3 comments
| She forages freely,  | no conscience at all;  | hunger stabs at her gut  | like a knife keenly sharpened.  | | Picking through dumpsters  | for fish-stix and foie-gras,  | the ...
» A Sad Poem By bickerstaffe  |  Posted on 8/17/2015  |  89 Views with 3 comments
Cruel Desire
Cruel is the nature of my Desire                               As it endlessly whispers false promise  Of your passing shadow                                                 Ta...
» A Sad Poem By plopdown  |  Posted on 8/17/2015  |  33 Views with 1 comments
I can peel my skin off like tape. | I need to strip this old body away. | I practice smiles in the mirror. | On some days I can't get them right. | I can feel myself starting to ho...
» A Sad Poem By Velociraptorr  |  Posted on 8/14/2015  |  66 Views with 1 comments
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