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The funeral. A clip from The Jaw.
The hearse drew up outside the door | A crowd had gathered bowed their heads to the floor. | Hats were doffed in sympathy... | Mum and dad were  loved it was plain to see. | Th...
» A Sad Poem By kashaw  |  Posted on 9/17/2014  |  25 Views with 1 comments
hopes and dreams
Hopes  and dreams are all I have To make this life going   If you hold my hand I can make Them come true   I can show you the unreachable stars   I can bring them down for ...
» A Sad Poem By Goodreaders  |  Posted on 9/17/2014  |  26 Views with 2 comments
Lost Moments
To the 24-year-old man who, when I was 15, told me he loved me. | To the ‘friend’ who I allowed to stay with me one night, and who didn't take “no” for an answer. | To the workmate...
» A Sad Prose By Holliewood  |  Posted on 9/17/2014  |  27 Views with 3 comments
They say that there is no pain greater than a broken heart Yet a troubled mind differs It’s hard to restart Times a great healer But tell that to your head As you ponder and w...
» A Sad Poem By moonshadow  |  Posted on 9/15/2014  |  62 Views with 7 comments
From a puppet's view
On a moonless night, a young lady bearing her luggage came to a stop in front of a gloomy and depressing cottage. Her long dark hair fluttered as the winds swept the strands back. ...
» A Sad Short Story By Stabber  |  Posted on 9/14/2014  |  20 Views with 0 comments
Who are you
Who are you? | Because you remind me of a lover | Who are you? | Maybe you were once another | Who are you? | If you are not a husband to me | Who are you? | If not the man ...
» A Sad Poem By tears_of_blood  |  Posted on 9/13/2014  |  30 Views with 2 comments
I couldn't
You didn't have to find me here | You didn’t | But I couldn’t | You shouldn’t have had to see me there | You shouldn't | But I couldn't | You couldn't have stopped me in time...
» A Sad Poem By tears_of_blood  |  Posted on 9/12/2014  |  18 Views with 1 comments
Yellow belly
I can't understand you | i was so in love with you | my heart smiled when I saw you  | | Now I just can't stand you | you tore my heart out in a text!.... | you May as well have s...
» A Sad Poem By angrygirl  |  Posted on 9/11/2014  |  22 Views with 2 comments
The Beating
The Beating  Spring days be gifts for happiness, | Teens gathered in the sun, | To plan events that soon would come, | And  bring them school daze fun.  The boys came too, they l...
» A Sad Poem By spiritsthread  |  Posted on 9/11/2014  |  19 Views with 1 comments
Crying For Help
George Zhoya...
» A Sad Poem By GeorgeZhoya  |  Posted on 9/10/2014  |  32 Views with 3 comments
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