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Sometimes | | | | Sometimes I wonder if it's worth going on | | Sometimes I wonder why I'm still standing strong | | Sometimes I wonder why you left me here alone | | Sometim...
» A Sad Poem By DinetteSmith  |  Posted on 10/30/2016  |  83 Views with 2 comments
Not Quite Bereaved
The cruelest time...
» A Sad Poem By Abra  |  Posted on 10/28/2016  |  39 Views with 1 comments
Breaking a Home
Tis not the violent winds | That tears this home apart | But breaths of another nature | That whisper through the heart | | Tis not the creaky boards | That crashed right through ...
» A Sad Poem By pnknucklez  |  Posted on 10/24/2016  |  141 Views with 6 comments
Take Care Jerry!
A poem to say goodbye to Ram Slade Jerry Pat Bolton...
» A Sad Poem By michaelgallatin  |  Posted on 10/21/2016  |  93 Views with 2 comments
Abandonment Issue
Please don't let me go this time, | | I need a hand to hold, | | Away... | | away... | | youpush... | | and push... | | You win this hand. | | I fold. | | My weakne...
» A Sad Poem By HeidiShavill  |  Posted on 10/17/2016  |  45 Views with 1 comments
Since Sunday
I've been at a loss for words since Sunday. | The words in my mouth swell like cotton on my tongue, | every "so sorry for your loss" feels more like a razors edge | against my l...
» A Sad Poem By augustrush  |  Posted on 10/16/2016  |  111 Views with 4 comments
This tragic story is from the diaryof a man named Thomas | I once dreamt I had a time machine | just like the one in the story by H.G Wells | In my dream I used it to go back to...
» A Sad Prose By seriouspoet  |  Posted on 10/15/2016  |  51 Views with 1 comments
Obesity kills the heart and the cash flow too | food don't come for free these days | if you want to have a go at me join the queue | while I eat my butty of egg mayonaise | | B...
» A Sad Poem By Northern_Lass  |  Posted on 10/15/2016  |  59 Views with 1 comments
llorona and the pomegranate
poetry may have only sentimental value, but still, value...
» A Sad Poem By Americana  |  Posted on 10/15/2016  |  74 Views with 2 comments
Wait for me
Wait for me where ever you go and if you can, | I ask that you forgive for the time you spend alone. | | You will see me make my way, | I will prosper you will see, I will make ...
» A Sad Poem By shomurio  |  Posted on 10/13/2016  |  55 Views with 2 comments
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