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Mice remind you, | of pieces of lives behind you. | Stowed away in dusty walls, | haunting your mind's wearied halls. | | Whose prints aren't seen when you dust the floors, | ...
» A Sad Poem By DaveGlenn  |  Posted on 2/22/2015  |  31 Views with 2 comments
Succubus No More
Give me something good, so I can break it. | Give me something sweet, I'll make it sour. | Give me something secure, so I can shake it... | All in life that's good, I will devou...
» A Sad Poem By nekokinlaw58  |  Posted on 2/22/2015  |  18 Views with 1 comments
Waiting on a broken promise
I waited for you, | but you never came. | A broken promise, | once again. | | I lose my sleep for you, | to my word I've been true. | Yet still you never came, | when you said you...
» A Sad Poem By Lycanthromorphic  |  Posted on 2/22/2015  |  38 Views with 2 comments
White Beach
White Beach Some who saw her Or say they did Recall the brisk white of her dress The sun seemed to make it Catch fire As she walked alone Into the frothing waves And ...
» A Sad Poem By jessieann247  |  Posted on 2/20/2015  |  39 Views with 3 comments
my mind is worst enemy
She's the girl who's soon forgotte.She's the girl who sits alone , She's the girl who cries herself to sleep every night. To the world she is nobody. She has her bad days and her ...
» A Sad Poem By mystorytotell_  |  Posted on 2/19/2015  |  37 Views with 2 comments
The Sparrow
A death foreseen...
» A Sad Poem By TonyD  |  Posted on 2/18/2015  |  41 Views with 3 comments
"Fly Away"
"Fly Away" Fly away to a haven, far away and above, Where love is more, than just a mere word. A place that lies...hazy on the mind, But offers hope, and pl...
» A Sad Poem By Valentine  |  Posted on 2/18/2015  |  23 Views with 1 comments
Alcoholism through the personification of an Inn...
» A Sad Poem By TheRFactor  |  Posted on 2/18/2015  |  33 Views with 3 comments
It was meant to be the best night of my life. Instead, two months later, I was finally facing the consequences of the cataclysmic events of my birthday. The day of my twenty-four...
» A Sad Short Story By tallis7  |  Posted on 2/17/2015  |  23 Views with 2 comments
Love's Death Row
Here I sit on love's death row | waiting for the end | and you are judge and jury | my former lover and friend | | The walls that make my prison | are hewn from my despair | my ce...
» A Sad Poem By SaintBlue  |  Posted on 2/17/2015  |  42 Views with 5 comments
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