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From the heart of a looser
I am a loser, | Down and out; | My poor life is, | Full of doubt; | With burden of life, | Is unable to bide; | Just got vain, | Of whatever i tried; | My helplessness, | ...
» A Sad Poem By Sajjuloves  |  Posted on 7/21/2016  |  66 Views with 2 comments
You had shadows beneath sunshine, | always a jigsaw mystery, |  off to meet a deadline, | with little time for me. | | As wintry flakes upon my tongue, | you were magical,...
» A Sad Poem By nancyaliciag  |  Posted on 7/20/2016  |  102 Views with 4 comments
A gaping hole in my heart
My heart  a gaping hole of pain | So deep, like lento in an orchestra, it maims | I believed , you asked me to, it bound me like a chain | How was i to know your love was disdain? ...
» A Sad Poem By sereon  |  Posted on 7/15/2016  |  55 Views with 2 comments
Mama's Rocking Chair
My mama always loved to sit and read the Bible in her rocking chair. | Out on the cabins porch with soft scents of honeysuckle floating on the air. | | The yard was full of chicke...
» A Sad Poem By southernbelle  |  Posted on 7/14/2016  |  134 Views with 5 comments
Unbreak My Heart
| | | | So empty inside now as tears fall like rain upon my face. How could you leave me alone in this God forsaken place.   You had my love, my heart, my soul from the very...
» A Sad Poem By southernbelle  |  Posted on 7/14/2016  |  167 Views with 5 comments
I'm Lost (Without You)
Nothing hurts more, than wanting somone so bad Yet, theyre too blind to see it...
» A Sad Poem By Coronaboy  |  Posted on 7/11/2016  |  71 Views with 2 comments
My heart sings black and blue | since you left me all alone, | all I have is a glossy 8 X 10 picture | of you grinning handsomely  | and your eyes dancing happily | as if you are t...
» A Sad Poem By babyboomer68  |  Posted on 7/9/2016  |  119 Views with 4 comments
I need to let her go | But I cant do that | Without letting go of me | Without losing who I know myself to be | But do I need to lose this old person | To become someone new? | Is ...
» A Sad Poem By Ttlyawesomjock  |  Posted on 7/9/2016  |  68 Views with 2 comments
In The Darkness
In the darkness of the day | When the sunlight’s gone away | Light has become the night | And were guided by fire light   In a darkened world I see | A million monsters surroundin...
» A Sad Poem By MCKey  |  Posted on 7/1/2016  |  50 Views with 1 comments
His Burden
A brief look into the life of a person with suffering from the disease called solitude...
» A Sad Short Story By Irv_Schopenhauer  |  Posted on 6/26/2016  |  85 Views with 2 comments
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