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Ex daughter in law
| Ex Daughter n law | | I been a daughter in law for many years | With an angel for a mother in law | God was so kind to lend her to us | Sweetest grandma I ever saw | | Bu...
» A Sad Poem By DonaZeroZero  |  Posted on 4/5/2016  |  59 Views with 2 comments
Moments After
The moments after are so serene | A midday storm leaves out so slow | The cast off sun which heeds release | Glints off elfin windows for our soul | | The raging wind incurs its r...
» A Sad Poem By pnknucklez  |  Posted on 3/30/2016  |  111 Views with 8 comments
I'm Just Human
I'm just human | I can never be glass | So when I'm breaking | You won't see the cracks | | I'm just human | I am able to feel | But when I cry | I won't rust like steel | | I'm ...
» A Sad Poem By RachelMurray  |  Posted on 3/27/2016  |  65 Views with 2 comments
Living without air.
If i die don't be alarmed, | if my wish is to come true, | I will slip out unharmed. | In my sleep,in my head, | Safe and sound,beneath the tread, | Of a hundred feet looking a...
» A Sad Poem By Nosboy42  |  Posted on 3/23/2016  |  55 Views with 1 comments
I linger long after you've gone and watch the coming of the dawn, with crusted eyes from little sleep, a cross to bear, a wound too deep for me to cauterize or stitch, an all-...
» A Sad Poem By bickerstaffe  |  Posted on 3/20/2016  |  49 Views with 2 comments
Hardest Goodbye
I said the easiest hello | When you and I first met | I smiled the easiest smile | And you smiled an easy one back | | It was an easy beginning | Of the very best kind | Full of e...
» A Sad Poem By RachelMurray  |  Posted on 3/19/2016  |  56 Views with 5 comments
Too Much Unanswered
‘T is midnight’s mauve when memories flood, | taking tolls on my trying mind. | It’s tattered tissues feel like mud | The scars engrained too hard to find. | | Emotions burned lik...
» A Sad Poem By pnknucklez  |  Posted on 3/19/2016  |  93 Views with 4 comments
Lost Her Sparkle
They said she lost her sparkle | They said her eyes had lost their glow | People always asked what it meant | They said they didn’t know | | They said she lost her sparkle | Her e...
» A Sad Poem By RachelMurray  |  Posted on 3/16/2016  |  102 Views with 6 comments
Frozen Memory
This is a short fiction story idea I wrote a few days ago that I would love to have feedback on...
» A Sad Draft By RachelMurray  |  Posted on 3/16/2016  |  57 Views with 2 comments
Mommy Told Me
Mommy told me to be quiet, | her friends were over to talk. | All I wanted was a hug, | but got pushed away instead. | | Mommy Told me to go lay down, | but I wasn't even tired. |...
» A Sad Poem By TheWonderingMind  |  Posted on 3/14/2016  |  92 Views with 6 comments
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