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Searching For Peace
  A thousand clamorin g voices Descended on my ears Of shattered dreams and blasted hopes Of guilts and doubts and fears Perfect pandemonium From without and from within U...
» A Inspirational Poem By Angelquill  |  Posted on 10/16/2014  |  36 Views with 4 comments
It's me again. | As I come before You tonight I am uncertain. | I want so much to be pleasing to You in my every thought, word and deed; | but there is so much about me that I know...
» A Inspirational Poem By JudyBall  |  Posted on 10/15/2014  |  30 Views with 2 comments
Afflictions Across the broad expanse of Time, | From birth, ‘til at last we die, | A series of events befall, | Sufficient to petrify.  Oh God, why was it I was born, | The chron...
» A Inspirational Poem By spiritsthread  |  Posted on 10/15/2014  |  30 Views with 1 comments
Faith is a wonderful virtue. | It's the thing from which dreams are made. | It bolsters the spirit, strengthens the soul, | It's the thing by which great plans are made. | | There...
» A Inspirational Poem By JudyBall  |  Posted on 10/15/2014  |  44 Views with 5 comments
I'm thankful for the freedom that I have always known. | I'm thankful for how safe I feel when I am home alone. | | I'm thankful things are plentiful and I have all I need. | Good...
» A Inspirational Poem By JudyBall  |  Posted on 10/13/2014  |  57 Views with 11 comments
I am going to triumph over cancer  | because I am going to fight  | to very last round  | | No matter how bloody and bruised I am  | I will never kneel before  | this cruel monste...
» A Inspirational Poem By seriouspoet  |  Posted on 10/12/2014  |  61 Views with 7 comments
Chasing Dreams
                                                                          Chasing Dreams | |  Chasing dreams is learning to forget the love you lost, | Its remembering to cross ...
» A Inspirational Poem By xxLIBBYLOUxx  |  Posted on 10/10/2014  |  28 Views with 4 comments
The Book of Devotion
Everybody creates a sin | Unfold or unseen | Perfection is impossible | We're born disabled | | We don't want to be | A sinner somebody | But the more we clean oursel...
» A Inspirational Poem By dheekhaye  |  Posted on 10/5/2014  |  18 Views with 0 comments
Burning Ashes (Poem Version)
I felt dull and dizzy | I’m worried about the things that happened to me. | I doubt about my feelings. | I wanted to cry out so loud, | But to whom I can shoulder it out?...
» A Inspirational Poem By dheekhaye  |  Posted on 10/5/2014  |  14 Views with 1 comments
I Can't Write! Why I Can't Write?
I can't write! | Why I can't write? | Thinking... | Thinking... | Thinking... | | I can't write! Why I can't write? | | Reminiscing the past... | Looking around...
» A Inspirational Poem By dheekhaye  |  Posted on 10/5/2014  |  17 Views with 2 comments
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