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Laté Da Le
Lat é Da Le, By Shomurio |     I have discovered something, to myself unknown. What have I created, with such beautiful glow?   An artist I am not, but tonight by my hands ...
» A Writing Poem By shomurio  |  Posted on 5/22/2017  |  15 Views with 0 comments
I of the storm.
A kiss is like a storm ...
» A Romance Poem By SAnthonyH  |  Posted on 5/22/2017  |  12 Views with 1 comments
There is a very common four letter word  | It is a mirrored reflection of the attitude of mankind | Can you guess what it is | It is fuck as in fuck you | Or I don't give a fuck ...
» A Sad Poem By seriouspoet  |  Posted on 5/22/2017  |  29 Views with 3 comments
Put your hands out, please take the gift | Metaphorically speaking | What you capture, what you attain | Depends on what you are seeking | | Fly to heaven, twice round the sun | I...
» A Spiritual Poem By Silverblue  |  Posted on 5/22/2017  |  12 Views with 1 comments
In the corners of your thinking | Ships are sailing, some are sinking | Some thoughts trapped, with others drifting | Everybody needs uplifting | | Many pathways you will wander ...
» A Psychology Poem By Silverblue  |  Posted on 5/22/2017  |  18 Views with 1 comments
Out of Love (Emptiness)

| My eyes, | A realm with no depth | Each unshed tear, numb like a silent waterfall | With no echoes, through my hollow heart | Crossing with no pain, just stings of emptiness | ...
» A Despair Poem By Littlesong  |  Posted on 5/22/2017  |  52 Views with 4 comments
Envisage II
Once again She's All That | And P-H-A-T Phat | There ain't Nothing She lacks | And She knows how to act | Oh yeah the lady's stacked | From the front to the back | I need to ...
» A General/Other Poem By feelnpoetic  |  Posted on 5/21/2017  |  11 Views with 0 comments
Sonnet- XXVIII
Dear eyes, consider mine appeal to thee | My verdant years were haunted by regret, | Compassion is the thing that I must get- | Or will disintegrate without thy glee. | Thou knowes...
» A Love Sonnet By darkelegy  |  Posted on 5/21/2017  |  21 Views with 1 comments
Just A Man
A poem about a homeless man and a stupid jerk...
» A Society Poem By michaelgallatin  |  Posted on 5/21/2017  |  31 Views with 3 comments
Another year older (Birthday 2017)
A little less agile, | More aches and pains, | A little less hair, | More capital gains, | A little more girth, | A little less grit, | Another year older, | A little less fit. | A...
» A General/Other Poem By JimSlaughter  |  Posted on 5/21/2017  |  53 Views with 6 comments
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