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A writing entry is simply a piece of writing submitted by a member such as a poem, short-story, article, column, etc... You can read and review a new writing entry by clicking on the title in the listings below. You will Earn Points for free by providing reviews with 50 or more characters.

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Love Lost
Temple of introspection, giddy from the cause Battle weary lover trying to close down on the source Cant return the remnants of my heart For you carried it with you from the sta...
A Romance Poem By Angelprincess  |  Posted on 4/25/2014  |  0 Views with 0 comments
A Warning
The wind had fallen from its shrill Leaving a sudden quiet still Now mysterious hooded figure new to town Clothes were torn his luck seemed down Yet around his neck a shinny ta...
A General/Other Poem By Angelprincess  |  Posted on 4/25/2014  |  4 Views with 0 comments
Cruelty is born Of rage and fear, The children of Ignorance. Yet reject not The cruel, For they have Their reward. That it is also Their punishment Is lost on t...
A General/Other Poem By JohnCreekmore  |  Posted on 4/25/2014  |  3 Views with 0 comments
Don't Pay Evil For Evil
I forgive you for the sins against my mother Whereas you have repented of all evil therein I bear no grudge against thy dropping jaw At youth you have been a pain to my family ...
A Contemporary Poem By mattpantaleon  |  Posted on 4/24/2014  |  5 Views with 1 comments

Race,racist,racism,even "reverse"... What an idiotically coined term! When will we as a society learn? The only race in existence is human. Our civilization's tact, Unless w...
A Opinion Poem By LonelyKingJames  |  Posted on 4/24/2014  |  12 Views with 2 comments
Murder - she cried Part 4
The Errand Boy wore a terrified look on his face, when the police arrived armed with the Coroner's Report. Even the granddaughter noticed his extreme discomfort and wondered...
A Mystery & Crime Poem By SandraMartyres  |  Posted on 4/24/2014  |  6 Views with 1 comments
Murder - she cried Part 3
Having read many detective stories, the loving granddaughter, seriously believed that she would be successful in nabbing the killer. Grandfather’s body had been sent to the...
A Mystery & Crime Poem By SandraMartyres  |  Posted on 4/24/2014  |  5 Views with 2 comments
Passion's Lure
Don't take your eyes off of me Look inside of me right over here May I dance the dance you loved Moving with the branches of the trees? Lay me down on a blanket of tears Ca...
A Love Poem By Caroline  |  Posted on 4/24/2014  |  13 Views with 3 comments
I challenge you to think of a title
I challenge you to make up a title for this No I triple dog dare you...
A General/Other Poem By HavefaithinMaria  |  Posted on 4/24/2014  |  12 Views with 3 comments
The Velvet Moss
It could have been a lifetime were it not for circumstance, All the dreams that danced upon the edge of second glance, It might have been the moment when the world seemed all alo...
A Romance Poem By DestinationDeep  |  Posted on 4/24/2014  |  20 Views with 3 comments
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