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A writing entry is simply a piece of writing submitted by a member such as a poem, short-story, article, column, etc... You can read and review a new writing entry by clicking on the title in the listings below. You will Earn Points for free by providing reviews with 50 or more characters.

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It's Harvest Time
Behind the reaper, glistening beneath the fading rays of light, crude elements of happenstance lie in its wake, passed over and awaiting those who glean the afterbirth. Yes...
A General/Other Poem By Synchro  |  Posted on 7/23/2014  |  2 Views with 0 comments
Elfin Dance
Dancing round the fire, gathered for the feast Some come from the south, most come from the east Elfin guards on duty watch the forest floor A hundred here already, still expect...
A General/Other Poem By Angelprincess  |  Posted on 7/23/2014  |  7 Views with 1 comments
Mother and Child
About mindless animal worship...
A Humor Poem By EltonCamp  |  Posted on 7/23/2014  |  7 Views with 1 comments
What's Yours Should Be Mine
How can she walk with so many noses up her behind...
A Family Poem By EltonCamp  |  Posted on 7/23/2014  |  6 Views with 0 comments
The History of the LDS Church
Mountain Meadows....
A General/Other Poem By Hawksbrother  |  Posted on 7/23/2014  |  6 Views with 1 comments
The Cindy Shearin Group: Købe en lejlighed i Paris
Denne store lejlighed i den 8th Arrondissement er til salg via øst & vest mæglere til 2,850,000 euro. Afbilledet her er den enorme grand stue. Ordet Paris fremmaner romantis...
A Finance & Money Article By idellmccawley  |  Posted on 7/23/2014  |  5 Views with 1 comments
Drama Queen
She sat at the edge of the second floor, ‘I’m going to jump!’ she cried, He stood well back from the balcony, ‘You lied,’ she said, ‘you lied! You swore we’d marry before the S...
A Humor Poem By dlpaget  |  Posted on 7/23/2014  |  8 Views with 1 comments
Early Morning Song
In the wee hours of the morning my heart does sing, looking forward to the coming day, and all that it will bring!...
A General/Other Poem By Hawksbrother  |  Posted on 7/23/2014  |  8 Views with 2 comments
Barcelona Expat livet
Så du har besluttet å opp pinner og flytte til LUN Barcelona? Vel hvem kan klandredeg! Med sin imponerende Modernista-arkitekturen, høflighet av Gaudi og co, livsstilav spise tapas...
A Travel Article By mariamtinatini0  |  Posted on 7/23/2014  |  7 Views with 1 comments
Quiet Desperation
Yield not to the quiet Desperation, Neither let the seeming Guide your way, But give thanks for the breath In every moment, And let the Breather live you Unrestrained....
A General/Other Poem By JohnCreekmore  |  Posted on 7/23/2014  |  19 Views with 2 comments
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