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#1 General Questions
1.1  What is Writers-Network?
Writers-Network is an online writing community for writers, poets and readers of all levels. This community was created to provide a place where writers and poets could share their work online, receive feedback and critical reviews as well as interact with other writers who share their same passion. Each member receives a profile site and writing portfolio in which they can upload unlimited writing entries. All members can read, give and post feedback for free as well as send private messages to other members... for free!

1.2  Is the site really free? What's the catch?
No Catch. Our basic membership is offered to you completely free of charge. This is NOT a trial membership...it's a full membership that will not expire unless you ask us to delete your account. Of course, if you love the site and want to help support our writing community, you can choose to upgrade to our PRO membership which is packed with advanced features.

For a complete list and a breakdown of our memberships, please visit the comparison page:

1.3  How do I Join Writers-Network?
All you have to do is signup with a valid email address (you will need to confirm your email address).
After verification, you can log into your account immediately to add poems, upload your pictures and customize your profile.

1.4  Okay, I registered...now what?
There's plenty for you to do but you can start by logging in. To help you familiarize yourself with the site and avoid getting overwhelmed, we suggest you read our Getting Started introduction.

1.5  What if I have a question, comment or complaint?
If you have any questions or comments, you can contact us at any time using the online form above. Alternatively, you can send a private message to the support team (you must be logged in).

#2 Registration & Login Issues

2.1  How do I login?
To login to your members area, simply locate the "MEMBERS LOGIN" link on the homepage banner (it's on the right side of the page). Or just click here.

2.2  The site keeps logging me out... help!
This is probably due to your privacy settings and/or cookies. In order to use this website you will need to accept cookies. Cookies are small harmless text files web sites place on your computer in order to remember you during your visit. Please configure your browser to accept cookies from Writers-Network.com or lower your privacy settings. For instructions on how to do this, please read our Help Tutorial.

2.3  I registered but I never received an email
If your welcome email containing your username and password does not arrive within 1 hour, you may have unintentionally entered an incorrect email address. If you believe this to be the case, please contact us using the form above and we will correct this for you ASAP.

2.4  I can't remember my username / password
If you can't remember your login information, simply fill in the password assistance form at the top of this page and the system will automatically send you your username and password. You can also find the password reminder form on the login page.

2.5  I keep getting a "Login Failed" error message
If you are getting a "Login Failed" error message, it's probably because you have entered an incorrect username and/or password. Please verify that your username and password are correct and try again. Remember your login is case sensitive! This means that an UPPERCASE letter is not the same as a lowercase letter.

#3 Submitting & Editing Writing

3.1  How do I post my writing on the site?
To post your writing, go to the members area and click on Submit New Writing. Once the page opens, follow these steps:
  1. Enter The Title of your writing piece
  2. Enter the Type of writing you are posting (i.e. poem, story, article etc...)
  3. Select up to 3 genres/categories to store your writing under
  4. Select the location/folder to save your writing entry.
  5. Enter the body of your writing text
  6. Add a basic description or summary of your writing entry
  7. Enter the keywords for which you would like your writing to be searchable under
  8. Enter the appropriate content rating for your writing entry
  9. Select your feedback preference: Accept both comments & ratings, ratings only, comments only or no feedback
  10. Select your feedback privacy: Make comments public or private
  11. PRO members will be able to choose the font style, color, size and text alignment as well as upload a photo.
  12. Is your entry a private draft? If so, check this box to keep this post hidden from the public
  13. Click "Publish Entry" when you're done!
To view your writing entry, visit your public profile (i.e. writers-network.com/members/your-username) and click on "My Writing" or visit Writers-Network.com homepage and locate your entry in the 'Last 100 Poems/Stories/Columns" drop down box.

3.2  Where can I view my writing?
Upon submitting your writing to the site, your writing entries will be displayed in two different places:
a) It will temporarily be available on the homepage of Writers-Network.com in our "Last 100 Poems/Stories/Columns" drop down box.
b) Your writing will also be permanently accessible in your personal writing portfolio. You can access your writing portfolio by visiting your profile: www.writers-network.com/members/username (where username = your actual username). Once your profile page opens, simply click on the navigation button labeled "My Writing".

3.3  How can I edit / delete a writing entry?
You can edit all of your writing at any time. Simply go to your members area and click on Manage My Writing. Once your writing portfolio loads, simply click on the "edit" button of the writing entry you wish to change. Don't forget to click "Publish Entry" after making your changes.

To delete an entry, click on Manage My Writing and then simply click on the "delete" link below the poem title. NOTE: This is permanent and cannot be undone.

3.4  What are Collection Folders?
Collection folders allow members to create real folders to group and organize your writing entries into different lists. This is an extremely useful feature that enables you to present your writing the way YOU want to. For more information on how to use Collection Folders, please read our Tutorial.

#4 Reviews - Giving & Receiving

4.1  What are the Reviewing Guidelines?
It's a give and take relationship. You enjoy receiving feedback? Great, but so do the other writers so make sure to review as many poems and stories as possible. Not only does this encourage/help your fellow writers but you will also earn points for your comments and get tons of reciprocal reads/feedback on your own work. The general rule of thumb is to review 3 writing entries for every 1 entry you post.

4.2  How do I write a great review / critique?
Be respectful. Be constructive. Be encouraging. You won't love every piece of writing you read but there are ways of getting your opinion across without hurting/offending the author. If you find the piece needs work, offer advice on how to make it better and take a few extra moments to look for some of the good points about it. Encouragement goes a long way.

4.3  How do I get my writing reviewed?
Writers-Network offers you the possibility of receiving an unlimited number of reviews each day. The more reviews you give, the more you are likely to get. Upon submitting your writing, it will immediately appear on our homepage in the "Last 100 poems/stories" box as well as on our newest writing page. Make sure your feedback preference is set to accept comments & ratings.

Want to receive even more reads & reviews? Post your writing in our forums, add it to our plug page or create a sponsored ad which will advertise your entry around the site.

Can't see the review box on your site? Don't worry, this is just a preventative measure to ensure writers do not review their own writing. Rest assured that if your entry is public and you are accepting feedback, the review box is there.

4.4  Where can I read my reviews / feedback?
You can access your feedback and writing reviews in two places:
• If your feedback is set to public, you can read your comments and ratings directly on your writing page, just below your actual writing entry.
• You may also access your full feedback summary and stats in your members area. Simply click on "My Writing Feedback".

Reading Feedback from you Members Area
You will find a complete summary of all entries that have received feedback. The summary page will show the title of the entry, the content rating and entry type, the number of feedbacks received and, if new reviews are available, a blue notification labeled NEW. You may also change the sorting view (order) to show newest first, oldest first or display titles by entry type.

To read the feedback for a particular entry, simply click on the title. Once the page loads you will find a complete list of feedback received on your writing entry. Each comment shows the reviewers username, avatar and date along with the helpful (thumb up / thumb down) vote. The verdict, star rating, comment and applaud are displayed to the right. If points were sent with this review, you will have a notification of this under the comments (point gifts only displays when viewing comments through your members area).

4.5  What are those Thumbs Up & Thumbs down images?
This allows you to review the reviewer! The "Helpful" vote is part of a new feature developed to help encourage quality reviews. Each time you receive a comment or review from a member, you are asked to rate their comment. If the comment or critique was helpful or construction, click on the "thumbs up" image which has a green rollover. If the critique or comment was not helpful, click on the "thumbs down" image which has a red rollover. Please make sure you submit this vote for all the feedback you receive. The reviewer will also receive 1 additional point from the W-N system for every thumbs-up they receive so vote away!

NOTE: The purpose of reviewing the reviewer is to encourage helpful, constructive reviews. This does NOT mean that you should vote against all reviews that are not positive. If you receive a negative review but the reviewer offers you constructive feedback or tips on how to improve your writing piece, you should look at that review as helpful. A "thumbs down" vote should only be used when a rating is low AND the accompanying comment is vague, minimal and offers no advice for improvement.

4.6  How can I change my feedback settings?
You can update the feedback preference for an existing writing entry at any time by visiting the "Manage My Writing" section. Simply click the edit link to make your changes. Don't forget to save your changes!

4.7  How can I review writing on the site?
Glad you asked! You can start by visiting the "last 100 poems/stories/columns" on the top of our homepage. You may also visit a members site directly to review their work. We also suggest checking out the following sections:

Self-Promoted Writing:

Current Sponsored Ads (By Members):

Writing By Genre/Category:

Remember, you earn points for every 100+ character review you make! See Points FAQ below for more information.

#5 All About W-N Points

5.1  What are points and what can we do with them?
Points are the Writers-Network.com currency system. Points are used to submit new writing (basic members only), purchase advertising space for your work (called a "sponsored ad"), to enter special contests, send applauds or as a gift to other members.

5.2  How do I get points?
Members can earn points for free by reviewing poetry and stories on the site, by winning poetry contests and writing challenges or by purchasing them in our store.

Each time you review (comment) on a poem, you will receive:

1 point for comments that are 50 to 199 characters
2 points for comments that are 200 to 299 characters
3 points for comments that are 300+ characters

You will also earn double points for writing that has not yet been reviewed plus an additional point if the author gives your review a thumbs up vote. For more information, please see our Help Topic.

5.3  Where can I see my points balance?
You can see how many points you have in your account by:
a) visiting your members area 'welcome page' and locating the points balance just below your site address, or
b) in the review box found below writing entries that you are reviewing.

5.4  How do I know how many points I'm earning for my reviews?
The review box has a character counter which will allow you to see how long your review is. Simply apply that to the earning formula:
1 point for comments that are 50 to 199 characters
2 points for comments that are 200 to 299 characters
3 points for comments that are 300+ characters

You will also earn double points for writing that has not yet been reviewed plus an additional point if the author gives your review a thumbs up vote. For more information, please see our Help Topic.

#6 Account & Profile Questions

6.1  How do I edit my profile?
You can manage your entire profile by visiting the "Update My Profile" section in the members area. You will be able to choose your profile template, upload photos, add text to your homepage as well as your personal biography page. You may also want to update your News Page with your latest updates and announcements.

6.2  Where can I see my profile?
Simply click the "View My Site" link in your members area (very top of the page). You can also access your site directly (or tell your friends and family about your site) using the link: www.writers-network.com/members/username (where username = your login username)

6.3  Where can I see my stats?
To see your writing views or entry stats, simply visit your poem/story page. You will have a summary of how many views, comments and ratings your entry has received. 

If you would like to know how many poems you've read, how many critiques/reviews you've made and how many points you've earned, simply visit your profile homepage.

6.4  How can I change my profile template?
To change the template for your profile, login to your members area and follow these instructions:

1- Click on Update My Profile and go to the "Poetry Homepage" section
2- You will see a list of Templates with previews images. Choose the template you like best and click "Save Profile"
3- To view your changes, click "View My Site" at the top of the page

6.5  Can I customize my profile with pictures, music etc...?
Yes. You can customize your profile by adding your own pictures, graphics, music player and even a custom background. We have several tutorials that will walk you through the process.

Add Pictures & Graphics: http://www.writers-network.com/index.cgi?view=39916
Add a Music Player: http://www.writers-network.com/index.cgi?view=49002
Add a Custom Background: http://www.writers-network.com/index.cgi?view=52864
Customize Your Text: http://www.writers-network.com/index.cgi?view=47499

6.6  Where can I upload my picture / avatar?
To add a picture to your profile homepage:
1- Click on Update My Profile and scroll down to the very bottom of the page.
2- You will see an upload box labeled Picture. Click the browse button to locate the picture on your computer
3- Once you have found your picture, click the Upload button.

To upload an avatar picture:
1- Click on Update My Profile and scroll down to the very bottom of the page.
2- You will see an upload box labeled Avatar. Click the browse button to locate the picture on your computer
3- Once you have found your picture, click the Upload button.

Please Note: You should upload your picture separately - do not make changes to your profile at the same time. If you want to change your profile, do that first, then save it. When that is done, you can then upload your picture. If you still cannot upload a picture, make sure the file and image size is not too big and that the image is a jpg or gif (other formats will not be accepted). If you need to resize your photo, you can use this free online tool: http://picresize.com/legacy/

6.7  I can't upload my photo
You must upload your picture separately - do not make changes to your profile at the same time. If you want to change your profile, do that first, then save it. When that is done, you can then upload your picture(s).

If you still cannot upload a picture, make sure the file and image size is not too big and that the image is a jpg or gif (other formats will not be accepted). If you need to resize your photo, you can use this free online tool: http://picresize.com/legacy/

6.8  Why are there banners on my site?
All free memberships include banners to help bring in additional revenue. To ditch the ads and get a more professional web site, please consider upgrading to PRO! Can't afford to upgrade? You can still help keep this site free by visiting our sponsors regularly and by spreading the word about this web site.

#7 PRO Memberships
7.1  What is a PRO Membership?
A PRO membership is an optional upgraded membership level that is packed with advanced features and more flexibility. By upgrading to PRO, not only are you receiving extra features and gaining more exposure, but you are also helping to support the community.

The PRO membership allows you to project a professional image online and is filled with advanced features like a personal guest book, blog, text customization, picture upload on poem pages, fonts, and NO MORE BANNERS!  For a complete list of all the features included, please visit our membership comparison page: http://www.writers-network.com/site/memberships

7.2  How can I Upgrade to PRO?
Thank you for your interest in our PRO membership! Your support is greatly appreciated.
Upgrading to PRO is extremely easy. Simply visit the membership product page in our store and add some "PRO Months" to your shopping cart. You can add as many (or as few) PRO months to your cart. Each quantity is equal to 1 month so if you want to upgrade for 6 months, simply change your quantity from 1 to 6.When you are done, hit the checkout button. We now accept payments by paypal or by money order through regular mail. Visit the PRO Upgrade page now!

7.3  What's included in a PRO membership?
For a complete list of all features, please visit our membership comparison page: http://www.writers-network.com/site/memberships

7.4  I upgraded but nothing happened!
Please allow up to 24 hours for your account to be upgraded. All upgrades are verified before activation. If nothing has happened to your account after 24 hours, please contact us using the form above.

7.5  How do I change my username?
All PRO members have the ability to change their username as often as they like. To change your username, login to your members area and visit the Update My Profile section. Scroll down to the 'Login Information' section and enter your new username and/or password. Save your changes and you're done.
7.6  What is a Blog and how do I use it?
Essentially, a blog is an online journal. The term Blog comes from Web Log. It is used as a frequent, chronological publication of your personal thoughts, web links and anything else you want to share with the world.

How it Works: To post a new blog, simply login into the members area and click on Submit New Blog. Enter your title and blog entry (emoticon/HTML enabled). Enter the description of your blog post and the keywords you want it to be searchable under. Lastly, customize your blog text by selecting a font type, size, color, style and the alignment of your page. That's it!

After posting your blog, it will automatically appear (chronologically) on your public profile under 'My Blog'. You cannot edit a blog entry so make sure you double check your entry before posting it. Readers can post comments on your blog which you can read directly on the blog entry page or by viewing your saved entry in the members area.
7.7  Where can I read / delete Guest book entries?
You can read your guest book entries directly from your public profile or by going to Manage Guest book in your members area. To delete entries, go to the Manage Guest book page mentioned above. You will see a list of all guest book entries. To delete an entry, simply click the delete link. To multi-delete entries, check the box next to the entries you want to delete and then click the "Delete Selected Entries" button. Make sure you do not click the "Delete All Entries" button which will clear your entire guest book
7.8  How do I customize the text on my writing pages?
Upon upgrading to PRO, you will be able to customize the text of all your writing entries, including the previously submitted ones. When you post a new writing entry, you will now have a section under 'Additional Options' that allows you to select the font type, size, color, style and alignment.

To customize an old entry, simply edit the writing entry like you would normally do. The font customization fields will be present on the page. Choose your font styles and re-publish your entry!
7.9  How do I add a picture to my writing?
PRO members can upload pictures on all their writing pages. Uploading is done on the same page that you post new writing entries BUT you must upload your picture AFTER you post your poem. The upload process is done separately so make sure you follow these steps to avoid losing your work:

1. Click Submit New Writing in your members area
2. Add your writing entry like you normally would do.
3. Save the entry by clicking "Publish Entry"
4. Go to "Manage My Writing" and click the edit link for the poem you just submitted
5. Scroll down to the Picture section and click browse to select the picture from your computer
6. Click the "Upload" button. You're done!

The picture will be displayed directly above your poem entry. Visit your profile Writing Portfolio to see how it looks.
To upload a picture to an old writing entry, simply follow steps 4, 5 and 6.
Upload troubles? Send us an email using the form to get assistance.

#8 Forum & Chat Questions
8.1  What is a Forum?
A forum is a public message board where members can meet for open discussions about poetry as well as non-poetry related topics with other members of the community. You can also post questions/comments, view latest site news, check out the community calendar or participate in our polls and writing challenges.

Our forums do NOT require separate registration. After logging into the site, you will automatically be able to post in the forums. Click to visit our Forums and be sure to check out the forum rules before posting.

8.2  I'm confused about the forums... help!
The forum can look scary at first but its actually quite simple and fun once you get the hang of it.

Essentially, the forum is split up into 2 main categories: Writers-Network and Poets & Writers. Each of these sections have their own set of forums (e.g. Site Announcements, Feature Requests, The Newbie Board, The Writers Lounge etc...). By clicking on one of these message board titles, you will be taken inside that forum and will be able to view a list of all the current topics. To read the topics, simply click on the topic titles. You will then see a list of all the threaded comments made in regards to that topic by other members. You can read and post as many of your own comments as you like.

If you are still unsure of have questions, feel free to visit the Support Forum and post your question or contact us using the form above.

8.3  Where can I register / login for the forums?
You only need to register once on the main site. Our forum is now integrated with our main site so your account is already created once you sign-up. To start posting just login to the main site and click the "forums" link!

Not a member yet? Create your account and start participating today!

8.4  Where can I find the forum rules?
Generally speaking, the forum rules are the same as the main site. It is your responsibility as a member to know & follow the rules at all times. You can stay current on the rules by visiting the following links:

Terms of Service
Privacy Policy
Forum Guidelines

8.5  Can I be a forum moderator?
The W-N moderator position is by invite only. Invitations are extended to members who are established leaders and participators within the community.

8.6  What are the Live Chat rooms about?
The Live Chat room allows you to chat in real time with other members. You can group chat in the various rooms or start a private conversation. For more information, please see our chat manual.
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