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Writers-Network.com is a free creative writing community created in 2004 to provide writers with a place to share their writing, get constructive feedback, and interact with other people who share their same passion. With over 30,000 members and counting, we welcome writers and poets of all levels, genres, and backgrounds.

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At Writers-Network.com, we offer provide a multitude of tools to help you improve your writing. Readers can rate and review your writing as well as encourage you with point gifts, applauds and spotlight nominations. You can track how readers rate your writing with our star ratings, read statistics and ranking lists. Plus, our share buttons allow you to easily send your writing to all your friends and family, on and off of Writers-Network.com.

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1. Get your own online writing portfolio
2. Post UNLIMITED poems and stories
3. Organize your writing in collection folders
4. Receive UNLIMITED feedback on your writing
5. Interact with other writers who share your passion
6. Get a personal profile, FanClub, stats & more
7. Nothing to lose...it's 100% FREE!

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Writers-Network has been featured on several websites, blogs, and magazines as a premier writing community . Most recently, we were selected as one of Writer's Digest "101 Best Websites for Writers" and featured in their May/June 2013 issue.

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Anything you post on Writers-Network belongs to YOU. We make no claims to your copyright. By posting your writing on our site, you are simply granting us non-exclusive rights to display your writing. You can take it down at any time and are also free to post it anywhere else you see fit. You wrote it, you own it.

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We always want to hear from you. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please visit our Customer Support portal or head over to our public message boards and join the conversation. Alternatively, you can also visit the official W-N Support Profile for tips and more.


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