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One Lonely Teardrop
Written By: Jaivon Brown I'll shed One Lonely Teardrop For you my lost loved one
TEEN TITANS: Brave, Bold, Beautiful (NOTE)
Quick,Short Note
As we lay together You caress my smooth skin Holding me tightly And drawing me in
Secret Love episode 1
Previously on secret love Kate: Matt what are you doing here? Matt: I came here to
Turmoil Within
It breathes through me While drinking me in The life that I own Is her gain to win
The Man
He looks through bird like eyes can he see? more importantly is he caged? or has h
A whisper from the willows
A whisper from the willows It calls, from beyond the wind. It cry’s, can’t you hear
And yet its only just begun
that ache the constant ache of longing? of insanity? of just plain boredom? mayb
The burden who was born a son Speaks in tongues As tongues do speak like thieves W
The Truth Abides Forever
Facts change, as do the rules They have sired, Thus laws based on facts That hav

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