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Gone Fishing
Lifes failures that will illistrate a sign that saids Im going fishing today
Adventure Calls
In my youth I was bold I didn't have to be told Adventure that was for me You could f
The Taunting Moon
How taunting is the moon? Is it enough to drive you wild? Is it enough to make you
An Old And Trusted Friend
Tree branches bowed under the weight of the snow, like penitents kneeling, as C
Silent Whispers Lurking From The Shadows
Silent Whispers Lurking From The Shadows Captured by the sight whispered thoughts
Soul-Stirring With Carina
Carina, my white-hot cooling tower, Walks animately into the room (Stimulating my c
Never Thought I'd See The Day
I never thought I'd see the day you wouldn't be around You were always there to che
Organic Love And Justice..
Organic love and justice, I sing for, Dreams, I play music for. My hands ar
You Need to Trust Me - Chapter 3.
The next night, we were having fun. Lena laughed at a dirty joke I just explained to
just a little ditty

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