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Make That Call!!!
There are times when unimportant things get in the way And we ignore the things we
Visit of the Old Ones
A dream I had about the Old Ones
I watch you cry Again, again And now it's time Lay down to die There is no saving
Anime Review: Revolutionary Girl Utena
Story 8/10 Is Revolutionary Girl Utena a brilliant surrealist canvas, an apocal
On Reflection
She’s sitting by a mirror Combing her long blonde hair Recalling such happy tim
Its got me in a hole, oh its got me so low. Is it worth the blood? Is it worth the
My Family: What you took.
You took every word I have ever written, Every poem I have published to this site,
I Wanted to Stay
I'm still here with you Though some may not have a clue Don't worry 'bout me, I'll
Dear love,
love is something that every man should have
Hate me because of these reasons
Hate me to prove you know That I'm not worth the pain Hate me cause loving me Woul

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