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Swinging a Cat By Its Tail
Satire or not You decide
TIME ~ Senryu and Haiku
SENRYU - TIME I'll meet you for lunch I only have an hour We don't have to ea
I am not an advocate for petty signs of jealousy I do no empathise with those who a
Oh Casanova, your ever dawning light. Your love has taken me higher, and higher.
I move through these roads And I know something inside me is dying. I see the fa
My mouth holds
The door of My mouth holds two children The first born is Truth And the last born L
Don't give me that look
Yes he is my husband and yes he is Muslim and yes I am a convert and no don't you
:heartbeat: I'm yearning .My senses are churning.
Morning's Story
She stirs once more to nurse the tired stars, and bind the sky with shreds of canvas
The Unforgiving Waters of Rejection
If you can hear me, Out here in this world called my mind, I am begging for a way,

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