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Kissing Eachothers Palms...
Together we walk the lonesome road, clutching hands, massaging hearts, moking the
The illustrative explanation of a man-made creation
Love till dead
I lay peacefully in my bed I lay still as though dead Do not ponder this at all
Upside Down
Logans life is about to turn upside down when he moves in with his cousin and realises that a little change is good somtimes
the sun has emotions too
Will you ever be close enough For me to touch? Will I ever get the chance To expe
The First Ones
Number 1. Find a horrifically insane name. For example Unknown Person Who Has A Se
Atop a Hill
This is a preety dark poem, I think its a relfection on madness with some religous references thrown in
Hypo - Doors Light
Doors Light! loosely shut in nights time in room 7 boy lays down on bed , his e
The Analogy of the Bull and Cow
The bull gets the best end of the deal in every way

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