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mental health and being mental two seperate things
White Walls
I sit next to nothingness Kiss the air you breathe So diligently To the silent sta
Is it too much of what I ask for? Should it be enough of what I get now if things w
This is a fan fiction based on the TV show NCIS Los Angeles The main characters of this story are Kensi and Deeks
In your eyes! I see my friend I see my chum And I see you In your eyes! I see
God Looks On The Heart
No Matter What People SayGod Looks On The Heart
James 1:19-20
Dear brothers of mine Quick to listen, slow to speak And slow to anger.
Buzzy Bee
Love poem
The List
My wife asked me to do the shopping Then handed me a grocery list It wasn't very
break up
they all look around staring at me wondering if im going to shatter they think im

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