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I'm so nervous, my hands are quivering and the snow won't stop falling. I hate snow, and I especially hate today because for the past eight years it's been non-stop work for this day.

March 22, 2015.

The day that would change our lives forever.

Three minutes, that was the amount of time we needed, everything needed to go perfect if not, we could be charged with theft or persecution. If I messed this one up I swear I might kill myself.

Even the others are nervous, Derrick, who is like the epitome of calm and collected, is shaking with fear. Three minutes is just enough he chants and he chants and he chants. Derrick doesn't even have to do hard work, his job is only after we are successful. Playing the role of the boy's father until he decides it's time to introduce a now society.

Mickey is pacing across the room in a hurried matter, her job is to close the inflicted wound from the accident so we don't lose too much blood. Fire is her specialty; but she's worried about the water.

Michal has the time compression ready and suddenly I feel completely alone. The three minutes are for me, the reason why everybody's freaking out is because their lives are dependent upon the actions of a fifteen-year-old and wiping the memory out of a twelve-year-old boy and alternating it with false memories.

"Five hours."

Get it over with now Michal. Please, I beg you!

"Check on Shifty Jaisen."

I close my eyes and focus on the woman in the other room, Shifty can transform into anything and right now she's impersonating his mother.

"Shifty's on schedule."

"Jaisen, I'm really sorry."

I don't respond, there's no need to, just focus on the task at hand.

"I'm going for a walk."

This is my first time seeing Augusta, Maine since we've been here for a week. The snow is slowly falling down but they expect it to be the last snowfall in Augusta for the year. It's good though, it makes our plans easier.

On a bridge, I see a boy leaning forward, catching a snowflake and smiling, he has these big sky blue eyes you see and red-brown hair with Asian features, this is my target and I stand next to him, my feet on the first rung above the ground, since I'm smaller than he is, despite the age difference.

"I don't know, it doesn't snow much in San Francisco." He says turning his head towards me.

"My name is Souichirou Shei Izumi, you can call me Shei, who are you?"

"My name is Yannick Jaisen Prideaux, you can call me Jaisen." On normal terms, Michal would have scolded me for using my birth name, but since I'm wiping the kid's memory, he won't remember it.

"Jaisen, that's a nice name."

"Where is your parent Shei?"

He looks around and then sighs, a cloud of steam rolls to the skies. I never noticed how long his eyelashes were, because his Blue eyes seemed so big.

"I decided to take a walk by myself. Just to see the city. Wouldn't your parent be angry also?"

"I don't have parents, just an older brother you could say, I have a cell phone."

"You're more prepared than I am."

I smile, and then remember something Michal told me.

In the event you meet Shei, don't become too attached to him because you cannot remain objective.

"Come on, let's go see the city together!"

He grabs my hand before I can object and we're running to the nearby park and a flock of birds take to the sky. I'm watching them as he's dancing in a circle. I can't believe I'm going to wipe this kid's memory.


He's looking down to me as he watches me wipe a tear.

"It's nothing, come-"

"JAISEN!" I hear Michal's booming voice and this is the only time I've seen Michal angry before, his pleasant features are dark with disappointment as I slowly walk towards him.

"I'm sorry, just give me a moment."

Shei nods in understanding and I run to Michal, who slaps me across my face, Derrick was the only one I knew that Michal ever slapped and here I was, getting the same treatment.

"You know the rules."

"I'm sorry sir, this was my fault, he didn't want to come but I took him."

Shei was looking up at Michal with such sincere eyes that Michal smiled and bent down to face him.

"It's not your fault, Jaisen's Diabetic, he forgot his medicine. I need to take him home. I'm sorry it's a family concern."

"Jaisen told me he had no family."

Michal's mouth twitched which meant he was really angry. I was getting a little worried.

"Well, he has his big brother right here. I'm the only family he has. Let's go Jaisen."

"I'm going back to my hotel, thanks a lot Jaisen this was a lot of fun!" He's waving as I'm walking back I'm waving too but at a certain distance when he stops waving I'm crying.

"You brought this upon yourself, if you mess up today I'm going to be severely disappointed."

"I know Michal."

"Two hours." His brows furrowed and suddenly I wish I were dead.


So one hour later the four of us are standing on the side of the frozen river and I'm waiting impatiently. Derrick is pacing around and Mickey is reading a book but looks up every five minutes. Michal seems to be the only calm one.

"They're early." Michal comments and off the side of the bridge comes a car that impacts the ice and breaks into it. Derrick immediately begins to break the ice where he is standing.

"Five minutes!" I hear Michal screaming as Shifty comes up from the ice.

"Boy's coming give him a few moments!" Derrick yells and he breaks another piece of ice and a pinkish hue could be seen, quickly he digs out Shei and drags him to the area where we are.

"Four minutes, we're early, time compression is... NOW!"

Mickey's hands are red as she 'stitches' up the cut that Derrick made on his stomach, originating from his left hip to his right shoulder. It will be a quick fix, the doctors will attend to it later and I see her watching my eyes and screaming.


I had forgotten, I quickly focus my efforts to the inside of his brain and I feel my eyes changing as the crystal in my hand collects the thoughts I'm draining out of him. His first piano lesson, his first dance, his first recital.

"Two minutes!"

His first day of third grade...

"One minute!"

On the bridge with me, dancing with the birds with me.

Implementing a new identity: Shotarou Shei Mori, can't get much else in.


The five of us scramble to call the police and leave the situation at the hands of the Augusta Medical Center. I'm crying at this point and Michal is holding me tight against his chest as we watch the emergency drive by and collect him on a gurney and drive away.

"Jaisen, you did good. I'm very proud of you."

I wish those blue eyes of his would have turned brown because I know when I'll see him again, I'll think of that day in Augusta when I stole his memory.

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March 13, 2010
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very good
i enjoyed reading this story it was very interesting, needs a little more info on somethings, had me wondering what?It centered around why they were wiping his mind, if that was told it would make more interesting plot , but other then that a very very good story,I relly liked it and would like to read more of who they are aand the why of it , thank you for sharing,

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