A Poem by Stargazer

Author: Stargazer
Created: May 27, 2005 at 11:36 am
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Category: Humor | General/Other | General/Other
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Spider Club

Little Brown Spiders
are in my house
and they are kind of small and quick
people warn me to watch for the bite
because they are bound to make me sick

I cling to the hope
that I won't get a bite
but if I'm bit
I am bit
a goany welt all black and blue ?
I'll paint a face on it !

They tell me I must fumigate
with cans of poison spray
but then I'll get the poison
as I breathe the fumes all day

They claim it will not harm me
but I show the label warning
I guarantee
if a spider bites me
I will still be around
in the morning

"Oh no !" they swear
"Your leg will fall off
it happened to our uncle"

I pull their legs by making a joke
" The Gourmet feast of Chunkle "

C May 27 2005 Stargazer

© Stargazer - all rights reserved

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