A Poem by dazedforever

Author: dazedforever
Created: November 30, 2009 at 03:00 pm
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Category: Weird | Personal | Weird
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I feel so small  

I feel so worthless, so insignificant and small
I feel like dirt, in the cracks of these walls
I shrink in my eyes, in these sockets I crawl
I am down on my knees, and still I fall

I feel like an intruder, in front of them all
I feel sick to my stomach, like a criminal caught
I canít run or hide; Iím frozen to the spot
In the worldís big picture, Iím reduced to a blot

I canít bear their gazes, I feel naked, exposed
I lose my mind, I feel ripped and torn
I hate to be in this crowd, I feel so alone
While they all know me, I feel unknown

I feel so valueless, with no use or hope
I feel like Iím being stabbed wherever I go
I look back and feel like theyíre laughing at me
I just feel so awful, like a really sad joke

I feel crushed, trampled, and spat upon
I feel like an insect, with no feet or claws
I can't act normal and I'm twisting my jaws
Why do I keep searching for my very own flaws?

I just feel so useless, like I have no power
My wings feel weak, and they canít take me very far
I feel broken, twisted, like a really ugly scar
I wish I could make something of this abnormally sick heart

I just feel like shit in the face of it all
I guess Iíll spend my life looking for spare parts
My crappiness is killing me, I canít live that long
I guess when I die; Iíll turn into thermocol

In a world so huge, in a world so vast
I feel so worthless, insignificant and small
Iíve felt it, I've faced it, and I have faught
Now I'm dead, undead, alive, and lost.

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Author Notes

Heck, im weird, i have issues with myself, i have no confidence whatsoever, i prefer being alone,i hate to be the center of attention, i cant bear it if people look at me, but i appear normal, and not someone like thisss. no one would believe im like that, oh god im rambling here guess i gave too much away lol....sorry for that.

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Comments & Reviews ( X 15)

December 31, 2009
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no it's okay to feel like that . you wont lose more than that i think . besides people ain't worth your attention make your own especial world and you will feel the confidence you want believe me . =D

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December 28, 2009
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Yes you're really right when you said that I would be able to understand and relate to this piece, I often feel out of place in the world and feel so insignificant and unimportant. This perfectly captures these emotions and displays these feelings with such strength and honesty throughout. I know how it feels to feel small and have such a low self esteem that nothing feels possible. Thank you for sharing this piece and sharing your feelings, letting other people know they're not alone. Make sure you know that you are not alone as well

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December 22, 2009
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it is within our writing that the the 'real' person is revealed. Again, this was a self-portrait in words. There are many people, myself included, who feel like this. We are very self-critical, and look upon ourselves as having no worth at all.

You where writing what you feel, and that is always a good thing when writing, as the reader can then 'feel' it too. Is it not true though, that what we do not see in ourselves...other people see instead? Keep writing. Your talent shines through.

Yours in Darkness
Wayne Leon

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December 02, 2009
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well no that makes lot of sense to me actually. it is not weird at all actually sounds very logical as you explain it.
and i think u r a great writer and a very sweet person so dont worry,
love the depth of this work, bravo

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December 02, 2009
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The stroke of your pen captures feelings the we all have at one time or another but you bring them out so honestly so vividly. While you may feel small there's a lot of big inside you. " I feel sick to my stomach like a criminal caught " a feeling I could never put words to. A very talented expression of what goes on inside what most would dare not say. Bravo to you your writing speaks for just how unique and gifted you truly are. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself and keep up that fantastic writing of yours...Tony

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December 01, 2009
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Such sad words - but powerfully expressed.
You use your pen to write so honestly and clearly about your feelings.
And we all hope that you do not feel this way, too often.

You may 'feel so small' but wow - you stand so tall.
Honesty about our feelings - is the start of greatness and the way to be a truly wonderful person.
Stay as you are and the Gods will reward you.

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December 01, 2009
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Awwww shimmer, you aren't small, you are BIG and BEAUTIFUL and your poetry is AMAZING and I lubs you dearly my friend ... believe in yourself cos I believe in you always. BIG HUG!!!!

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November 30, 2009
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First off this is an amazing piece of art, its powerful, hits hard, and its true, people do feel like this.
And I am unashamed to say I am one of them, you are not alone, and you can always speak to me I am only an email away.
I love it, I think its dark,ghonest,biting, you grow with each new piece and its fab to watch.
Amazing Sanober, I am in awe of you as an artist.
hope you don't mind that I spotlight it because I must. *.* lol.


aww my dear Ava, thank you for your kind words, you always know how to make me feel better, i love you, lol,

 dazedforever replied on December 01, 2009

yay! love you too!.lol

 user8687 replied on December 01, 2009

November 30, 2009
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shimmerpink: Excellent! Yes, I think sometimes we do feel like we give too much away. But, I suppose, that is why we are here, eh? To share. And each reader will come away with a different feeling, a different perspective... Great job, as always. Oh, this line, I love: "I guess I'll spend my life looking for spare parts". Brava!

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November 30, 2009
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there was soo much great imagery in this piece.the part where you said " i guess i'll spend my life searching for spare parts"-->wow, this line was so powerful and i could really relate to this. soo many people write about things that are easy to talk about in person...you had the guts to write about something that not many people can even admit to themselves. i commend you for having the courage to put your thoughts and feelings on paper for us to read. this peice was so honest and raw. don't ever lose that and don't apologize for giving too much way, because its writing out things like this that can help you realize how talented you are and how you can grow as a writer and a person. i write alott about my social anxieties and how alone i feel too so this poem hit really close to home for me.thank you

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November 30, 2009
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well i do not think you should be so down on yourself...................but cool read!!!!!!

read ya later

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November 30, 2009
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What is a writer without issues? The answer is dead. All writers, without exception are issue freaks, we all have a compunction to speak on the world. to let our voices be heard. That alone is an issue. Hell sane people blend in, not us we stand out. Perhaps it is in a way of our choosing but we do so never the less. You stand out as well, you are a fabulously talented young lady. That may make you uncomfortable to hear or in this case read, but it is a simple statement of fact. You are a thinker and that alone makes you unique. You are able to express your thoughts that makes you more unique, you are skilled at expressing them and then bam even more unique. Never hide from that, it is a badge of honor, you are someone who sees the world and speaks on it, there are 99.9% of the rest of them who either ignore it, or who see it and say nothing. Be proud to be you for there is and will only ever be one of you. Confidence is a state of mind and one of these days you will see what others see in you and then you will know you should have been confident all along. Trust me on this one, I am almost never wrong.. LOL....Great write, D

Awwhh Dom, you are a star, you know how to make someone feel good about themselves, thank you for your miraculously inspirational words,
i don't think i have read such amazing words of wisdom even in books,
thanks a million, im going to save this LOL

 dazedforever replied on December 01, 2009

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