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Author: ScreamingSilence
Created: May 17, 2005 at 11:50 am
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Force Of Attraction  

Never something so strong has become of me
Something so over-powering itís hard to believe
I never would have imagined this
A force attracting and a thief
Something thatís written a thousand times
So common yet so rare
A fox caught in a car beam
Yes, there is nothing you can compare
A force takes flight and spreads its wings
Unchained at it takes to the sky
Nothing can stop the power now
I only pray this wonít pass me by
My brain tells me to hold on with two hands
I only hope Iím strong enough
I can see it stand and hesitate
For I know the decision is tough
And when the rolling thunder comes
A force snuggles up tight
Under its wing is warmth and security
And the feeling of pure delight
So upon this earth this force does work
And itís never far away
Even in the most desolate places
It always finds a way
So itís no surprise that itís found me too
I just never expected it
Finally it wants to include me
A sudden impact, a sudden hit
A might roar from a lion below
The force must now act brave
For it sends a warm reminder
The force must now behave
This bliss we have possesses two things
Two sides you just might say
For just one isnít good enough
Still this happens everyday
And as I speak I raise my hand
To protect what I need
For this force is sometimes unfair
No salty tears please I plead
And so this force is still unsure
And still I do hold on
But Iím willing to let it go
I just hope I donít do wrong
In the end it comes to this
The thing I donít regret
From thereon itís just got better
Iím ecstatic that we met
And though I donít show that Iím really scared
Itís a feeling that I get
Losing something so good
Is something I will not let
And so in the end this force has me lost
Iím in a jungle oh so wild
And in the end Iíll write a map
This something is far from mild
When the hour is late and dark
My brain wonders and dreams
And upon a figure I do stumble
Weíre a perfect fit is seems
But when the hour is only early
To this world I return
Never is it easy like the movies
But still itís something I yearn
I hunt the answer to what I desire
But yet I have far to go
This road is long and winding
But right behind me the force I do tow
With hopeful eyes I stare at you
Your image maps over mine
Your perfect features stare back at me
With your lips you form the line
But my eyes snap open and I stare at you
And in the end you need two
And though Iím lost with what to do
I hold my hand out to you
Because in the end the force is love
The force of true desire
Itís been like this all along
And one piece I do require
In so many words Iím sure you know by now
Always told you what you mean to me
Just not in as many words
And now I wish you to see
So baby, this is the truth
I always admire you, look up to you too
Always I have known that
Baby I love you

© ScreamingSilence - all rights reserved

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Comments & Reviews

May 17, 2005
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good love poem, well written

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May 17, 2005
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really good sweetie, if only u were as good at isketch hehe! and don't forget to write one about all the gifts u r gonna bay me lol. seriously tho (shock I know) this is very good

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