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Author: theprinceofpoetr
Created: October 15, 2009 at 04:51 pm
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Hey Do You Know Me Mr.  

Hey, do you know me Mr.?
I'm not asking if you know my name
I mean, do you know me as a person presently?
for this me and the old me are not the same.
Yes, you were the other half that created me
but for me that's all that you've ever done
you didn't know me then and do not know me now
so you've no right to call me your son.
Hey , do you know me Mr.?
I really don't think that you do
you said I was stupid and dumb when I was young
but it was because I was smarter than you.
You never told me that you loved me
you never held me near
you never taught me anything
except hatred, hopelessness, and fear.
What makes you think that you know who I am?
is it because we favor to some degree?
or is it because we share the same name?
well that doesn't mean that you really know me.
You probably know my mother well
and you probably know my brothers too
however, I'm quite certain that you know me not
for I sure as hell do not know you.
Hey Mr., do you know me?
then where do you know me from?
did you watch me play ball in school?
or escort me and my date to the prom?
Did you help me learn to ride a bike?
or kiss my wounded knee?
you say that you never did any of these things?
well I guess then that you don't know me.
Hey Mr., do you know me?why do you keep calling me your son?
I have only one father that I know of
and I'm sorry Mr. but you're not the one.
My father gives me love instead of shame
He is there when I need Him most
He teaches me things that I need to be taught
and He never disappears like He were a ghost.
I'm a full grown man now at twenty-eight
not some skinny ass-ed twelve year old kid
so hey, do you know me Mr.?
nah, I didn't really think you did.
Benjamin Macieo Davis

© theprinceofpoetr - all rights reserved

Author Notes

As you can see, I was twenty-eight years old when I wrote this, ten years ago. I wanted to share this because fathers out there, you don't ever want to hear something like this from your child, especially your son. This poem is actually a true story because my father was an abusive alcoholic and I hated him until I was thirty years old. Fortunately, we have both changed, we both serve the Lord, however, we still do not have that father and son closeness . I don't really know the person that he is today,for he and my mom seperated when I was fifteen and we live about thirty miles away from each other and once I became grown, I didn't bother going to where he was. Any way fathers, be real men and be good to your children, you wont regret it or be hateful to them and you just may.

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December 07, 2009
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It is very shameful to see that the bad father don't fathered his children. I can see that you was suffered to go through with your bad experience. It is good that you express from your heart. You are a good poet, The Prince of Poetry. ~Loi~

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October 27, 2009
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Bravo to you my friend. This should be put into a frame and displayed everywhere. My son has a father just like that. We all make stupid mistakes in our lives and my son's father was one of mine. He owes over $50k in child support and would rather go to jail than pay. What an ass huh?
It is a shame that there are so many fathers out there just like this.
Thank you for sharing this very powerful piece of writing, it really struck a chord in me.
Clap Clap to you,

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October 15, 2009
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This poem really speaks the truth about many of the bad fathers out there. It captures the childhood innocence that we all once had, but still sounds very mature and sincere. It is beautifully written, and flows together nicely. I'm not a poetry expert, but I greatly enjoyed reading this. Thank you!

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October 15, 2009
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Power in words!!
I am 32 now and a mother of 3....All I can say about my parents and my past is that I don't always know what to do as a parent but I always know what not to do!! I am thankful for the things I went through that I once thought of as a curse. It was God growing me and molding me into the person that I am today. I am different than those around me and I love that because what I see around me is about 2 steps out of hell most of the time. The world is a dark place if you don't know where to look for the light!! Great writing friend!!

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October 15, 2009
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yea i lik eit its from the heart and as some good strong points

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