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Author: Chowa
Created: August 25, 2009 at 03:14 pm
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Embarrassment of Governments  

Conflicts of evil
Our soldiers fall
Fathers and sons
Families trawl

Their emotions for life
After the fact
Their loved ones
Taken in patriot act

Flown home with the flag
Decoration of mourn
Where today they have passed
Colleagues torn

Here today
In-turned tomorrow
Hero's them all
Billions of sorrow

A new future begins
Loved ones of the lost
For alive they are precious
Not here, pay their cost

Pentagon, Senate
Parliament, Commons
Many of the lost
Have nothing to live on

Proud to enlist
As they die for their flag
Governments embarrassment
As they continue to drag

We have murderer's in jail
Roaming our streets
Hero's family taxes
Puts shoe's on their feet

This picture tells me
Somethings so wrong
You can die for your country
But they won't play along

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September 01, 2009
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Excellent write, loved the reference to the PATRIOT ACT. Thanks for sharing this, another warrior in our midst, who is not afraid to stand up to our corrupt and murdering war machine governments! Wake up! P

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August 27, 2009
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Powerful words and words so true.
The young are sent to war,as the leader scratch their heads.

'We have murderer's in jail
Roaming our streets
Hero's family taxes
Puts shoe's on their feet'

Says it all - war is the habit they cannot resist.
Excellent writing.

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